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Shall I begin with the test,

underneath the twilight skies opening up another day

or should I begin with the answers

revealing how many questions will be there

that you will never see the question in the skies.


Look around you,

how many people will you displease with their kind

or should I count how many people

will tell you unpleasant things that

never reveal their own answers,

is it about their related in their own lives

or is it about something that triggers at the back of their mind.


See how many special kids will be there around you

see how many will you take care under your angel wings

see how many clueless pictures will be there in front of you

see how many roads will you take there in a longer road

see how many disabled will you care for

and I reach the dreams of their own

and I remember tomorrow never lasts real.


Tonight I begin with my own kind,

underneath the morning skies lighting up one by one

or should I open up another one

revealing how many questions will be there

that you will never see the question in the skies.


Open up again,

what kind of a person you will be there for me

or should I not remember

times will change over the things

will not revealing

is it about me, is it about you or someone else

or is it about something that triggers at the back of their mind.


See how many delivery boxes will arrive

see how many letters will you read about like us

see how many sadness tears will dry up from your eyes

see how many people will touch of your lives

see how many disabled will you care for

and I reach the dreams of their own

and I remember tomorrow never lasts real.


Tomorrow never exists tonight

tomorrow never comes for another day

tomorrow never ceases for another story has falling

and I come rescuing for you,

tomorrow never reaches another road to take by

tomorrow never dies for another patient who’s never caring for

and I come rescuing for you,

since the whole day of my life thinking

the special kids watching their own skies in heaven

and I really hope they reach their age

telling how many questions in your mind

opening so many clueless spot on your mind

and I come up running and walking by the sand.


See how many smiling faces will see you around

see how many messages will come reading by

see how many people are here caring for you

see how many big pictures will reveal your dreams

see how many disabled will you care for

and I reach the dreams of their own

and I remember tomorrow never lasts real

that tomorrow is today’s your special day.




The song is something I come for the special children and including me, of course, the special adult. And I keep running across to my mind when I will achieve many parents come looking to hear my success story. My boss says that I am influential right now. No wonder how many words I should bring for. Or no wonder how many things I should keep up with this things. I am happy right now that my red tears should be happier. Tears of joy. Yes, I am hoping for someday some of smallest dream will achieve reaching to my wildest dream. Maybe it will come the right time and right place. Or sooner it will come.


Why Tomorrow never lasts real?


The song realizes like the remedy songs of Jason Miraz and Bruno Mars. This song likes me that much. No matter what or how many will come up for different ways. I begin writing since 1998. To this day, I am looking forward that I am doing right now and right place. Tomorrow never lasts real is a song about someone who is dying, someone is reaching for a dream, someone is hoping for their heart and someone is revealing. It touches like an inspirational song. Interpreting a song somehow exists inside at the back of my head but I couldn’t release it. I want to express in a piano or in a guitar. Every some day I am reaching a guitar just to practice the rhythm, the note and how to play well. But the song somehow loses around inside of my voice telling I want to be there to express around the stage. Maybe or may not comes for real. But I’m looking forward and positive is always around inside at the back of my head.


Can you make more songs in the future?


I will continue to inspire songs written by myself. A songwriter may be. An expressed poet that I turn out to be. And a whole package might come in the future. Let’s hoping that I still continue to write.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Ride a Bicycle

When there is a person really wants to learn something new, it will value the living of its life. But somehow along the way, I never think at the back of my mind would be possible looking for some new lesson in life. This Philippines should learn how to cope many problems whether it’s political, entertainment, sports or any kind of division would they be. Why would you learn?


I put it out three words – ride a bicycle. No matter how far you go, you see the glimpse of running limitless blue skies above. No matter how small distance you walk, you always force yourself riding in an air. In a thick mostly clouds above would form a little oxygen, hydrogen that may float you in the air. But you can’t have the wings unless you become like a bird, an eagle or some aviary to fly around the globe. How is it high you achieve your goals? For me, it’s limitless. No matter how smaller they are, medium they may be announce or bigger goal reaching out to their achievement, it is how you step moving forward and not moving backwards.


Stepping or moving backwards means you have need to rearrange yourself a bit of complaining. You always want to be what you want to be. You always seem carelessness. But you are always frustrating yourself that you cannot do. Sometimes, it’s how you control your emotions may be. But in a free will of content of your life is possible to change. Stepping or moving forward means you are ready to face conquering new problem, a trial may await for you. Some positive note along the way in your life has come your valuable lesson you have from your heart.


Ride a Bicycle is a form of my little project. But somehow it may be a little detail that you will leave here. If you have comment, suggestion or anything that you have in your mind, please feel free to adapt new idea. I’ll be thinking to form little project this year. Maybe so, if it succeed, time will frame new idea hoping some people what’s a form having with Ride a Bicycle project.


I need people to start this a little project. If you have a moment from your free time, just leave a message, suggestion or anything has common at the back of your mind.


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Life has boring to know what depths are meaning to use for us. Without a penny in our pocket, why can’t we feed to ourselves or to our children? Without earning will be hard to feed for our stomach needs. But nevertheless, the job will suit for our needs to fill it in.


It always aimed for me to get a job in the past. Now that I’ve mention a job, it always have the main source we could get for our needs – to pay for our bills, to pay the rent, to buy grocery needs to fill our stomach needs and to buy what we need to have in our daily basis. But it’s also can use for the leisure creating the source we can enjoy for ourselves. Just a little will hurt your pocket, but too much will cause a headache when paying the bill on the wrong note.


Last two years, I spent saving all my money to get have a business in the future. But having with a cellphone loading business wasn’t an effort to save all my centavos in my pocket. I’ve searched from the newspaper, job website, talking to someone if I could get in or maybe some a drive campaign that I would be a volunteer. Nevertheless, it always counted on my serving basis of money – without a money to earn.


Two years have changed me as well. Two years have seen my future. And two years have crossed my mind what I’ve been doing right now. Well, of course, it is always be a countless times seeking for a right opportunity – to find a job. Earning money from a job will help increase your mood, thus also creating income from your job. I’ve had been naughty for sometimes in the past. Lurking my money to waste was all my concerns. Diving for collections served me right to have lessons to learn. But not the leisure that I’ve had before. Leisure have been bought for me – buying magazine collection, book collection, music collection and other things from what my imagination thought me up well.


I’ve guessed that I was wrong. It was always that I didn’t know what is right and what is wrong. Deserving to know to have a job is a must. I’ve seen people going in and going out from their job in their routine of 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Like a rat race, you’ve been chasing like a gold mine on your job. Putting your health on risk is also number one priority. But mention to yourself that money could buy a lot of things. But not for putting yourself in danger might ask your thoughts to rethink what is going on for your pocket needs.


Love your job. Love your partner. Love your boss. Or love your dog at least to keep at the back of your mind that taking care of things are all means necessarily. People will forget how gold mine could check on your deposit slip, your paycheck or from your bank account. How high can you save your money? How seldom you spend your money on your leisure time? Does have you to be having a good time with your money? In the real society, money can buy anything. But money sometimes can be a root of evil when you use it for a wrongdoings you have at the back of your mind.


Let me check your job routine:

1. You always check your kid, your partner and your pet to have least to eat their meal. After that, you are going to your work.

2. At work, you always have time to get arguments with your boss.

3. Or at work, you always have to spend your partner hallucinating with all brainstorming ideas all day.

4. Or at work, you always have at least at the back of your mind thinking all the good promotion you are doing for a day.

5. And after work, you are punching your timecard to get it out quickly and rush your home to cook a meal for your kid, your partner and your pet as well.

6. Then at the end of the day, you spend your time checking how money is used the whole day at your journal expenses through the year.

7. You, at least, do this everyday and every night. 


But if you’re unemployed but you are a boss, this is what happens to your job routine:

1. You go off early from your bed mostly early than at your normal time.

2. You check your kid if it’s sleeping and the assignment is already done.

3. You cook ahead. You feed your pet. You wash your car. And you do a lot of things by multi-tasking.

4. Before going to your job, you check your belongings so you wont’ come back again to your house.

5. When you are at work as a boss, you check your employees as if they are doing performance well.

6. You praise the employee by making it how far does it go to pay at the end of the day.

7. When at the field, you mention your day what looks like in the meeting.

8. You meet your client, your friend or your someone who has been looking for you through the years.

9. After work as a boss, you come home earlier at least saying, “I’m home.”

10. Your kid is always happy. Your pet is always ask for playing or for feeding the pet.

11. Then at the end of the day, you spend your time checking how money does it good from your pocket in your journal expenses through the year.

12. You, at least, do this every weekend. Because your partner is always doing the part-time as your financial partner of the family.


Why would bothering if you can’t buy some thing you like? If there’s none, there’s always a catch at the end of the day.


Synchronizing your job might be good to change for your daily needs. And picking a job and a good place will also enhance how many points you get for your job purposes. But feel free if you ask me. I’ve been jobless for about 7 years and 7 months. But at least I’ve maintained 10 months already, my longest employment from me resume. Right now, I am in one month vacation before starting to a new job already that will start on the month of May. What else makes me new? Grabbing an opportunity having a job will definitely solve your problems in financial. But how many can it take? It would definitely take you many years for achieving the longest time.


Don’t patronize yourself getting pumping your job in 12 hours, just at least grab 8-10 hours of working. Health is most important for your wealth needs. But don’t force yourself in a little disaster you’re making from your graveyard shift.~Referring to call center career.


Building a new team consists how many foundations you will build. New little favors can make turn you patience, determination and a will of burned desire to get your team to be done.~Referring to networking career.


Highlighting your day with a best performance will help increasing your production in a day. But never dream letting down of your partners, as always saying that there is nobody will leaving you behind but help each other is like a mighty team.~Referring to business career.


Saving lives are most important. But never underestimate the life worth saves your day. But if your patience runs out, the life you are taking will have deal with entering the heaven’s path.~Referring to medicine career.


Mighty as a rock and a distance of helping is worth taking your day to lend. But never dream of bigger opportunity helping your enemy’s path by crossing a boundary.~Referring to lawmaker and lawyer career.


Kids are helpless at home when they need knowledge. But at the end of the day, the kids are full of energy helping themselves to study more and to reward a better opportunity from their parents.~Referring to teaching profession career.


As a foundation builds at the center of attraction, the visitor also attracts from a view of an eagle. But the view of beautiful angle must have a beautiful career ahead of them.~Referring to architect and interior designer career.


Never underestimate with the word, phrase, or an adjective that uses an appropriate meaning. Because without it, it never holds a true meaning of a purpose story.~Referring to journalism career.


The art of savior could have been good. But the art sometimes is underestimate of an naked eye. What about the nude art? It is not a simply art, but sometimes other is mistaking giving a wrong perspective mind.~Referring to artist career.


Mind the business of protecting the citizen’s needs. But the traffic also comes with a different directions. Sometimes there’s a whole lot mess if you don’t discipline the nation.~Referring to police, security and high professional career.


Having a faith profession in your life sometimes have a full of knowledge. But sometimes taking a sin won’t comfort us. Asking forgiveness is an act of contrition. But don’t let yourself doubt even more.~Referring to priesthood, sainthood and sisterhood career.


Firing a lot of determination will prove your quick response. But it costs a lot of sweat and confidence having your dish to taste it better.~Referring to chef and baker career.


If I miss some job career to quote the message, just leave or give a comment below this article. I respond to this article.


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After seeing the end of journey of being as an assistant teacher, I’ve all want to share my blessings that takes me from every chapter has moving within me. This is the part 2 of The tale of assistant teacher.


Love life has moved twice as I’ve reached the mountains. But the roadblock at the end of the road told me to move on. Why was it happened me between being having as an assistant teacher? Was I even told to be a better assistant teacher? Or was it somebody who doesn’t like too much of being noisy adult? I was always talking and talking to myself in a minutes or in an hour. Telling you the truth honestly, some of the lessons I’ve been going through proved my excellence in my journey. I wasn’t noisy as anymore before. I was waiting for someone listening my side of my story. But was it someone who can lean to?


I’ve covered my eyes as I was waiting for my side. I’ve also covered my ears so I won’t listen to the story. When did I stop talking raging nonsense? I’ve full of passion, full of energy and full of hope. All my positive sides wanted telling you I was able telling the truth.


Honestly I wasn’t perfect human as God says in the bible, ‘there is no perfect human in the world.‘ True. But I hope it would allow somebody to tell the truth. All the angels were sending from heaven telling me if I would continue be a humble person. But I didn’t know which one I was suppose to do.


Let me tell you my whole story from the beginning I went through the start of my story:


“The school orientation came over on 10th of June, 2013. And every parent was there to hear from the stories of two teachers, one from preschool who came to teach the preschoolers and one from special education who came to teach special education kids how to handle on their own in the future. And it was a surprise that my bosses told me that they coped with my problems. I did telling them that I’ve had being having with Down syndrome. But they didn’t know with the word of mosaic Down syndrome, trisomy 21. It was a sudden blessing from heaven that I sent here for a mission. And it was all started to be humble from the good beginnings that begun.


I told them that mosaic has two copies of chromosomes is normal and one copy of chromosome has extra set. Which it is why it formed mosaic Down syndrome. Even Dr. Jerome Lejeune discovered before. But holding right there from my chromosome, my knowledge that I learned. I also hope to bring a message to all special parents who helped their special child to grow like I was standing. My two bosses were taking their jobs as school administrator, principal and also being part as an occupational therapist. Then I started to know when will I begin from my job.


The start of classes went by as the school started on 17th of June, every child has own their behavior. Their behavior that my boss told me being part of growing up have to nurturing their talent. Which was it how it handle the special kids? From ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy and even Down syndrome, the four cases I saw from different special kids in the classroom. I’ve learned new things that I discovered. But my world shook at the back of my mind what needs to learn must have extra careful. To set aside, the nutrition month was coming, the month of July. And there was an interns. And an interns from MCU were optometrist graduates. They were here to practice their lives. And so my life henceforth held on.


New things I discovered that those of who having had troubles with extra care must know how to overcome. And new discovery must learn how to cope with the problems in the future. And I learned each of trials or problems may come must confront of all details. And I fell in love looking one intern who was my one of my type. But I didn’t mind to fall in love. Because it gave me a new inspiration. And a new inspiration came to build my character. Those things in life were about to unfold the new secrets of love life.


So the nutrition month came finally over. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of being youth again. My boss turned good friend of mine. He was able to know my feelings and my inner strength. I’ve must confronted all the details that my mom didn’t know. The negative came from my mom’s aura. But my positive aura came bigger and bigger. And so to tell you my story, before the vacation nulled me thinking right now, the month of August also came. It swept my thoughts at the back of my head that the livelihood project I was working on failed to my own hands. But I learned the lessons that I must strived back with my own hands. And my boss was right that I’ve had to move on. But the typhoon swept all the problems came in. As we started to rebuild new school ground, we relocated new higher facility and bigger spaces to fill in. But the problem came in.


As the month of September 2013 came in, we handled our first language of the month (buwan ng wika) supposed to held last month of August. If the typhoon didn’t persisting to trouble with us, then the language of the month didn’t have to occur. The event was successful. Some kid won in the competition and some kid won the hearts in the audience. It really captivated the hearts of many students participated in the event. It was a brilliant idea. But the fact 13th of September came in, I felt I didn’t want to leave the kids alone with someone they really wanted to keep with. I never said that I won’t come back. But I promised that I would go back. As you promised one word, you kept it from your actions. If it failed, you were a failure. But failure sometimes took granted to rebuild the trust.


I went to Toronto attending my sister’s wedding with my family. And it was my first time in my life I felt I didn’t sleep the whole trip. I was scared of a whole trip might falling down like a turbulence in the movie. So I felt right from my shoes and my feet. I felt scared. But God alone never leaves us. He kept me awake instead and enjoyed watching movies. I also played some of tetris game. But the fact I’ve enjoyed, I’ve finished 6 movies in my first trip going to Toronto. My sister’s wedding was beautiful. She was dressed like a beautiful princess. And my new brother came to welcome to our new family, my sister’s husband. So I was happy to meet new family. When will I have my own family? When it will stop that my mom would nagging me all the time? But hey, I was blessed to have with them on my life. Then on the way back to the Philippines, I’ve also finished 7 movies and played a little game of tetris.


On the way back to the Philippines after the storm finished before we came in the territory of Philippines, I was happy to see the students again. I was happy and turned to be a responsible adult. And being part as a special adult, a lot of things turned good and bad news came in. The bad news was when the preschool teacher left us without a notice. But I continued to communicate with her until now. And the good news that I became a full-time assistant teacher in the school being also part in the morning classes with the preschool kids. The kids were happy to see me again.


When the September was over, the October came surprisingly knocking to my new blessing – attending a children’s party who someone in DSAPI praised me as well. Her daughter turned one year old. And I met new parents again who also have special child with Down syndrome. I felt blessing to them. Meeting new parents and a special child felt the same way I was raised by own special parents. Then one special education teacher came over at the start of the month of November, a friend of special education teacher who came from one school they attended the same school. It gave me something that knocked to my senses.


After hearing the truth when my boss was asking me that I’ve had a crush to the special education teacher, it was then pushing to my limitations that I must forget my ex-girlfriend. Having going back with my ex-girlfriend was already hard to push on because she was engaging to married someone else. So the December’s Christmas party came over. The Christmas party was success event. And from at the back of my mind played a lot of imaginations before the 2014 came over. The new life succeeded to me that I’ve had a new job – being as an assistant teacher on my fourth job in my resume. And I was happy that I’ve had regular job already, my first one.


2014 came over at the start of January. It was then I realized that something intuition came again for me. I didn’t mind noticing it. But I was afraid to sense it again. But I forgot how to praise myself having with a regular job. Then the troubles came on the month of February 2014. After my parents heard that I’ve had getting a salary from my regular job, the intuition was right. It was my mistake but new lessons that I learned. I stopped from being what it took from my job. I was afraid to let it go and wanted continuing my mission with the students wanting to see me happy again.


The month of March came in, my emotions came and ate my pride. I didn’t know what happened to me. It started to crumble like a rock falling from the mountain or something it never did happening to my life. It was then my intuitions came over. As I sensed it, the ESP or Extra Sensory Projection (sixth sense) has learned throughout my predictions. Before the retreat was going to start soon, I’ve stopped working with them on my final day on 24th of March. From my conscience, I didn’t want to leave them alone but to prosper with my blessings on them. My mom talked about negative things again. She always wanted to have bringing negative things all the time. It was then that I’ve repelled her negatives into positive notes.


The time I’ve stopped working with my load provider before, my mom scrutinized and if the load business crumbled, where will I get the money always spending to sell the cellphone loads of them. I’ve to repelling them. So I thought my positive notes came true. This was the basic truth. Being having with positive life must learn the conscience the truth of positive notes. After I went through all the problems, no negative thoughts would allow entering at the back of my head. It was then I never hesitated. I stopped hesitating. And I didn’t want believing the negative thoughts.”


This was the tale of assistant teacher part 2. It covered the whole story from Assistant’s desk to Assistant’s corner: Going back around. The additions to the story I’ve added have come to seal the words that I brought it up. Lesson number one is never treat negative thoughts at the back of your head. Lesson number two allows you to remember your good deeds, positive mind and fills your hopes and answers. What will you do if you’ve encounter the same fate that I’ve? Don’t treat the negative. Allow positive flowing to your energy chakra.


The second part of conclusion was brought to the end. “Don’t be afraid of your future is awaiting for you, but allow them to come over for you to experience and endure the problems. Let the future handle you and the prosper won’t hurt you but you learn the blessings come knocking to your heart. Remember this as you guide your life alone in the way of beautiful life.


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What is it taking to have a new life? Is it possible to tell a new life? How about turning back and redo all the things I’ve been asking? It was not usually that have been passed already to me. So I really gather how to put these things straight. When my life started working before, I was feeling guilty, loveless, anger and frustrated. New things have been passed throughout my life. But nevertheless I felt nothing. It felt my shameful from the beginning.


That was the time when I’ve had with my first experience to have a girlfriend. But it flew away from me like a piece of paper written down full of I LOVE YOU, SWEETHEART or something that bothered me from the beginning. The paper I threw it out from my pocket and trashed it already inside the garbage bin. New life has created. And new evidence has turned out good. Good beginnings created new humble beginnings. From where I stood when I was holding from my two hands, I felt from my feet that was shivering from my bones. I thought it was already too late. But it never felt me that wasn’t good. It always crossed me inside of my head.


The first girlfriend I’ve had experiencing with, I gave up and have to obey my the rules and regulations. And I’ve returned to single hood again. To think that I was supposed to satisfy my life back then, it was crucial at that moment. And that moment stole my life to have a meaningful way. But those kind of words never dealt me the same way. And I will tell you what I’ve been doing from the start I am doing.


This is about my story. And the story has greater possibilities in life:


“In the third week of May, 20th day of May, I was invited to see Nick Vujicic in SM Mall of Asia music hall when DSAPI held the invitations for those who just came and saw the event. It was real when disabilities were united as one. But from where I heard from Nick’s voice, my head tilted and said, ‘you must confirm all the greatness of your life, don’t be afraid of who you are. Get out from the shadow and start again from when you are born.‘ And yes, I proved all the possibilities in life was dreaming positive and drew out from my aura that I would do it. And so the next day came, 21st day of May, I went somewhere to have walk-in to apply. It was humid. And I felt something the sun coming inside of my body. So I went instead the classroom instead the office where I went in Cainta Greenpark Village for the first time.


When the glimpse of young man married in his early of his 30’s got a chance seeing me in a nice outfit, I came upon seeing two female teachers and one who had became an assistant to them. And upon he said to me, ‘return the day when we call you.‘ When he said that, I wasn’t confirming that I was applied for any positions. Then the next two days, I went to SM Megamall when the job fair held for various jobs that you want to seek. And so I applied two call center positions for tech support and one position in Manila Bulletin for being as a writer or a graphic artist. The next moment I feel was my intuitions. It would became easy for me if that walk-in apply would be best for me. But it never crossed to my mind. And I said and asked myself, ‘what if I never want this life before, I could redo this before having to look for a job.‘ But it was my instincts.


Five days later, a humid morning although I was playing an old facebook application game called Farm Town. It was 10:30 in the morning. The sun barely wanted to touch my skin and my head spilled from one moment, it was already the time when someone called from my cellphone. And when it rang, I suddenly picked up and answered and said, ‘who is this in the line please?‘ It was a sudden pressure from my chills to my bones. It was something I felt the past week. It was my intuitions again. And so the call said that I’ve had to go to my appointment interview around 1 in the afternoon. I set up a time. I didn’t get bath in time yet. I was smelling like you don’t want to smell me for. So after the game I finished, I hurriedly got a bath, dressed up quickly in my neat and tidy clothes and left the house around 12 past in the afternoon.


When I came around 12:45 in the afternoon in the office, I felt nervousness. The air conditioner felt nothing for me because I came from scorching sun that wants to melt me away. One looking good looking guy with eyeglasses dressing up like a professional came to me and said, ‘are you here looking to apply?‘ And then I’ve answered, ‘yes.‘ For the moment he gazed from the clothes I was wearing, he came off the place I supposed to have interviewing me. And as I thought, I’ve had the feeling that I wasn’t able to get a job right away. My intuitions got me wrong. But when he came back and said, ‘come around and take a look inside the classroom.‘ I got off from my chair sitting with nervousness written in my face. And I came off going with him to the classroom across from another building we would go.


As I started walking inside the classroom, he started talking to me again and said, ‘well, we need you to have it here. What position do you want?‘ He asked me again with a quick question. Did I get a job right away? I was obviously hinting the answer saying no I can’t have a job right away. But the intuitions said it was yes. It got me a job. And I’ve started to say my answer and said, ‘anything you could me offer me a position, I can do it properly and learn how to do it.‘ I’ve answered my smart thoughts clearly at the back of my head. And he was amazed from ideas and said, ‘that would be great. The teacher needs you to have an assistant in the afternoon, you can be a sped assistant teacher.‘ To think out of my mind, I was quickly noticing it that they were welcoming me.”


It finally paved way another chapter of my life, a new job, a new career and a best move to conquer my loneliness after I broke up with my girlfriend some few days ago. It was then I realized the faithful day chosen me to have a new job. And this was the tale of assistant teacher who never got wrong from his intuitions. His intuitions always served it right and it proved yes all the time.


The conclusion was already over. This Assistant’s corner: The tale of assistant teacher was the last page of this series. Although it got me a fourth job in my resume, it added a wonderful career that set good examples, courage and perseverance looking for a good job. The fifth job is coming on the month of May. This has something that sets me a good life with a new beginning again.


New beginning creates a path of courage, perseverance, honest and positivity life I always have. Setting a good life means a lot to me. Setting a goal is something that I always want to have new chapter. And it always have the meaningful way. From Assistant’s desk to Assistant’s corner, this has simultaneously written in different months that was started on August 2013 and it ended this month of April 2014. From cover to cover, it has 17 different pages and different filled in blank pages. I thought I would never come up with this series, but it did with a positive life.


Looking for a brighter future comes with full of integrity. Full of integrity comes my passion. And passion creates new vision of beginnings. And beginning is always has the same knowledge written in one word – positive.


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Looking forward to what it may seem

but unknowingly in the future to wait

sometimes find me bored to look backwards,

it lacks of me inside at the back of my mind,

although I never find true meaning of what it may find.


I look to your eyes deeper and deeper

but nothing I don’t find suspicious to your mind

you are always seem blank, nothing to read

I’m always say that I can’t go further looking around.


Finding an unusual moving object in faraway,

it may find abstract to me but it’s nothing,

it never crosses at the back of my head

knowing that there are many clues anywhere

whether is it true or not, I lack of true love means.


Withering from the back of my mind

I found losing control of what I was capable of,

it didn’t mind me after all, so easily

or so to amuse something it was really bothering me

but I can’t found anything the way it was used to be.


It may have scars to my chest,

scars that may hard to heal in a long time

scars that it find nothing but pain,

knowing that I’ve seen it all, it shutters me

after all by kicking out of my mind.


I came knocking to your door

but you said it was nothing

I still came knocking to your door again

but you rather stayed alone

whatever may caused a little hard to control.


I saw visions, many kinds of vision

hard to tell it was bigger or smaller

knowing it was something have a detail

inside at the back of my mind

it was really hard to control it.


Pushing back or pulling it away

may find unusual interesting to do

around the visions whatever it may find us

nothing to lose, it’s really nothing there,

but I can’t explain if it’s you or me.


Going back from the beginning,

in the present time may finally solve

a problem to be seen, I finally find

some dream to catch in the future

waiting for me reaching for it.


A hollow block, a huge of explanatory question

an unusual torn of paper, a big pitch black

or it may find nothing I would solve it on my own

knowing there is something to look forward to.




Anticipating to chase a dream is a poem about a man chasing his dream. And his dream might be unfold in the past telling it would be nice to look forward. It’s inevitable experience for him. Unlike me, there’s some complicated situation. It would be nice if it turns to big dream to wait. And not until the end, he found something interesting topic of his life – changing visions of his life.


Day after day, he opened his small box that contains with a dancing girl chiming with a beautiful note. It may finds for him that he may search his love life. But until the end, he find interesting more of himself rather marrying to someone else for his position.


Anticipating to chase a dream is about the tale of dream world between illusion and real world. It has deeper meanings. But I don’t know which one it is. It lacks me to differentiate which one I should prefer to do. But it consists a wonderful poem where you can find more lessons to be found. Now tell me, are you willing to anticipate to chase a dream?




It has been a months for now that I haven’t write a single poem. Although summer is a best time to write more about in literature. Summer is also about pleasure writing in some of my ways. But in the coming months, there will be an added literature of the month. I don’t know which one is new, but it’s an interesting one to read for. You may follow me, read anything or find an interesting topic of any literary works I should be writing about.


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I finally understand what it means for me. If a new profound family is awaiting for me, then I will definitely go back where I am going. I’m blind to see my own future. I only tell what my mind tells me to do at the back of my head. It’s contradicting me my own words. My actions is contradicting to my words. What leaves me behind is my reflection.


I may be gone in a while. But I will be not gone forever. It’s all beyond that matters what needs to know from myself and my knowledge. Should anyone acknowledge me beside the matters? Or perhaps I might thinking over all the words I always say outside at the back of my mind. Losing myself on the ground caused a lot of troubles the past week. Then I reflected too much of myself. I needed to know what mistakes should I learn. And from what I learn, there’s always a new beginning of new life.


The school loves me. The teacher loves me. My own self discovered the truth. And so it says the half truth. No matter what the world is looking me down, I’m always looking for up for them to know that I’m stronger and I’m still here around the corner. Thousands of shattered broken glass may find hard to bring it back to altogether. The hope seems lost. But the new hope doesn’t lit out from the light. It’s only bringing up back behind what it tells me to do inside at the back of my head. Moving forward is a moving picture. And moving picture tells me a moving positive sides. All those who are not attracting to one self sometimes are repelling to each other because of one’s place loses only themselves. Maybe that’s the hope is talking about at the back of my mind.


One week of reflection, one week of full coming back to my thoughts, one week of preparations and one week full of awaiting dreams for me are more than possible things I should done for more. But the patience overcomes me. I should realize that emotions sometimes are killing me over my own self. Looking myself in front of the mirror tells me that I’ve to move forward. Moving forward is what I have to tell my mind always. A thousand of reflections would have been passe me all down. But I decide what it keeps me holding on to my future.


Last week was torturing me because of my emotions but I followed my intentions. Going back around means a lot to me. Going back around is what makes me stronger. And going back around is what it defines me all about. I may be not a perfect human. I make mistakes also and admit to my lose once again on the ground. In times, “some battles may find to be winning, but some few battles may find losing all the time.” Whatever it may contradicts to me anymore, I finally understand what it makes me stronger. Then I want to get it back what’s missing of piece of puzzle tells me about.


It’s not me anymore. But it’s all about what I get meant to be have on myself. And I’m patience what defines me. But I’m not overwhelm what it needs to have explanations. Some problem may find it not overdue, but it always look solutions all the time. Problem has careless to think, but it has more attention proving it needed to be resolving soon. Tempting to do a mistake is what makes me stronger. But I finally understand myself what it doesn’t need to be contradicting me anymore.


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Anxiety means in dictionary: 1a. painful or apprehensive uneasiness of mind usually over an impending or anticipated ill, b. fearful concern or interest, c. a cause of anxiety. 2. An abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often marked by physiological signs (as sweating, tension, and increased pulse), by doubt concerning the reality and nature of the threat, and by self-doubt about one’s capacity to cope with it.


It’s doubting me whenever I have an anxiety. But somehow, overruling by what you are concerning is yourself. I may be not a perfect human, but God sees me as a gifted child through intercession and guiding me as well. But the most concern sometimes whenever you see your special child is different from other children. You see the child is not going friendly, perhaps it needs more attention to your child.


When I was still working in the school as an assistant teacher, I saw some other children mostly with case-in-condition. One was guiding very well with the teacher. And I, on my part, also guided but assisted in the same way the teacher doing to their students. The social anxiety like our student in the school is different. It doesn’t want to part way with her mother. Thus, regardless to say, it needs more training at home and it lacks a follow-up doing assignments also at home. Or nevertheless, the teacher and I have to cooperate the needs of attention among of the students we are handling.


Today, I am going to tackling some anxiety quotes if I have to profound the details needed in the classroom setting or at home when you have problems with your special child with special needs. It may be have your special child with Down syndrome, autism or ADHD. Some of our students in school has both difficulty learning cases having with Down syndrome and autism.


Part XII

The social anxiety doesn’t depend in situation between the special child and the special parent. But it needs more comprehensive details. Thus says the Lord, “those who have troubles with special child doesn’t concern to me anymore. Guiding them, taking care of them and understanding may have a role understanding between the special child and the special parent.


I don’t have much troubles being something in my issues. But the anxiety attacks me is myself. I don’t go out whenever I have emotion troubles with myself. To continuing life with conditions, it verifies me that I have to continue what my vision tells me to do. And my mission tells me that I have to help other special parents who need attention from their special child.


Here on my four quote poems that will express your day and it might clear your situation is:


Quote #1:

It depends what I have in situation. I doubt too much of myself. And I fear no less in my emotions. But I fear with my anxiety.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


You clearly misunderstand of your situation. But yet at the end of the day, you cleared your mind that you can’t be that way all the time. You must stand to your negative outcomes to your door. Clear your emotions. Without it, you can enjoy your happy life with your special child. I may be don’t have experiences in my part of my life. But I understand now how the anxiety from the special parent and the special child needed to say.


Quote #2:

Nobody wants to stay on your way. Nobody wants to help your special child. And nobody wants to understand how behavior your child has with anxiety.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Coming from a middle-class family I was, I didn’t see how much different from my four siblings. My dear two elder sisters were working in other country. My sister had working with her culinary status. But my brother with ADHD needs to know what anxiety tells him about. I may be don’t know how to explain this. The way I understand what the anxiety is something I must learn from the dictionary meaning. I can overcome what your anxiety tells you about. The more you express yourself is sometimes freeing you from your doubts and fears.


Quote #3:

It never lasts an opportunity with your anxiety if you come in your work anything to do in your life. You lose consciousness yourself and yet you find yourself in different situation. Don’t hesitate to ask yourself and let God answer your troubles.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


It came from my last previous work. But to insist with my anxiety, I learned that I won’t never do that again. It was my lessons that I’ve to learn. Well, everything set to every detail of work. Honestly, I’ve really enjoyed working with my bosses and the teachers who have been part through my life. With them, I would’ve known to love my work so well. It was so amazing that God permitted me to work with these good positive nature on my side. Why would you be to like this job? Being as an assistant teacher proved well that I can do it better to my new jobs in the future.


Quote #4:

The more anxiety you have is the more troubles you will have in the future. Nevertheless, don’t come out the door unless you clear your anxiety inside at the back of your head.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


Yes, it may sounds intriguing at the back of your mind. But to tell you honestly, it recalled back to my memories in the past. It was reminiscing me back to my old college days. I was purely getting out of luck. Out of my anxiety, I would’ve never knew that I loved the girl I really like before. But in the end, it hurt me really bad for me. It was an instant. Suddenly with the frightening to my heart, I already closed my anxiety and then left them alone at the door. Leaving them is one step. And you’ll learn something new in the future.


The next Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome: Enveloping new fear will tackle more issues  of rejections and other fears you have, and I tell you what to do in the upcoming articles. Don’t forget to bookmark the article you are always reading.


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Seventieth-First Tagalog Quote:


Saan ang Pilipinas kung dako tayo lalakbay

sa mahabang panahon o mahabang oras,

saan ang Pilipinas kung lahat tayo lalayo

o kung saan tayo dadalhin sa tamang teknolohiya,

aasenso na ba o kailangan itulak ang pansin

natin sa sarili walang nangyayari.


Sa tao may gawa, sa tao din may paraan,

tao din may grasya, tao din may panahon

titingin sa pinanggalingan natin

pero aabutin ba natin kung tayo’y

aakyat sa ating pangarap.


Lilipad ka nga pero minsan

kailangan din natin bumagsak

para tumayo tayo sa ating pagkakamali,

sa ating mali, tayo’y babangon.


Pagbangon sa ating mali,

babangon din tayo kung saan

tayo’y dinala noon,

babalik din tayo sa ating nakaraan

at doon tayo magsisimula ng panibago.


Seventieth-Second Tagalog Quote:


Langit ka, nasa lupa ako

lupa ka naman, nasa langit naman ako,

bakit tayo’y pinagtagpo sa isa’t isa

pero kailangan pa rin magbago

sa mga nakaraan natin na mali.


Oo, masakit aminin na lumayo ang

pangarap ko hindi dapat tuntunan

oo, masakit aminin din na tayo’y

babalik sa ating ginawa natin noon

pero hindi kailangan natin bumangon.


Sapagkat tayo’y may pagkakataon

umangat sa ating posisyon

lalaki ating alam sa ayon ng pangarap

lilikha ng panibagong yugto at pahina

sa hinaharap nating kailangan abutin.


Doon tayo madadala ang sikap natin

ang sikap ang magsisikat sa araw

nating kinabukasan at pangarap

may naghihintay para

sa ating kinaroroonan may hangganan.




This is the first time I write four quote poems of Filipino Literature in a day. Making a four Tagalog quotes in a row makes me even happier. It makes me how I feel how I write about it from my heart. But deep inside of my heart somehow is even growing and growing. Getting stronger everyday is a plus advantage. But the way around making quote poems are making me creativity and allow me to follow my bigger dreams to follow.


The day it was born, 10th of December 1998, that was Thursday. It marked the birth of my literature. Now it leads me to a brighter future, a brighter hope and a decent of happiness that awaits me in the future. What it needs to know? It’s still growing matured and keeps going moving forward.


71st Tagalog Quote:


The seventieth-first tagalog quote tells about heroism quote and a dream quote also. Moving forward to brighter future is fast approaching. But never forget the day you were born is having your future lies in. The more you are seeking is the more eagerness from your heart will achieve. Someday you will be filling up to my quote poem that what I am saying all about.


72nd Tagalog Quote:


The seventieth-second tagalog quote tells about consequence quote and also has dream quote. Whatever you may lead to your passion, you always have to remember what you are going through to your life. Your life needs to know the value of essence of love, truth and patience. If you don’t care enough to say this, then you will be longer how to use your emotions free. Freeing yourself from your expressions make you stronger. Of how you can control it, your emotions will never put to the test of hope. And that hope will set you free.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Sixtieth-Ninth Tagalog Quote:


Kung ang taun-taon nagbabago

bakit pa natin kailangan umaksyon

sa pangangailan pero hindi naman

nagbabago sa wastong ng gamit,

kung sumasaayon ka,

hindi namin aawatan ka.


Oo, sumasamba sa maraming bagay

oo, sumasamba sa ibang gustong makamit

pero sandali ay nawawala kung

hindi nakikipag-isa sa anumang bagay

at nakalikha ng hindi dapat kailangan.


Marami sa atin hindi nagbabago,

iisa lang o kakaunti gumagawa

sa lahat ng populasyon ng maraming

Pilipino na maging bayani,

o isa ka sa mga hindi gumagawa.


Kahit kailan, kahit saan ka magtrabaho

nagtatrabaho ka nga pero ang padala

mo ay para sa pamilya at

hinda sa bansa,

mahal mo pa rin ang bansang Pilipinas?


Tayo’y nakikipag-isa kahit

saan tayo pumunta sa dulo ng mundo

pero ang yaman natin ay hindi

nakakamit sa kailangan

kundi kahulugan sa bansang Pilipinas.


Marami sa bansa maraming aktibo

marami sa bansa maraming hindi

dapat kinakaawa natin sa dugong Pilipino,

pero ang tanong kung sang-ayon ka

imbes para sa pamilya mo ang pera

gawin mo ang nasa puso

para sa bansang Pilipinas.


Uunlad nga ang Pilipinas,

pero masakit aminin hindi tayo’y

likhang bayani nagliligtas sa

bansang Pilipinas na tayo’y kailangan ng bansa

kung sama-sama sana mga proyekto

uunlad nga ba o maiiwan sa

mahabang panahon hindi makakamit.


Seventieth Tagalog Quote:


Pusong nagugulat sa isip at sa gawa natin

pusong marunong tumingin sa ating mga sarili

pero minsan sa tao hindi marunong

makitindi ng isang batang espesyal

na tumatayo walang alam sa bayan.


Iilan sa Pilipino marunong tumingin

iilan ba sa atin marunong tumulong

sa iisa o sa maramihan na espesyal

na bata na kailangan ng serbisyo mo

para gusto nilang makarating sa pangarap.


Maaaring hindi ka tama, maaaring sang-ayon

ka sa karadapat tulungan sa pangangailan

ng tulad ng isang taong may kapansanan,

likha ba tayong nakakatindi o sadyang

hindi marunong tumingin sa mga kapwa

tulad ko hindi makatingin, ako’y nagkukulang.


Kung ika’y nasa lugar ko, ano kayang

nararamdaman mo kung ika’y hindi

marunong tumulong, sumang-ayon o

sadyang bang nagkakamali na maling paraan,

makikinig pa rin tayo sa mali o

pararating natin sa hinaharap.




One day at a time, there’s always a space for making or creating quote poems. But how can I make it so fast whenever I have get a chance making from my cellphone? It’s a simple but not so easy. It is random thoughts at the back of my head thinking some of the words creating in a paragraph. But being written in Filipino language, sometimes I may fail or lack how I will translate to English language. It’s sometimes overruling to some matters whenever I get a chance writing my own quotes whether it’s Filipino or English.


To make it quick and simple, I’m always thinking at the back of my head what to do first in first paragraph. If it connects to second paragraph, there will be a quick response at the back of my head. What would you think if I will not be able to make it this so far? It’s already sequence Tagalog quote 34 and has two sets of quote poems. To make it last and far beyond the tales of these quote poems are beyond my imaginations or my creativity set in my subconscious mind.


69th Tagalog Quote:


Not at least once or twice, it’s sixtieth-ninth tagalog quote has turn another nationalism quote again. To make it quick explanation, this quote poem recites more than previous quote poems. It has seven paragraphs and tells more about the story of heroism of Filipino’s pride. If it’s telling a truth or not, there’s always been a martyr at the end of the story. On my brighter side, I will be glad to make it on my truth. Thinking at the back of my mind, I would do the same thing as a hero. Getting a job in another country and invest all the money you earn from the country you work. And it’s an investment to make a new business back to original country of our Philippines. Now that’s my role if I get a chance to work abroad.


70th Tagalog Quote:


Not at least once or twice, it’s seventieth tagalog quote. And it tells more about special inspirational quote. This time on quote poem says it all. The truth is always telling a truth, but no matter how you judge the person is not right. To make it right, you must prepare to make an adjustment. That adjustment is yourself to make a room for people with disability. People can change, people can help and people will adjust the way we are now today. For who you are, you stay on your side of your life.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Discrimination is always a number one enemy in our mind at the back of our head. It’s an unusual word for me although it lacks an information for those who haven’t heard from that word. Mongoloid is also a negative derogatory word. And other derogatory words, I would not mention anymore. Because it has deeper meaning to us also.


What we can do to change the world?


1. Stop using the word of Down syndrome kid. It’s an appropriate word. Use the words properly: person with Down syndrome, a child with Down syndrome and an adult with Down syndrome.

2. Create a small group, a small organization or a sibling support system. With this, you can change the community in a small occasion manner.

3. Start campaigning on your neighborhood with this kind of project.


These three small steps I’ve created at the back of my head will be my project in the coming months. And I will be changing the town into a greater town. So anyone could acknowledge that people with Down syndrome has more unique characteristic talent and flourishing more on their talents which they could be independent like me.


Understanding the child with Down syndrome has become part of the society. But growing up with them has also alarming in the society. Some people as it may seems, they don’t consider the person with Down syndrome to become part of them. Other people in other establishment or organization take part of their role, they are considering person with Down syndrome to be needed in the society. Take your action today and not tomorrow, because a fight for the rights of people with Down syndrome have no fear because they are no barriers anymore. For me, it would also take part of new role in the society – moving forward in positive world.

~Status message in facebook, March 28, Friday, 9:32 p.m.


Finding a new words for your right decision of your little brighter ideas will make a change in your neighborhood. Small group, perhaps, can make a change. Or it should start somewhere else with some schools around the town. And I believe there are more seven special schools around the town here in our area. I don’t have specialization career here. But being as an advocacy drives me to get a higher role – is to become a role model. I may be not a perfect leader, but I can be a follower to anyone who can manage to listen at my good sides. I may be not a perfect writer, but more than words can attract more parents to read about this article. Campaigning is not also easy as it may seems to look. But rather, I’m focusing more in this small country we have here in the Philippines.


Two years until now, I became an active member here in the Philippines’ Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines or DSAPI. Showing my guilt in the past became lesser and lesser as I continued flourishing myself in positivity sides of the world. Changing might be good. But starting from the point will change higher if I continue spreading the good news.


I’ve been also in denial stage before. But I continue bringing more good news from my stories. In this imperfect world we have now are our guidance to improve more to ourselves. Starting from our special parents who helped us to grow stronger, we also know how to care of ourselves. In this journey of my story, I will still continue to bless my story.


No greater success comes from a little story. But a greater story comes with a positive side at the back of our mind. Greater care, greater patience, greater unconditional love and greater guidance have more flourishing from the special parents to take care of us. I am even blessed that I still have grandparents on my side. Continuing to bless sharing my story is my honor. Spread about all the love I take to you.


Fights for the rights: Changing in denial stage to acceptance stage to fighting stage

Fighting stage

We always have to be sensitive every time there is an issue against anyone who wants what is right and what is wrong. Tell them that they are wrong. I’ve been in denial stage before. Now I accepted the things that it was no going back to the place I was before. Looking forward to the future is always what we are going for. Honestly, there are many ways to stop the discrimination around the nation. And within the nation must comply honoring these special children with their capabilities they are unique and creative.


Look for this example, one of the best fighters is Michael Phelps. He is diagnosed as ADHD. All of his competitors are already on their best. But Michael is not still finished yet. He continued to fight for his freedom. What is freedom? Michael has freedom to express his nature despite he has ADHD. But he is no longer labeling him having ADHD, he has to live normally what we are. Like Michael Phelps, there’s Enchong Dee. Enchong Dee was a swimmer before. And he is already an actor in this generation. Stopping them is not an option, but to fight for their own good.


In my field, I may have an option, looking forward without turning back anymore and not stopping where I am going to my success. That is the fighting spirit, the fighting stage we are also known for our capabilities. We are unique. We are creative. We emphasize the world we are looking for the brighter future. And there is no tomorrow. Because fighting for your own child might change the society in a better world.


What are your concerns for your special child with Down syndrome?

There are many types of your concerns with your special child with Down syndrome. Like in my case, my parents said that I don’t have to worry for my heart problems. But I’m worrying about my health issues. Lesser to think at the back of my head only can make having problems with pulmonary, pneumonia and other health issues also.


Taking care of your special child with Down syndrome has many types of heart problems. Before turning to one year old, have your special child to go to the pediatrician or to your family doctor. Consult if there has an issues. With heart problems, parents should worry about their special child despite what they are having problems. Take a good look, God give you a special child. Does have you to be worry? He sees you to take care of special child He has given to you. The kingdom has pass down every special child in each family. But looking forward with positive attitude, you will always have to say bye-bye issues already.


Have you read the previous articles of No labels as Down syndrome?

If you haven’t read some article of No labels as Down syndrome series, there are two more previous articles will take you to read in this articles below:


No labels as Down syndrome

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The signs of Down syndrome:

Hyper mobility

What is hyper mobility? Have you check his or her legs and arms? Children with Down syndrome have flexible arms and legs that can stretch than normal people except for talented ballet dancers. When they are starting to flex their muscles in their arms and legs, try to reduce their stretching arms and legs by doing some stitched pants and stitched arm supporters. In this way, it will lower their flexibility.



What is hyperthyroidism? Normally, children and adults with Down syndrome will eat their infinite eating habits. As it grows, their muscles in their body will become an issue among us. Like doing a physical exercise and eat a right amount of diet will slower their appetite. If you start to an earlier age of months, try to discipline your special child with Down syndrome. If not, try to consult to a pediatrician what it will can do to your child with special needs.


First toe finger to second toe finger

Normally, a child or an adult with Down syndrome has their unique characteristics other than who’s also has Down syndrome. To mention that their first toe finger is slightly far a bit from their second toe finger. That is one of the characteristics of being having Down syndrome. You cannot change the fact that they could change. But to accept their condition, you also have be a role model as a parent to take care of your special child with Down syndrome.


Slant face, short nose, wide tongue, unsized ears, height

What are the other characteristics of Down syndrome? Normally some of those who have not all have slant faces, short noses, wide tongues, unsized ears (meaning their both ears are not the same height) and height, they are already characterized as Down syndrome. Like in my case, I don’t have slant face and short nose. But I do have a wide tongue and unsized ears. Unsized ears are usually have not the same height in different angles.



1. Physical therapy

At the earlier age, I started at 2 years old by sending me to the physical therapist during the early 1980’s. Many doctors don’t know how to prepare their medications towards among us, children and adult with Down syndrome. I was diagnosed with mosaic Down syndrome, trisomy 21 chromosomes.


In my early age of 2, I sent to the school to have physical therapy. But it was quite that I didn’t remember very well. But that was another story. Sending to your therapist of your special child with Down syndrome as earlier as 4 or maybe 6 months, babies should start crawling by now if I am correct or not. If this didn’t work with you, consult a pediatrician and a doctor to get a results from them.


2. Speech therapy

During my those days I was having troubling to speak directly from my mouth, I wasn’t handling my speech during my childhood days. Some of my schoolmates were bullying because of my speech. I may have had a condition, but I was recovering through all manifesting years. Speech therapy is the most important therapy. Having your special child with Down syndrome take to the speech therapist. The therapist would welcome you a happy child. Because normally with those Down syndrome, we always have to be happy all the time.


In my condition, I was sent to a therapist when I was a child. Normally, I didn’t know all the troubles my mother would sending me to the therapist. So one hour packed filling with the therapist, the child should nourish their lessons to be learned in one-hour session. And to regret for the days I didn’t remember, it was time to let it go for me when I’ve entered the high school because I’ve had to learn on my own. After college, I still didn’t know how to write the sentence properly. After taking up the certificate in call center training last March 2012, I’ve ended up working in a special school being as an assistant teacher who assisted among special children with special needs last June 2013.


3. Occupational therapy

Behavior is always the main problem when reaching to your special child with Down syndrome. Sending your special child with Down syndrome to the therapist would fit to change the results.


In earlier age of 2, physical therapy and occupational therapy were the most improved therapy that would’ve done me today. It took me one year as I heard from my mom. But I learned from my mom. And mom knows best.


4. Vision therapy

Checking your special child with Down syndrome to the optometrist has a bit problem although I also have undergone too when I was entering the school before fourth grade. Seeing is hard to see what is blurry to your mind. To check the condition, consult first to the pediatrician if the special child with Down syndrome has problems in eye vision. Today, there’s already a vision therapy, a new therapy that was introduced to the world. Not only the children with special needs will benefit this but also the adults with special needs also will benefit this. If your neighbor, your brother, your sister, your parents, your relative or to your friend might have eye vision problem. Try consult with a vision therapist just in case you need a help.


5. Audio therapy

Your special child might having a problem with their hearing despite of all noises. Did you that the more decibels you are hearing might cause a little problem? Did you know that the fourth pollution was noise pollution? Sending your special child to the doctor will help you to determine if it’s having problem with hearing problems. To indicate if it causes, try to consult to a pediatrician if they allow your child send to the audio laboratory.


The most powerful tool we can allow to change the world is to show them our showcasing talent we have. Or the livelihood project that starts with all. Or to test the life skills we can show to the world. With this knowledge, people with Down syndrome will be flourishing their life to share their story in the world where you will go.


No barriers: The livelihood project, the life skills, the talents


The livelihood project

What is livelihood project? Livelihood project is based to your special child with special needs that is more likely to help your child to increase their skill and talent. If they learn very well, they could earn through selling some of their skilled efforts. For example, your special child learned how to bake the cookie and eventually sold them in a quantity. The community in their role would understand the benefit for the children to grow independently.


I was given a chance to run a business which my mom gave me a cellphone loading business. The loading business I am still doing running up to the present since June 2006. Creating your special child or special adult with this kind of livelihood project will giving an opportunity your child be given to work in a community.


The life skills

What are the life skills? Life skills are basically types of what you can do around your house. It can also take part in the community where your special child will learn new life skill. Like doing a household chore is already a life skill. Practicing your special child at home doing some household chores will increase the special child to motivate on their own independent. Increasing your special child with special needs about the things to learn around the house should know how to take care of themselves. Like having difficult making a bed neat and clean or the room has been filled with mess, practice your special child to take care of their own living life. Teach them how to take care of the bed, how to take care of their little brother or little sister, of teach them how to grow up how to be a good special adult someday. But teaching a special teen with special needs how to drive, that is another story. Take a good look around the community and tell me what’s their story all about.


The talents

The talents vary on one thing – their passion to carry throughout their life. If your special child is good at sports, send him or her to the nearest community where your special child is already learning their talent in running, swimming or any sports they could do. If your special child is very talented in singing, send the child in music ministry in the church, or in music therapy. Your special child will learn eventually things are going well in the community. But if your special child is well talented in other things, let them grow, teach them how to enhance it, encourage them to a positive mind, and grow positively through their hearts. Your passion is to support your special child to grow to their potential talent.


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In every beyond the borders or casting around the valleys, the true talent you are seeking is already in your heart. And that leads to your passion. It finds where you are doing purposely. In your heart alone, there are always a struggle in your life. But those between your struggles, in your past times you are doing in your heart what you are doing for the sake you loved. Putting you to the test is another challenge. And a challenge is a greater responsibility to change from your heart.

~Status message in facebook, March 27, 2014, Friday, 1:13 p.m.


Living in a daylight that you are doing for a purpose. You live actively in 24 hours a day. You sleep 8 hours to recharge your stamina, your strength and your endurance. But seeking from your heart, you release 15 hours to prepare your day is. Your purpose is your choice. And your choice is what you are seeking from your bottom of your heart. Many of us deal a problems. Some in the society has their own family already. Some in the society don’t dwell to other problems but to seek for themselves looking a right job for them. Some in the society don’t ask to somebody who didn’t know them. We already alert for ourselves. We divert to some many things we could look to. But many of us are seeking for a right time and a right talent is.


You question to someone that he or she is really proud from his or her talent is. Then you already are envying him or her. Isn’t an obvious that you don’t have like him or her? It’s because deep inside of your heart, you question to your skills and your talents to someone else. Deep inside at the back of your mind tells you already what kind of questions these are.


Seeking the right opportunity, seeking the right job and seeking the right unknown talent for you, you realize it’s already one of seven sins that leads you right there. My advice for you is stop envying him or her talents or skills that they have. Flourish your talent or skill that you already have. Stop making sense what people tells you more. To say it from your heart is sometimes taking you to lead somewhere. Are you getting my sense? Well, obviously of course not, because you are my reader here in my article.


If you sense the right question and the right answer, I might ask you only two questions below. Honestly from my heart, these two questions will only question at the back of your mind what’s in my head by the way. But I believe it will find you there to flourish what you have now.


In all kinds of job anywhere around the globe, the country or the place you are living for. Yet you find another interesting establishment right beside your neighborhood. You are curious, of course. So what kind of job is it? Is it taking your skill or talent that will flourish there?


Here is my answer for you. In many job experiences that I’ve had before, there were only four job descriptions that I’ve had so far. My previous first three jobs being as a chef or a cook, it took me a while what it was really acquired to do or flourished your talent is. The truth was, being a chef was the only thing I couldn’t do inside the kitchen. Instead, I am best making the nutrition in each and every dish it would come out from the kitchen.


Like this ordinary carbonara with bacon and cheese, the recipe contains more calories. Plus the bacon has higher calories. When you added the cheese above, it is also consisting more calories. Was it nutrition dish you could eat? This recipe is above high calories dish. If I direct you to eat more valuable dish, like pasta with olives, capers, tuna, sweet chili sauce and pepper-flavored. It contains less calorie contents. Because it doesn’t have cheese, the tuna has omega-3 and sweet chili sauce is basically low calorie content.


My talent in the kitchen doesn’t measure well. But I can tell what kind of dish I should eat properly for my right diet needs. That’s one of my strength talent I have. Being as a nutritionist for my position can only flourish one at a time. And I can practice every day so I could eat more nutritional dishes in the future.


You come across the counter and say to the cashier, “good morning, what kind of job you have? I would like to get knowing of your job.” Then at the thoughts at the back of your mind saying that you want to apply the kind of job you need in the future. So you think at the back of your mind, you ask yourself and saying, how would you take in this career you choose?


Here is my answer to you. I’ve been said that I’ve been in culinary career before. Now I chose another path of different career – to be an inspirational person as a role model. Well, of course, I didn’t choose taking the path of teaching. But the path of teaching became attaching with me. My great grandfather who was once a teacher before has became my inspiration. But that was on my father’s side. On my mother’s side, my grandmother was once a teacher in a school teaching major in filipino and minor in history. Both sides were shown that I’ve yet to follow them on my own too.


I’ve decided to choose what was best for me. So I continued flourishing my talent helping the kids to grow their talents. So someday, they will be the ones thanking me in the future. So my heart felt to them. Being part of 10 months as an assistant teacher, I’ve seen myself as an icon in the future.


Choice of your career somehow will find you in the future. It couldn’t tell at the back of your head. To tell you the truth honestly, career as an educator to those students will take me to another career. I didn’t choose the career as an educator. But it chose me instead. It flourished my passion for these kids to grow on their potential talents. Like I was before, I was beginning to like on science. So I am still practicing as a nutritionist instead taking part as a chef. I was also beginning to like history, economics and literature. So I become part of my talents.


Talents such being as an entrepreneur isn’t hard for me. In fact, I begin to enjoy flourishing more of my talents. It becomes part of my life. Liking history and economics, it’s a big interest for me although I have politics blood running both to my family sides. But I said that I won’t use it for bad decisions. In literature, I begin continuing my career to write more on simple poems, sonnets, songs and stories. And eventually, I also like to write quotes on my own. Creating them on my own is a basic talent that I have.


So choosing your own path of talent can take you higher career. Do it practicing every day and have patience yourself. And also one word of advice, take yourself to talk more about yourself alone. When asking alone, it boosts your charisma then eventually take you talking to other people. Charisma is a big plus personality. That is what I also have on my own instincts of talents.


The story of Growth success: Believing more to your talents


I have fond of many talents that I have. To share with my success is something I could give a little advice before the article ends here. But showing for you might give you a clue. Look around yourself inside of your room. What makes you motivated more? Is it what you are making proud of yourself? Or something that you can’t do in the past, now you can do a lot of better today.


I loved how to count from 1 to 100 when I was a kid. But growing up like a mathematician, I wasn’t be going that far. I liked more that I can get information like in NBA statistics from points, rebounds, assists and a lot more to recite in statistics. It’s obvious you can’t have a lot of talents you have now.


But when I was still in sixth grade, I was already in loved with science. Being as a science lover, I didn’t get a chance growing up to be a scientist, a dentist, a field where you can excel or something that you really love for. This was what made me proud of. I’ve enhanced a lot both in science and in arts. When I was starting to draw physically in traditional arts in science. My teacher would’ve graded me a higher score, but I couldn’t remembered how high I got in those I.W. (individualized work). To explain furthermore, I’ve ended up loving more in volcanoes and someday when I got a glimpse of a volcano. I will become to call as a volcano photographer. It didn’t come to me as well. But I flourished a little in photography talent that I’ve had.


And I also didn’t notice that I can do improving more on arts as I’ve passed on. To become to an end, someday I also ended up like an artist. And it was real. I became excel both in traditional arts and in digital arts. As an artist, you always have to practice every now as then. For me, being as an artist makes you more vulnerable in all aspects. But I never give up. Practicing makes you growing forward and flourish every time you make it.


Dancing or acting to dance was my mighty in-born talent. Despite my disability being having as Down syndrome wasn’t my hindrance anymore. I began widening my eyes to see looking forward and moving forward as well. I was then called my parents going to the front of an audience. Then I started to dance as well. Dancer as it called when you flourished your dancing acts as well. An in-born talent made you worth to practice every day of your life. Even at my age, I might catch up to the latest music from this generation to old generation as well.


Success of being talent you’ve shared through all of your life will measure your strength to change the world or your nation that is. But being alone hones you make practicing even more higher height. It will become your backbone of your talent someday.


Aside from my talents I also have was writing. My writings before was really that bad, or to make it worse in a wrong sentence, or broken phrases might be. Deep inside my heart, I also wanted to be a writer. Making a novel, or a comic story will shine of your career. But the problem was nobody believed on my talents. Not aside when I grew up stronger enough to stand on my own.


As a writer made you deciding what kind of words you would show up in a group of sentences in a paragraph. In a climax near ending of your story will show your strength if your characters build well enough to create a good story. But I’ve never done a story before when I was a child. I grew up as a poet first way back when I was in high school years. That was the time of my birth. And a birth became my passion to write. I wasn’t aware of that. But I was glad to have flourishing my own talents.


Literature was among my favorite subjects in high school. And so the name also began appeared before graduating in college. And the rest of the history was written already. Science, literature, music, economics and science were my top subjects in my elementary days up to high school years. And I am using my talents up to now, even to date itself today.


Your story will be written if you are believing more to your talents.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Sixtieth-Seventh Tagalog Quote:


Maiksi ang panahon pero mahaba ang buhay

mahaba ang panahon pag ang buhay

hindi marunong pinanggalingan,

kung tao din hindi marunong makisama

sa kabilang buhay ay hindi madadala.


Lumiliit ang mundo natin

pero malaki ang kakayanan

likas man magkakilala tayo sa iisang

planeta ginagalawan natin,

likas sa wastong gamitin ang salitang Pilipino.


Kung ikaw ay marunong magsalita ng Tagalog,

ikaw ay Pilipino,

pero pag hindi ka marunong magsalita

ikaw ay galing sa iba na hindi marunong

bumalik sa bansang tinatahakan.


Iisa lang ang bagay ginagalawan natin

tayo ay makapag-isa sa ating

ginagalawan nating mundo.


Sixtieth-Eighth Tagalog Quote:


Mahal kong espesyal na bata,

ikaw ay marunong magbasa

marunong magsulat sa papel

gamit mong pangalan at

bilib ako sa ginagawa mo.


Mahal kong espesyal na bata,

ikaw ay marunong maunawain

sa matatanda pero ang iba hindi

marunong kang tumulong

pero ang tangi wala ako ay ikaw.


Mahal kong espesyal na bata,

pinapaligaya mo ako ng tawa mo

pag nalulungkot naman ako

ikaw ay nagpapatawa sa akin

salamat sa iyo na mahal kita sa puso ko.


Espesyal na bata ay marunong

tumulong sa kusina, sa kapatid nangailangan

at sa buong bahay maaasahan pa,

mahal kong espesyal na bata,

marami ka pang matutulungan sa iba.




If there is one day ahead, I would like to create more filipino quote poems in the first place. Creating more flowing at the back of my head makes a whole day for me to think random quote poems. What it feels like to be a poet? It’s not easy as it may seems to say. It’s only a random thoughts. But to tell you the truth honestly, I could think as much as I could possibly doing inside at the back of my head.


In this another set of quote poems, it will diverting your mind in two sets of quote poems. One was ideally again as a nationalism quote and another one was special inspirational quote. It represents how much ideas could go inside at the back of my head. It would tell how much I am preferring to these quotes. On the other side of the day, I would say that it is best to say this.


67th Tagalog Quote:


The sixtieth-seventh tagalog quote has been reaching to some Filipinos that I’ve been doing to research what would be life is. So I thought one to make another nationalism quote again. In other words, the culture we have now. We should take care of our heritage, our culture and our language also. It brings me back how I talk this from our student’s parents the past weeks. I’ve been recognizing the Filipino traits if how much it will test to some Filipinos out there. You should not conceal, but to feel the emotions how much I write on this quote poem.


68th Tagalog Quote:


The sixtieth-eighth tagalog quote has quite interesting love quote for me and also part of being special inspirational quote. The special child is telling how much unconditional love will bring. But to take in this occasional quote it brings for me, this is how much effort I put here in quote poem. Thinking this at the back of my head, I’ve been realized that I’m really sticking to my advocacy as well – to become as an educator and as a role model to some parents who have heard from me already. In this continuing part of special inspirational quotes will bring more here.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Sixtieth-Fifth Tagalog Quote:


Mahalaga ba tayo sa buhay sa iyong mahal

o mahalaga ba rin tayo sa kinabukasan natin,

hindi ba tayo maramot sa nakaraan kung

tatakdin natin ang puso sa hinaharap,

papalitan kung hindi man

pero puso mong mabait ang hindi mapatawad

sa iisang katulad pusong bato.


Minsan sa tao hindi marunong lumingon

minsan sa tao hindi marunong magpasensiya

meron din tao hindi marunong makisama

at meron din tao hindi kaya tumagal sa trabaho.


Bakit nga ba tayo naging Pilipino

kung hindi natin papahalagan ang ating kultura,

kung magtatrabaho sa ibang bansa

kusa gusto tumira na lang sa hindi natin na bansa,

ang sa akin marunong ako lumingon,

at ibabalik ko ang yaman ng pera sa ibang bansa

para makagawa ng panibagong trabaho sa bansa.


Tunay na bayani o pekeng bayani ba

ang tinitingnan ng maraming iniidolo natin

o sadyang bang ganito tayo sa ibang kapwa’t Pilipino din,

malungkot at masakit aminin

malihim at hindi marunong balikan ang kultura

kaya ang kulturang Pilipino ay dapat suliranin.


Sixtieth-Sixth Tagalog Quote:


Masaya ang bata tumatalon at

masaya din tumatakbo sa paligid

pero bakit karamihan sa ibang tao

hindi marunong magsabi na turuan

ng espesyal na bata sa tamang disiplina.


Tama ba o mali ba,

kusa ba o kaya ba natin,

malihim ba o kayang gawin sa tama

pero lahat at nasusukat lamang

sa tamang edukasyon ng espesyal

na bata marunong tumingin sa sarili.


Okay na rin sana kung kaya

naman turuan ang kabataan sa

tamang salita at sa gawa

pero kung hindi, sila din

ang mahihirapan.


Likas ng yaman sa mga Pilipino

hindi marunong makitindi sa mga

kapansanan tulad ng espesyal na bata

pero dapat turuan ang buong bayan

ang tunay ay nasa sa sarili natin.




It’s been a while since I start logging down the Filipino Literature again. It has been 8 days passed already. And it’s not quite new for me anymore. Because right now what I can do is hoping someone would understand my effort that I am typing and writing Tagalog set of quote poems again. In this journey of Filipino Literature, hopefully I can make it up to 75 at least before the year ends.


The usual days have been gone for me already. Since I’m jobless for a while, I can assure that I will be spending my days or time requires me to do writing and typing all the Tagalog quotes. But this time it won’t needed anymore coming from my cellphone quotes. I will be spending more on brainstorming ideas how to create faster to make a quotes to be done. This is my brainstorming department as you can see that I’m a creative thinker and a creative writer too.


65th Tagalog Quote:


The quite interesting sixtieth-fifth tagalog quote is very alarming to any Filipinos could read this quote I’m writing to. This is a nationalism quote. Meaning there are no more patriotism to be mention. Neither you can be martyr or a hero that you could save the Philippines from the economy or the government. Shame for the politicians who are using the money on their wrongdoings. All their minds filled with bad karma. To tell you a truth honestly, I’m an economist and an entrepreneur. And I’m also active in one of the organizations that I’ve been doing for a year now.


66th Tagalog Quote:


This quite interesting sixtieth-sixth tagalog quote is also alarming to all Filipinos and any races to any countries as well. This is a special inspirational quote. It means this quote is dedicated for those who have been disabled. But not as a disabled, they are talented and unique special children. Each of them has a unique talent. Each them has a unique characteristic. In the real world, there are more ADHD, the leading population in special children. ADHD is not a disability. It’s a purpose that sets their will to fight on their uniqueness. Autism is second in population among the rest of special children. Down syndrome is third in population among the rest of special children around the world.


A special child has unique heart in their potential talents. Like what I’m doing now, this is my true strength making a new goal achieving even higher heights. I may have mosaic Down syndrome but it’s not a hindrance to me anymore.


Itsmikki Studio. 2014 Copyrights. All rights reserved.

Each of inch has a success to your life whether it is love life, financial or something you could withdraw your life better than unusual things you discover to yourself. I see many top conclusions that never ends a happy ending, but it ends with a sad ending. You focus yourself to your past and redo it all over again. To satisfy of yourself must stay enduring yourself.


To tell you the truth honestly, at the back of my head thinks what it comes around inside of my life. For the remaining details in your life takes back anything, you wouldn’t take care of everything. It was something to do what you really want to do. First, you always have to discipline yourself in greater responsibility. And second, there are many times you will succeed but never give up. Giving up is a failure. And a greater success will bless you more.


The moment you realize is the more you get success points you can get. In my experiences before, I usually can tell that I really never give up. Giving up on one occasional habit makes you stepping closer to get you up to success ladder.


Let me give you some of my pointer tips what I have:


In my skills alone, I can multi-tasking with my skills doing to draw a 30-minute traditional drawing, making a lyrics in 10-15 minutes longer depends how it’s long about, writing an article in 15-25 minutes depends on brainstorming event, cleaning the room depends how it long will you take and making a habit disciplining closer to success.


Let me rephrase that. Since I’m not a perfect writer, I also can happen to dance in a few dance moves I have, can reciting a song to practice in one whole day or possible in two hours, can also think what’s inside at the back of my head. I’m not a perfect leader also. But I can take you there. It happens that I’m a skilled person as everybody has said to me that I also have a potential talent – which is a leader.


Being a leader makes you important to lead your role. You can never go back the way you can be. You always practice yourself in a first step ladder – as an apprentice. Being as an apprentice, you can practice what field you can get and have experience all the way to the top. But being as an apprentice is one of the hardest role because it takes time to practice. It may take days, months or even in years. More importantly, you learn the valuable lessons as an apprentice.


Apprentice is also one of the bridge role that can make you shifting to one another skill or talent that you have. If you have potential talent, in that case you can go higher roles you can land on.


Those days it saved me from the past before and I’ve learned my lessons. On which I’ve had experiencing three jobs that I’ve landed only two months each apart. But on my fourth job, it successfully got me lessons to be learn. And I also happened that I got 10 months already. It was already surpassing my longest employment history. Well, it is a fact and not as a joke.


What else you can tell? When it comes around, there are many excuses in your life.  When you’re saying an excuse, you always complain that you don’t learn that much. It means that you’re limiting yourself in knowledge terms. Always have a empty glass at the back of your head so you can learn something new what’s inside of a new knowledge. With a limitation lessons, you always find the key importance of lessons. And that way you can also find yourself in your skills and talents.


Talents are in-born talents. When you say it’s a skill, meaning you learn some new skill that it added to your life skills. Life skills such as you can knitting a cloth with a various colors of knitting, or earning an important skill like learn how to cook, learn how to prepare things for making important life skill. Life skills is more important than talents. But as such as talents, you can also learn how to provide your materials. Materials can make you more resourceful in a way that you can make life earning skill.


This is when it comes around your skills and talents you have. Don’t waste with your energy and time. Because if you do that, you will need your body to recharge at night as well.


Previous Assistant’s corner article posts:


Previous Assistant’s desk article posts:


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I always see the beautiful life on a big flat green planet where there is always a beautiful animals, beautiful creatures, and beautiful living inside and out. But what can you do to make it your past something to do for your present now? To think that way at the back of my head seems losing the ground itself. To tell you the truth honestly, every life today is beautiful. You can either go to the dreams you are going. Or you should stop and try searching around the globe. The globe itself has a big 4 billion population. One small world makes you beautiful when you find out that there is someone you know is connecting to one common friend you have.


Well, it commonly does the same thing when you are meeting someone and if you find some connections, eventually you and the person you are referring to connect for one common friend you have. It’s a big deal. Our planet is always full of surprises.


Of all things in the world when there is inseparable dreams never seem to happen, there will be always a place to count for your dreams to continue. One dream seems to happen. One goal has to achieve some your smaller details to grow bigger. And one inseparable dream might come back where you are coming from – your future is. People as they speak dreams are not real and some people don’t speak the truth but they continue that their dreams are real. One big question – how you will change your height of your dreams? Nevertheless, it counts how small vision can turn you bigger vision of dreaming higher.

~Status facebook message, March 25, 2014, Tuesday, 7:19 p.m.


Here are some three weird explanations you want to find in this article:


1. Myth: You don’t like family tree or genealogy when you’re still a child. But as the old sayings says that if a first child in the family is favorite’s grandparents’ grandchild. The first child knows everything about the family tree or genealogy.

Fact: It didn’t come to me as I knew when I was still a child. In fact, when I grew up and finally knew where I came from. I started to like family tree or better known as your genealogy roots from both sides of your families.


2. Myth: It said that if the youngest child is spoiled child, it will get anything from the parents or siblings. And it has a greater intelligence quotient but it has a lesser emotional quotient.

Fact: Youngest child doesn’t consist as a spoiled child. It lacks of information getting the child or the person is. That if the child is the youngest, he or she would be intelligent. It doesn’t need to be intelligent or emotional, it needs discipline and behavioral test at home.


3. Myth: The middle child is always a miserable child. A naughty child that needs attention or a clown that attracts from the society as their relatives.

Fact: I was a middle child, third sibling among five siblings. Being as a middle child, it doesn’t consist that I am a miserable child. To count that is not miserable, it consists a variety numbers of gifted child. It materializes what it needs to be finish. It can also multi-task some things to do when it needs to do.


Despite of all things that God create in our living world planet called earth, it would have a beautiful life. And there is a mountain of hope, a valley of faith and river that streams your trustworthy in the land. No matter what it says, it always has to be said and says, “every life is new no matter in the beginning that will do in the present and it will last for the future upbringings.


One question has come to my intentions and there is always one answer needed. What do you need to know accessing from the past? The answer would be and says, “Go back where you come from and tell me about your past. So I will know what your character is. And for your background check, it will find a new meaning from accessing from your past.


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I always tell myself how I look in the future. Can I have a girlfriend? Can I marry myself to a beautiful woman who will accept me whole-heartedly? Can she love me the way I have my life today? But there are so many things in my life that I still have to conquer about myself. But my distraction today is looking for another job that suits for me. I’m not happy anymore in my situation. Because when someone has to be standing on my shadows, it would kill me one by one emotionally but not physically. My mom would keep me locking on my shadows.


When my emotions are draining me out, some along the way in my journey I am no longer existed. I have Down syndrome. It’s not a hindrance to me anymore. But the hindrance I cannot accept is an attitude. When an attitude is on my way when someone is not agreeing with me, that’s how you look that you are pretending to be someone locking on my cage.


Do I have to stay longer? Does my parents know me what I want? All their decisions made it for themselves. I have too many questions in my today. I’ve been quarreling on my other side at the back of my head knowing if I’m still good or not.


I’ve been sitting in my own bed, thinking if I’m ready to another relationship. My job is still kicking up to my nerves. My mom stares at the back of my head thinking if she will keep staring on me. I’m not a perfect human. Every human in the world has mistakes on their own. Nonetheless, every human has own mind what they are doing. Perhaps I give myself a mistake every now and then.


If I give up one thing in my life, I would stare on my wall again and staring blankly in a quiet room. My room has full of dreams. And some doors will surely keep knocking me again. If I go out again for tomorrow, what dream will have to wait for me? If my life give up, I wouldn’t mind to quit on top of my performance level inside at the back of my head. Is that how you treat me well? Of course not, I am not that kind of human.


If there are shadows that cannot be broken, there will be a light. And a light will shine in beautiful life. Life has full of mysteries whether has one goal has been struggling in my life. And that one goal, will I be getting married in the future? There are thousand of girls in the lonely planet. Each kind, each race, each better has come, but there will be only one who deserves my heart better.


One heart, one simple smile and a sweet glare of a beautiful smiling girl is waiting for me. If there’s a sunrise on the beach I could wait to see in beautiful morning, there will be a sunset. And that sunset is a girl who will keep me accompanying me in the future. Who deserves to know me better? What kind of a woman will win on my heart? Is she the one will keep my heart? I don’t know of these questions to be asked.


I’m suddenly feeling to my heart  that I can barely to know. If she is the one, I could be hard to breathe around when my mom is still around keeping to stare at me. Shadows are always there that cannot be broken, but there will be a light always that shines in beautiful life. Knowing one mistake you would do, some hidden mistake will appear on your own way.


New life has made. New birth consists a new importance in each and every human being. In that new birth, it means new hope, new faith and new role – a role model. I cannot stand what an attitude is always blocking my way to achieve. But there are many thousand of paths to be chosen. One goal to another goal, I’ve been sealing one goal to achieve and that is the highest of all dreams.

~Status message in facebook, March 23, 2014, Sunday, 10:23 p.m.


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There are many times when we are doubting ourselves. Even as we cannot conquer to our fears. As I embark to another chapter of this success of Living being as Down syndrome series. There are many parts of another set of stories will come and knock at your hearts. If you are having hard times with your special child with Down syndrome, it is something you can give some extra care for him or her. It would be a special love you enjoy the most you are taking your own special child.


Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome is another part of my own series. But in my own shoes will tell you how many journeys I’ve been experience throughout all my life. If it’s something to discuss, I would be part of redeeming myself to the Lord that He chooses us to live throughout His holy spirit.


Part XI

Knocking your doors will exchange your depression state of mood to excitement that you submit to the Lord.


When you seek yourself to the better unknown perfect world, you desire the most you want to seek. But the state of your mood tells how you are thinking wrong at the back of your head. If you know something to share, feel free. But during my state of depression mood, it never recalled how many things I regretted to my life. I asked many times for the questions of how, why and when. I felt the presence of my wrongness before.


But let me to tell how many journeys I’ve been experienced in the past here in 4 quote stories:


Quote #1:

Many people want you to destroy your feelings, mostly your innermost feelings. Whether it has many things to do your life, it creates unpleasant feelings. But it forced me how I behaved.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I was a little odd but mischievous in my own ways when I was a child back then. During my childhood, all I thought was playing and playing. And I was very happy to see everyone I can knock to their hearts. Nevertheless, I was easy to please my relatives also. When the times I grew up already and not knowing myself completely, I became miserable and most of my times before, I was really depressed.


I found myself in denial stage. I’ve even learned that I’ve had being a condition of Down syndrome when I was in sophomore year in high school. I kicked out of my conclusions and told myself and said, ‘I’ve been doing this all the time and not even myself I didn’t know.‘ My family knew behind. My relatives also knew. But I was the only one who didn’t know about my condition. I seek depressed too many times before.


I was even careless to myself. Then I realized one thing I learned in my experiences was to accept my condition. That was three years ago already.


Quote #2:

Don’t force me to learn how many possible lessons could teach your life in greatest experiences you have. To tell you the truth, you never believe yourself. You never seek to your potential talent.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve had a greatest potential talent – is to write, to draw and to think positive things in life. I saw myself miserable of my life before. But I learned how to do the math lessons, the science lessons, the language lessons and the history lessons also. But I didn’t acknowledge myself having with a condition being having that I’ve had Down syndrome. That was before.


Now I learned how to cope with my problems. To see is to believe. To acquire is to require your innermost feelings with the presence of the Lord. And to seek how you react is to see yourself a positive way of thinking at the back of your head. The talent you’ve had were the greatest lessons you’ve ever learned. But I never thought that way before. To loop the everything in the past, we couldn’t redo all what we’ve had done before. It was unexchangeable. But it never seeks to my heart. It was only until then, one passion led me to reasons – go back to basics.


Basic teachings, basic knowledges and basic wisdom of life are here to teach your life how you believe yourself more in the future. But the more I acquire in my life is to believe in God alone. Because in God alone, you will receive blessings from Him above.


Quote #3:

Ask how many times you’ve been chasing after your dream, it always have been failing. You always allow yourselves what is need to be done and what is not to be done when it is wrong.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve been chasing my dream every time I always allow one dream to achieve. But I felt it was wrong. Feeling you are depressed all the times in yourself. You allow yourself that you are doubting yourself. But one lesson I’ve learned throughout my life, I learned how great possible dreams will change after you succeeding in different ways of living of life.


Learn how to value your life. Learn how to see your life in different lessons you want to learn. Learn what is given talents you have. Learn what is righteous dream you always have to follow. But the most lesson I’ve learn is to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself one hundred percent, you will eventually follow even your expectations to grow bigger. But it will also that you learn how to succeed your limitations higher than your normal limitations. It is how you feel within your emotions and emotions will never be the same.


Quote #4:

Just because you cannot do what the others can do, you always fail. And feeling that you’re not from the field as them, you feel the same way.” ~quoted from IMS Ltre. (ItsMikkiStudio Literature)


I’ve been in denial stage before. But it was the greatest fear I’ve conquered. And sometimes when you feel the same feelings I have, you will encounter how positive ways will come in your way. Somehow along the road, I’ve been feeling lonely and depressed.


But along with the journey I have today, I have surpassed many trials or problems today. Each problem will solve how many rocks you will collect on the road. When you know how to get rid of many rocks on your road, you will see the light in your journey. What lessons did I learn? Learn how to be humble what is given to you and learn how to place what your journey tells you so.


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I sat on the chair across the empty room where I began thinking at the back of my head which one should I do it first. In my vision for the day, I realized that I put too much of effort for my work. Little did I know was a little thought inside at the back of my head. Should I prefer to talk or to begin with a silence? Maybe I am a little conscious. Every day I always clean the classroom, now I am beginning to wonder what the little details will coming inside of my head. I should realize that I am helplessly thinking.


Each day has passed, each night I’ve helplessly slept with my pillows. The old days were over. But I never presumed that those days will bring it back to me. I began to wonder and wonder what would my days will be at the blink of an eye.


The summer is coming and the recognition day is coming in for the next two weeks more. The teachers are inseparable. And my two bosses were looking at me as their own brother. It was then I realized that I didn’t have an elder brother. I was a middle child in five siblings but I was an older brother to our youngest brother. Looking for the right place and right time didn’t matter to me. I was looking disarray on myself. Then sudden with my eyes felt sleepy. I was unconscious very night helplessly to wake up again. I almost wanted to wake up from reality.


My days are becoming dull and wide to have happen that I don’t it like. Timid but stubborn I was before. I didn’t want to bring it back to my personality. It has something to do with the person who is still working in the school. I didn’t like him. But I become not enjoying anymore and my eagerness to come in the school is becoming late. Forcing myself to work must something for me to energize for my whole day. I didn’t felt the presence.


I became more stubborn. But I don’t like. When I become stubborn, I should look for another job that suits for me. Maybe if time will permit, I should realize about that. But in ordinary days, I become disoriented. But right now what I feel toward going to my work, I feel more uneasiness. Should I continue with my emotions? Or should I take a rest first? But untimely in my life, I always seem happy everyday I see the smiling kids around the school.


I am becoming more unstable. Unstable in the way of living of money, I constantly drop from my performance. But I don’t want to let it happen. I might not create any happiness anymore. For moving forward, I must seek the dreams what I have today. Hmm…it’s easy to say but you’re not doing for action you are doing right now. All my life depended on the past. Or should I continue living away from my comfort zone? But I don’t know the answers yet.


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Sixtieth-Third Tagalog Quote:


Mahalaga ba isip matalino,

mahalaga ba isip hindi tumitingin sa papel

o ano bang meron sa iyo

sa loob ng kaisipan mo,

pero bakit nga ba meron tayong

isipan na puwedeng tinatakda.


Lumalalim ang gabi

padilim ng padilim sa gitna

ng kalagitnaan ng gabi

pero sa isip mo parang takot ka

o sa iyong kaba lang ang nasa

isip mo tumatakbo parang takot.


Oo, takot ako, pero sino nga ba siya

nagpapahiwatig sa akin,

pero hindi ako takot tumingin

sa pinagalingaan ko

o anumang inuutos sa malalim kong isip.


Marunong ako sumama sa isipan ko

pero matalino man o hindi

pare-pareho lang ang nasa gitna ng

isipan natin kung kailan tayo gagalaw

sa gitna ng gabi o sa gitna ng araw.


Sixtieth-Fourth Tagalog Quote:


Lusot ka ng lusot pero

pumapasok ka ng pumapasok

sino ba si Juan o kailan ba siya

ipinanganak sa utos ba o

sa kabilang buhay tinawag ba siya.


Tawag ba siya ay magaling

o tinatawag pa lamang mukhang dukha

laging tamis, laging lambing

kinuwento ni lola ay laging nakatawa

malungkot o masaya

hindi nagsisinungaling kahit kanino man.


Kung noon ay laging walang internet

kung ngayon ay laging walang luma

saan ka lulugar sa may mali ba

o sa may tama parating may mali naman,

ikaw masusunod sa bagong henerasyon

na puro gawa-gawa ng maraming imbentor.




It has been a longer right now than as usual. But it really takes to rebuild new quotes. In the beginning, there are many quotes. But in the seconds coming, it’s getting to take slower pace. Making quotes is inevitable. But the force at the back of my head takes time to imagine what kind of group of words will write it down to the paper or to the computer else. But it’s not a design, it’s always have been brainstorming ideas will come after for.


63rd Tagalog Quote:


The sixtieth-third tagalog quote must be really painful quote. But it means that you don’t have to worry more, because they are lot to come when you are moving forward. In this quote, the man is scared what he will choose to the side of intelligent or to the side of an average person. It’s all the matters what scares him the most. The lessons are here to challenge you more. It has to be quick response. Because when you do, you decided what is really right or wrong.


In this quote, you would feel also numb as you get. But the moment it directly hits to your heart for your emotional sides, be careful. It usually contains with high emotional hit that stimulates to your brain. It has only minimizing or maximizing of your talent inside of your brain.


64th Tagalog Quote:


The sixtieth-fourth tagalog quote is all about Juan, his mistakes that rotates his life all about. But this quote is not as you are seen what it is. This is a hatred quote. No matter what it relies about, it’s all about the internet or the past existence what it is written in the history. And it’s true that the world pass from the past to the future where you always rely too much on the internet. But the history will not be written if the internet has come not-so-seen in the future itself.


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Every single day you ask me why I am not as seen as Down syndrome. It’s because it’s not a hindrance to me anymore. Disability as they speak, or not as disability as the others seems they don’t believe in it. One day, I ask them also why I am standing in my little shadows. I conquer my fears and doubts that has been casting away all my hatred, depression and frustrations from my life. I firmly believe that I also can do what others can do – in order to reach the highest goals.

~Status message in facebook, March 16, 2014, Sunday, 9:17 p.m.


No labels as Down syndrome: Conquering the new fear

No labels as Down syndrome: Conquering the new fear


It helped me to think at the back of my head that it would be another conquering one of my greatest fear: social sharing. It was the time that built my character that I spoke from my words. And sometimes when I shared my thoughts to anybody else, I would like to share my greatest fear – doubting myself to nothing.


I have being what you called me as a disability. And being as a disability for me don’t label me anymore as being having with Down syndrome. I set my days to be told and the days have been set me free. I always tell myself if I can do it more like as a motivational speaker. And I was once a guest speaker in University of Santo Tomas who I spoke to graduating students and educational students as they are becoming special education teachers someday. I was welcomed and became red teary from that moment.


One student who approached me in the facebook and chatted with me if I can go to the University of Santo Tomas. I was glad to take an opportunity to speak in the crowd. And a crowd was filled different participating special schools from Padre Burgos, Cupertino and from Metro Manila area, with teachers and volunteers in participating schools. I was scared at the time. But since it was first time. My anxiety became once my fear.


What is my greatest fear? Anxiety that it was called. But I loved to talk to someone I really knew. To someone I barely know, I wouldn’t talk to the stranger. My parents have really said to me that I wouldn’t talk to the strangers. But when the time I walked-in to the school I wanted really had a job. It offered me as an assistant teacher job. I met a wonderful boss. And I thought at the back of my head that he really was a bossy that time. Little by little, I became part with him also. Day by day when we talked, and night by night that I chatted even in text messages.


What was my fear again? It got lost. The anxiety inside of me has changed. And able to talk to new stranger, it coped from my problems. I’ve had been in denial stage since the day I’ve graduated the year of 2003. But from my hindrance before, the learning stage I’ve been through. It was dated back since the year of 1997. I learned that I’ve being condition as Down syndrome. And what it told me? It ate my pride. And I ate the word of anxiety. I became lost. I became desperate finding my answers. And years that I’ve had been in depression, frustration and hatred. What I have become to have my condition. Was it okay to move forward? And I have said that I was really lost.


My life since 1997 up to the present has been changed from the learning stage to in denial stage and to acceptance stage.


Learning stage


I love science before even up to now. And I began loving to draw even higher creative details to imaginative details. That moment I learned how I made science making real traditional artist. I drew a thousand science pictures from one book. And I was once a hundred percent student who loved drawing arts in science. In fact, when I found myself having with Down syndrome in my sophomore year in high school. I’ve withdrew with my stance and my post. I lost my confidence. So I hid from my emotions. That was the year of 1997 when I was still in my sophomore year in high school.


In denial stage


Knowing that I’ve been graduated from high school in the year of 2000 and moved on to the culinary years that I’ve entered in my prestigious culinary school in the Philippines, Center for Culinary Arts. And the moment I stepped in that school, all the things were different from my previous school. I lost my confidence. And I lost my conscience making up where I will go. My dreams shattered. University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas and La Salle College was the top choices I’ve wanted to go in. If I went in UP, I would be bested in theatre arts. If I went in UST, I would be bested in music. Or if I went in La Salle, I would be fitted in multimedia arts, music or any related course that I went in. But my pride fell. So I listened to my mother’s advices. I ate my own words and my anxiety grew powerful.


Anxiety made me angry every day and every night. Eventually I went deeper in my frustrations and depression mood. It was because what it happened during my sophomore year in high school. I learned the fact that I’ve being what it takes to be as a hindrance having with Down syndrome. I dived into my fears and doubts that I couldn’t reached in my biggest dreams – to enter in the entertainment industry. My mom enrolled me in dancing lessons during I was in my culinary years. And I enjoyed my stay and learned the basics of dancing. Eventually I learned how to dance hip-hop, ballet and traditional dancing also.


I felt my agony. I felt bitterness. I felt my depression. And my frustration would became wider and wider. When my two elder sisters were here, they stopped me drowning into fears as I almost went to suicide. But I couldn’t do it. Because I was afraid of myself. And the anxiety grew bigger and bigger inside of my personality.


Acceptance stage


The year of 2011 came into my life when I started to post some products I’ve wanted to have retailer down to my name. It was then, the networking came to my life, or so as to be called as multi-level marketing. I was fresh blood and didn’t knew the word of networking. So I joined in June 2011. Petrified that I was inside the networking company. All in the audience inside the establishment building shouted and said, “I am abnormal to become richer one day.” One word that has changed me instantly. What was the word I was called during my elementary and high school days? It was the word of sped. That word derived from the word of retarded. I began to wake up in reality and stopped what I was doing things that I didn’t like.


I only lasted in networking days about five months, almost as six months regular employee. Since that day, I’ve accepted my condition being having with Down syndrome and grew my confidence. But I didn’t know the genetically lessons about Down syndrome. I’ve been introduced through my relative’s friend who was been in Davao. They were both volunteers because they were both taking in special education course. Then Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines has been introduced into my ears in January 2012. I went to listen awareness in February annual Happy Walk, the yearly advocating month of Down syndrome.


And I became a member in December 2012. Blessings poured me down. Last year was a roller coaster. I didn’t have a job. My sister was getting married in September. What should I do? I asked myself. Then one incident came to my life. I did have experience to have a girlfriend last May 2013. But it only lasted 8 days of relationship. Then it pushed me getting a new job. So I walked in. And the unexpected job came to my life – being as an assistant sped teacher.


Anxiety acceptance stage


The last and not the least stage is my anxiety acceptance stage. A hindrance of Down syndrome is no longer part of my life or better to be called as no labels as Down syndrome. My boss said it was better for me to move on. And I did.


All my anxiety inside of my personality exchanged with new meanings: determination, acceptance, appreciation and confidence. Four words from one word, I drained all of my anxiety sickness. And the anxiety sickness I already overcame.


No labels as Down syndrome, what else is new? It decides to be conquering new fears.


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The world shows how we care for each and every of us. And I, included here, will also know how I am learning through all the stages I’ve been through. Determination shows me how I am really going to my dreams. Dreams are not that away from me. Although there are many clues in my life today that is showing in this year of 2014, and all that I am going to do is acting to my knowledge and learn how to get there in that stage.


More each and every day I see myself in the distant future. If I am not here today, I wouldn’t be going ahead  to my dreams. But sometimes I also need how life is also important to our daily lives. Appreciation is all I need where I can stand on my own. And sometimes when I feel lonely, all I need is to pray in few minutes or more and ask what is hidden in my confession prayers. Prayers are also important for each problems we have in life. We need a lot intentionally prayers through intercession.


Too much asking from God sometimes doesn’t give right away in your place. Praying in a long time-frame will have a process and it has to be constant for you to understand. It don’t give in and also it doesn’t count how many reasons or chances will have to go in your place. If you have too many reasons in your life and you want it right away. That doesn’t count. It gives a long sacrifice and silence when you are giving yourself with Him above.


Build an foundation in your place is also part of growing up in your life. Acceptance is one of the building processes to believe in yourself and it’s also part of growing matured of your life. It doesn’t count the way you can say that you’ve move on already. Acceptance is also part of growing who you are right now. Building yourself to other’s shoes doesn’t build you up. It has to be you. Don’t count or don’t rely to others. Help yourself. And always be conscious what you are doing good choices and replace it from bad choices you have in your life.


Today what I have now is a foundation of yourself to build up your character. When you find yourself in the distant future, trust with your life and submit yourself to Him above. Confidence needs a lot of practice and it takes time to have patience in your life. When you don’t have them both, then you are not ready to face conquering your fears and doubts. Racing through your life, when you are in trials or problems you are right now, gives you more to understand in your situation. I may be not a perfect person, but says the Lord that you are perfect to Him because you know of yourself than any person knows you well. He alone knows what you are doing and what you give back the situation you are in. Because the bigger confidence you have now with Him above, you believe in yourself to Him.


Every life is about changing everyday and night. It has special meanings in occasions. It don’t bring good or bad karma in your life. But it says that you underestimate it your own self. Believe it more to Him and it begins to believe it in your self. Every challenge in your life is a temporary shelf life. Don’t bring yourself to hatred. Hatred may bring you to frustration, depression or even in trouble times in your life.


Every life is new when you face yourself near the future. You cannot see yourself in the future if you are not doing it actively. Unless sacrifice some things you don’t have like gadgets or something that is valuable for you. When you enter your life in second life, all the things you have now are temporary things in your life.


Every life is new when you know the dreams are waiting for you. It doesn’t create the shortcomings. It creates new imaginations or a cloud of full dreams above your wildest imaginations. It also creates your confidence, acceptance, appreciation and determination in your life. Because when you believe for yourself. You adore your life even more better and you will guide even bigger dreams to fill in your own shoes.




Every Life is New is the second anniversary article this year 2014. It also marks the 493rd year of Philippines history since March 16, 1521. This is also the third book covering new chapters, new series, new wisdom quotes and there will be a lot new articles coming this year.


The new second series Assistant’s corner will starting soon after it ended from the first series Assistant’s desk with 13 pages in its first chapter. Also the second series of Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome  will also starting soon after it ended from the first series Living being as Down syndrome with 10 pages in its first chapter. Living in my own shoes being as Down syndrome will tackle more interesting topics and new experiences that it will take place bringing back the life before when I am still in denial stage.


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The biggest encounter for my life sets my goals to a higher level is being committed something you really love in your life. Don’t let it go and it will reward you at the end of the day. The eternal sunshine at the end of the day will give you more inspiring stories you’ve ever told in your life.



Little by little and faith by faith, life is always having achieved what you need to know about. Life is clinging to some promises you have. A small detail may always carry surprising factor. But you never know what it is inside. Is it the power to change or power to protect? You always have know what is inside at the end of your brain thinking to change some important small detail in every success you actually needed. At the end of the day, I have always to think at the back of my mind encountering many choices in your life but to choose only one. It is a decision but not a will to change.


The course you have at the back of my head swiftly changes to a new responsibility being as a role model. The mindset I have on my mind sets to discipline myself on every decision I will make. But of course, the new ideas will not change if it’s not properly address at the back of my mind. When I always make conditions to revise, I always think at the end of my mind if I can make it in good condition. And that’s always have to be myself.


I prolong always have to say about this but I am proud what I am doing my best in all corners in my life. I am not alone in my journey. I have my family on my back. I have Down syndrome and the fact is that I’ve accept what my condition tells me to do the good deeds in my life. Life is not always unfair. It is always fair that in fact to be honest, God will show your true colors in each and every day what you are doing right now.


Do you know the life is always a blessing for all of us?


When I am setting my goal for some reasons, it achieves in some many ways. The shapes of inspiration may corner around the world from you. But yet it is inside of you that you need the attention what you are doing right now. How would you know if some parents will follow you? Because you are drawing the attention in the society that you are creating the good deeds in your life. I may be not an expert. But I am a human. And when it comes from the mistakes, I learn from it and act from true love in life.


I see the distances from my past to the present times. I didn’t want to compare from my past what I am today. In fact, some changes here right now are made from the truth that you are stronger than in your past. Think about some knowledge you gain from your experiences. Those experiences in your past will teach you how some actions to be made what is wrong and what is right.


Determination is a fight to change in your life learning from your experiences. When you are in deep trouble, you seek from your frustration and depression. You cannot go further more. But unless you act from what you are doing, it is wrong. Decisions are always there for you to change.


Have you seen your naked eye behind the imaginations?


When you are seeking the dreams you prolong always to remember and have to fight from your will to change your destiny, it might come true in your life when once you have to believe your own self. One set goal can make change your life different from your past. Some other people will call it as a jinx. They are saying it won’t come true in your life. Ambitions are real. Dreams are much more you control of your wishes you really want to believe in your self. Why? I always see myself through the mirror telling at the back of my head that I always want to be seen in the television some time in the future. I don’t know why but it seems there are many roads that I have to take before going in a good path.


Self-sufficeint and independent is always around inside of my life. When the time my parents will be gone and my sisters are still in Toronto, I will be staying for good here in the Philippines. Being having with my condition of Down syndrome doesn’t make me to stop working in other countries. In fact, the nationalism inside of my life will go on if I am working to other countries like in Canada. The experience I have in Canada is different. But the weather there I cannot prolong is the winter. Philippines is my home country and it’s a tropical country. Some of the tourists are the most attraction in the world expanding more businesses to build.


The social platform have been created in 2004 but it expanded on 2008-2009 because of the population users wanted to use the internet usage. To tell you the truth, I always want to fulfill some of my dreams. It acts from my will and the imagination from my brain department will boost my emotions down and the limitless will seek more in the future.


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Living around inside the fears you always have pain, is it okay to move forward? But sometimes, I always listen to my conscience and think three times before doing anything not so good. But living around inside the doubts you always have inside of you, you can’t move forward a bit because you are afraid something you can expose the truth. Doubts can set you free when you know you believe yourself. Nevertheless, the world we have today is not a perfect world. We always have to conquer what we can knowledge for ourselves. And today it’s a perfect words to say that you can do it rather doubting yourself more.

~Status message in facebook, March 12, 2014, Wednesday, 7:13 p.m.


Conquering your darkness might control more in fears and doubts. When we are scared we cannot move on and hurt someone else, there is something inside of you cannot free yourself. In the past experiences what I have had, there was always an explanation why we were always doubting ourselves even in our abilities or skills that we’ve acquired. But the experience that I’ve had, there was nothing to do but to blame always from somebody else, or to yourself also. Thinking at the back of my head thought even more greater than lesser to think. But lesser thoughts I’ve had inside was a belief. Knowing myself was not good. Acceptance was still going on before. But nevertheless, it always happened for me before that I was been in denial stage.


What can you make decide that you are going back to the light?


There is always one option and that is something to change, an acceptance. Freeing yourself from any doubts and fears inside from your heart will blossoming you more even blessed in any ways of believing. I don’t have fear that can control me. But my emotions will always ask at the end of the day, ‘what I have done positivity today and not to think negativity.‘ It is always a formation to have believing yourself.


The story of Growth success: Going back to the light


The darkness of betraying of yourself could lead to suicide. But it never happened to me. I was once doubting myself in the past years for not believing what I can do more as much as I can do. I dared to myself to experience in electrocution once more or to get an accident again. But it never did. Those two incidents in the past happened when I was in my childhood days. It was during the summer before entering fourth grade and before graduating sixth grade in elementary moving at least to high school. When I was after my third grade in my elementary days, I was once electrocuted. And before graduating in sixth grade in my elementary days, it happened to me that I got a transportation vehicle almost hit it me. But it was a minor injury in my shoulder bone.


I always looked for an answers everywhere I could go to. But when at the end of the tunnel, a white light would have been asked me and said, ‘are you ready to go back and wanting to go in the trials you would have pass?‘ And I answered to my doubts and said, ‘I would never destroy my emotions but yes, I would test myself to pass all the trials in my life today.


Regardless to say that I would been success rather conquering my fears and my doubts. Doubts would climb to your fears. And fears will feeling you out if you could continue to your life. Life is always a mystery when or where you could think, but almost every seconds in your life you would be a thought if you would be a burden or as a mistake in your life. Being having with my condition as Down syndrome is not a mystery. It’s a gift. And I put myself in the right place. Being with my disability is not my hindrance to me anymore. What I could feel right now if somebody would fill in my boots? You couldn’t say to yourself a success. But look for the right community if they could please you and believe what you are doing a good place you are never been.


My world is not a perfect place. And it’s not anybody could understand the meaning of being as a disability. Going back to the light is one small step that will replace to a bigger step achieving you more to a greater heights. I’ve been afraid in 14 years before from the year I knew I have Down syndrome since 1997 until 2011. Grieving from my mistakes, I would seek more from my experiences and replace with a happiest thoughts in your life. Living in a fear and a doubt in your life would give a greater lesson in your life. But whenever I tell myself if I am not success or not, I would lose a single sight if I am not mistaken. Tell me if it’s wrong to say. Doubtless thoughts are good chances to survive longer in this part of this world. And numberless word quotes would never give you a perfect meaning.


I share my life to the beginning of this blog. But whenever I share my life with, it should have been whatever I need to be in a right place to be as a friendly person. And I would surrender my life to the Lord he has given to me.


With this so many experiences in my life, in this part of article of Growth success: Going back to the light, it would been better to share my truth and honestly words I’ve been putting together to form a greatest experience – an acceptance.


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Rico Yan: The magic and the inspiration

Rico Yan: The magic and the inspiration

The only person in my mind the past days was only other than, Rico Yan. He was only the person I could relied to speak of my mind. Whenever I got to speak with him in my dreams, he would made me to wake me up.

My wildest dreams was complicated now that I am still dreaming if I can achieve it. No one will know but the God speaks the truth if I can still join. Somehow along the roads I will fill up to my shoes, there would be a right time to know about the truth.

Rico has someone I knew that we also have common friends. But I will not mention to this article. I am aware what I am writing about anything against negative. The only thoughts at the back of my head are all about positive thoughts and a good vibes also. Nevertheless, I speak from my words.

I really don’t write filipino in articles. Rest as someone of you know me already. But the rest of the society will come and wait what is in my mind. Rico is all about the magic and the inspiration. He was truly the icon in the Philippines.

Now it’s time for me that I also have to move on with my feelings with him. I’ve accepted the things he is no longer with us anymore. But his magic will spread more even more wider and wider. The new generation will also follow him in the time he will remember. Not everyone in the country knows him today. But the inspiration he made for his followers, his fans and to his friends also were all the knowledge he had.

The first time I met him, he was really good looking guy, spiritually and very friendly. And I didn’t know that he was spontaneous that time. He was really a good friend. He came it up and said to me, ‘one day, we will talk about you.’ He said to me that time. But the time he died on March 29, 2002, that was Good Friday. I was really shocked and still in denial. And I couldn’t coped up and I didn’t believe it either. It was rest assure that I led my life through him.

October 4, 2012, two years ago when I finally met Rico Yan’s family and his relatives also. By the time I knew that time last two years. I was really shocked. His male cousin I didn’t know come at the back of my head that I was really shocked.

In times when we were in grief and anger to our hearts, I eventually knew his untimely death. But I didn’t want to bring that issue in this article. It was to prevent some malicious words I would speak of. And I am aware what I am writing about. And I am happy to say that I was his avid fan.

In my work, everyone knew about me and my idol – Rico Yan. I made my acceptance three years ago when I finally moved on that I’ve had a disability being having with Down syndrome. And also it has been two years already that I moved on without him by our sides. He didn’t give up to his life. He only left us to this world to leave his message and said, ‘I would be leaving this world if I’ve served as an inspiration.

Thank you, Rico, for saving my life back then. And thank you that you didn’t give up. Now it is time for me that I would also serve as an inspiration for everybody living today. I would follow you whenever I go. And just what you have said to me, ‘go out and find yourself even better.‘ And the acceptance for me you was inevitable between the two of us. You are a truly inspiration icon. And I will be honor if the time permits me to go after my wildest dreams.

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