Today I will talking about the world of employment. Yes of course, everybody knows how to work well in your job.


Since I wasn’t get in the interviews the last two days, it wasn’t get enough to get in. The first endorsement came last Wednesday in Transcom, I didn’t get in the job well. Of course, my best answer did well in the group interview in one-by-one situation. And the first critical question came into me: if you are given as a invincible, what will you do in a day? Of course, I remembered my answer and my answer goes to: “If I am given as an invincible guy, I would do anything as a normal person to do anything, going to the mall and have pleasure what all you want.” I guess my first day in interview didn’t get me in the job well.


The second interview yesterday in Startek came, it was all my best I did with my answer. The second critical question came in: what will you in a day if you are in the place of president? Then I said, “I will change the diplomacy, change the government rules and have everyone get a chance to get a job. So everyone outside the Philippines get a chance to have a job in the country, help the tourism and the economy as well.” I did all my best to get in, but I guess I didn’t do well for me.


But I still have two more endorsements to do in my wish list bucket: one in Makati which it’s the Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing or VKPO and the other one is in Quezon City where the Stream Global Services is located. I have to go out in Tuesday going in Makati, so if there’s a luck for me, I will do my best to answer properly and introduce as well.