Ricardo Carlos Castro Yan or simply as Rico Yan was so special to me when he entered my world before. When I was still in high school in 1996, I was so awe with his looks, his first Master commercial. Then I thought I said to my mom back then just to buy me some Master facial and the deodorant. Up to now, I am still using the facial and the deodorant.


The moment I was still in high school, I was so amazed with his act in Ama, Ina, Anak where Angelica Panganiban was also in the movie. He portrayed as Dennis. I still remembered well where the child star Angelica have had shooting inside the Philam Homes inside the Sta. Rita Church. We were attending the mass there before. So I though that would be the end for him. I saw him several times in ‘Sang Linggo Na Po Sila during when Danny Javier, Buboy Garovillo and Jim Paredes were the hosts in the noontime show before. Their little funny acts including the Kabayong Bundat version was really funny and fascinating for me and the audience as well. So, the world spoke to me and I loved his acts. He inspires me a lot. Because of that, with my own signature dance craze like Michael Jackson, he also became my matinee idol that time. So to speak but yes.


After I graduated in high school in March 2000, during that time I already going to enter the college in Center for Culinary Arts in June. I met Rico’s cousin, Mia Yan and Diego Castro. I didn’t know much of Rico that time. Maybe I was so awe with his killing smile including his dimples. What I really mean was he is really handsome, talented and an everybody’s friend just like me. I was startruck when I saw him, maybe I was dillydallying. But I was hurried that time. So for 10 minutes I chatted with him and shook my hand to his hand. I trembled with my mind. Then I really liked that time. And I missed him so much.


After a year, a sudden news came in during the holy week that time he died in March 29, 2003, Saturday. I was so sad and furious who did this, then I knew coming into my mind. It was a bangungot (or a nightmare) that killed him. So the lost came to me, our beloved Rico Yan passed away.


Now 10 years after, Rico Yan remains in my heart. He is very loyal in every fans he have had. I love Rico Yan wherever you are now. I still remember you the way you smile, you act, you dance and you create the wholesome of your image.