I still remembered way back during I was in high school before. About this second year high school or sophomore year, never one told me that I was different to everyone. I just want to know that I am extraordinary person with extraordinary talents like this our beloved idol, Rico Yan. Nevertheless, but it’s a yes.


The year 1996 when Rico Yan was already in the show business. I was 15 years old back then. Rico was 21 years old. During that time, I have hooked in this classic tale of literature, the Robin Hood times. People said to me talking like I am never born in this world before. Then I said myself that I have to stand in my own feet. Once in biology class during 1998, our biology teacher told me that never one in the class thought what in the world I was doing in high school. Never in my age that people passed in high school. So I stood in the class, then she told me that I have made this genetically rare disease, a down syndrome. I have never thought that easily. It is easy to other people rarely to reach the opportunity like me. But I held my fingers tight, then after I came home from the school. My mind was different and I came inside my parents’ room. Then I asked them why does on earth nobody told me that I have had this kind of genetically rare disease or down syndrome. My sisters never brought it up this issue inside the car when we were going home or going to the school every school days. I said to myself and why?


The year from 1996 to 1998 changed me everyday and everywhere. I have never thought how I shared my life about this. The year was so special about me. The year of 1996 when Rico Yan was already in show business. And the year about my adolescence changed me that time. Rico had already made three movies during 1996 and named them as Radio Romance, Ama, Ina, Anak (Father, Mother and Child) and Madrasta (Second Wife). Rico also made in television series in numerous series like Mara Clara as Derek, Maaalaala Mo Kaya as Dante in the episode of Valentines Card, Sine Siyete as the same name in the episode of Roses and Tracy, Star Drama Presents as Carlo in the episode of Rico and as Ricky in a Saturday afternoon series that spanned about in June 15, 1996 up to February 13, 1999.


The most lovable movie Rico made into the movies was Got 2 Believe with Claudine Barrreto as his partner when he portrayed as Lorenz, the photographer. I’m sure everyone can remember his movie as well. High school years was my primary years to me but when Rico was in his sensational break in the year of 1994 up to 2002.


The most inspirational move Rico made was in to show business, helping people with his killing look, and every time he has a birthday, he would celebrate in his most sharing life back then in his foundation. But my story continues after he died.


After hearing from the news Rico died in 29th of March 2002 and that was Good Friday in Los Palmas, Palawan together with Marvin Agustin and Dominic Ochoa, I still never forgot that coming from the news I heard in television. Rico shocked my world, and so devastated to me that time. I was inspired by many inspirational walks of life including him. But he was the impact of my life where I had to grabbing my opportunity to graduate in the same year Rico died. I graduated in 4th of July 2003, that’s Friday in Pasay where the graduation rites held. Being as a honor of a culinary graduate, I finally took myself as a college graduate in only 2 years culinary course. I never did satisfied my performance back then. It is because what my mom said and what my mom always want.


2002 was a dreadful year to everyone. But still I am getting inspiration from him, the first and foremost of my life. If I give my inspirational life, my dreams will not be going far as it could. I always want to get a foundation dreams last year, that sparks my favorite aunt died last June 23, 2011. It’s not the same dreams I have in the past. It came to my mind that I always want to grab any opportunity where I want. But my parents refused anything to help me. I said to myself that I won’t give up no matter what problems or challenge will come. It’s already there in my mind everyday I want to build foundation program for the kids who have down syndrome just like I am.


And I finally accepted myself that I am different person to everyone I could tell. When people doesn’t want me, it’s fine for me. I recently joined in Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. or DSAPI and I have to become a member in the future. I have even celebrated with the kids who have down syndrome last 19th of February 2012 (my birthday, yey!) where the Happy Walk held at Skydome, SM North EDSA The Block. So I am proud what I accomplish. Then I will continue to fight for my dreams to achieve. Many people will shock to me after I am posting this. If there is any questions, just let me know.


This is my inspiration who Rico Yan I’m really looking for. Thank you for giving us an inspiration and I will still follow your heart and follow my dreams as well. I’m forever with you eternally.