People nowadays are merely wanting to grab new gadgets, just as a fact everywhere in the world is vastly improving.


In Singapore, the most-renowned technology country that has more 10,000 IT graduates are working here around the world among its workers belong to another nations, but among them as a Filipino were not in the same situation. Just look about the OFW workers, caregivers are rarely seen in the area from one place to another place. But in my case, people in America are suitable to grab iPads, Windows and Apple application gadgets as well.


In the Southeast Asia, the number one growth of technology country is what we called in the Philippines area. People are after the new gadgets including the camera figures in the stores. In fact, when I see this thousand of businesses, I meet some people are getting into their passion of growth in photography. Photography are the sensible hobbies that can interact to the picture how they feel and how they act in their way of fashion. It can be use in the weddings, or many events as well.


Lack of knowledge is not a common anymore to anybody else. But merely in my ideas when the most areas have no really a technology, the areas where the poor are living. Their growth of their technology do not have in the remote areas in the Philippines and other countries as well.


The number growth of work today if I may recall, contact centers are somehow very useful for everyone. Philippines become now a giant contact center in the world in term of BPO or Business People Outsourcing. America is now ranking in second. Frankly, I don’t want to say this but it’s the truth said.


Call centers or contact centers now offers various of gadgets as promos whenever people want to work in the specific area in the specific promos. Like this in Accenture, they offer gadgets. Maybe I am not perfect to say this, so my thoughts is cleared.


However, in the schools of density of students like in La Salle also offers new technology. Students are now carrying tablets instead carrying the books. If I describe the other schools, school without technology cannot catch up with this generation. But if the government or the officials in the school can implement this, students now aware want to grab this opportunity to study well in the class and have performed perfectly in the time of the class.


The most priority in life now has more technology whether you are home, on the road, in the school, public or anywhere you can carry your utility as your network. Times like this, people are more useful carrying their technology tools. When it’s snatch, it’s already gone. They they have to buy another one for the replacement of lost item they have.


News are not given anywhere, but as I describe around the world is inevitable nowadays, the work and its technology.