Last three weeks and five days ago, I have had this training in Ortigas. Of course, I want to have more income to work my English fluently. But then it came another start from my cousin, I never knew about her in the start. But she gave me a signal to go there if there will be a future for me — in call center industry.


I have never thought my life will be different if my dreams will not working with me. So I said to myself that I need something to do in my life. No matter what my dreams is telling me, then I have to work on my own. Not somebody is stealing my dreams away.


My inspirations comes in different forms in my life. First, I have never thought I could never dance so well in the present times. I’m thankfully for Michael Jackson who inspires me a lot. Through these years, my eagerness is exploding like there is a superhero wants to kill me. Second if I wasn’t good enough to get exploring my talents, I would never been drawing in arts as well. I have started as an artist drawing in science facts like biologically skin, plants whether it’s living or non-living things.


Changing in my life doesn’t count in different shape of human. It is a God’s given talent. I may be not good in writing or typing like this in shape of paragraph. So if you are telling me I’m not perfect, I am type of a guy who would never give up that still catching my own dreams. My dreams should be building a foundation program first for the children who are down syndrome like me. That inspires me a lot from Rico Yan. When Rico is still alive up to now, he would be looking me up and wants to be part of my program.


Fifteen years before I started to write in sonnets and poems, but right now I may be not a good writer. I am still improving on my own. If there is someone to help me, that’s also good. 10th of December 1998 is my debut that I have my own collection in writing of sonnets and poems. So it started. Through these years, I have never stop writing because it still keeps me going on. Now that I’m a poet, I’m pursuing myself to be a good writer someday. My old blog I started many years, I deleted them already. it is because I stop already back then. And after that, I begin to fall in love again with this kind of environment, to write again.


After Rico Yan and Michael Jackson as my lifetime inspirations, I am also looking to Walt Disney, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. It is because I am not also as an artist, I also want to be part of writing my own inspirations from them. Jack Kirby writes a lot when Stan Lee drew a thousand artwork that time, now have had already top-billed movies. Which is that I want my own homeland to grow more in animation here in the Philippines. An animation studio and a music production is what I want to improve for the Philippines. We have many talent pools here in our country, where else you want to go if you want to go in Hollywood. I always want to look positive in our country. And I am a proud Filipino, that is. After that, I am also looking for inspiration to Coco Martin. He is so good in his acting. If Rico is still alive, he would be working with Coco in show business.