Love counts on every words it counts:


1 shall be love but cannot pay back

2 be love, it is why need tender care,

3 must be know the commitment how we need comfort,

4 you need to know me better in conversation is the only healing process,

5 to achieve is what we acknowledge, learn how to say words carefully,

6 is not only the body talk but to sway instead,

7 succeeds the most we need is our eyes.


With seven days in one week, love don’t measure a healthy relationship, it is a process for the seven steps we need in a condition of every days’ numbers.




Love counts backwards when it counts:


7 though I cut back the payment

6 is bad for the relationship until wedding’s night,

5 me alone because I don’t want to be part ways from you.

4 you need to understand, I need some space and time alone,

3 to be needed care and comfort,

2 you and from me, I won’t be here tonight if I love would be the problem,

1 night, the purity I can’t stand is living you here beside me.


With seven days in one week, love is unconditionally measure a healthy relationship in backwards, it is a process for the seven days we need each and every day’s numbers



This come from my cellphone quotation poem.I made this two months ago.