It’s almost midnight to 12. And I don’t know what to type in. So here I am, typing in the keyboard makes me weaker because I am too sleepy to concentrate writing down my article. And it’s been a while since the last time I blogged in.


My memorable moments in the past, well all I can say is about me, is quite emotionally. I don’t know where to start and where to begin in the first place. But I recall one thing. I discovered how my talents are really cool. In writing, maybe I am not that good enough. In dancing, well I certainly am willing down to dance with you. But not this momentarily though it’s hard to dance even if I am over in weight limit. In singing, there is some moments in my life are very dull. When it comes so much of boring, the state that I do not do anything. So it relaxes in my head then I start singing some of my own lyrics each popping out instantly from my mouth. But hey, I don’t want to explain everything.


I traveled in the past with my family in Canada and United States. Well it’s not enough I want to share that. It is about how I am cool guy you want to hang with. If you are looking someone who is expert in basketball history, just come closer to me and I will tell you what some cool players are playing that good. Then I said myself, why do I need more talents? Oh, I forgot to tell you that I still have more. In drawing, well I got a lot excellent works during back in my sixth grade and seventh grade. My Science teacher amazed my work although Science is my favorite subject that I could draw about living and non-living things. But I am not that good in animation during that time. But because of now, it is not the way I am killing to say this. I love what I am doing. I draw, I write and I execute some of my works. But not in animating, I am not still there. There are more rooms for improvement though.


In fiction tales, I would be a father of all superhero beings who create and give all powers what I want to give them. It is not that what I want really. But to tell you the truth, I am not good quite animator yet. I already have a good script and a good story, but there is more room for storyboard. Then in that case, I will add some element. An element to add some music, that is where I want to go music business and animation business. If there is someone willing to give me 5 billion pesos to generate hobs here in the Philippines. Maybe a tycoon, or maybe I am too dreamy about that. But hey, who knows that can tell.


My most favorite memorable talent really was dancing. I am good in cooking but I am not practicing anymore. There are some issues that conflicts in my life really. I cannot tell you that I am 100% guy who can really cook, but definitely I can cook. For some reasons, there is always a yes. Maybe not if I do not desire. In dancing, I create a little move tricks there. Some what may, dancing in creating action moves in animation is really in my level of imagination. But creating a studio is definitely I need to exercise with that. Maybe I can pump up with my stamina to lower my weight and start dancing.