Some people laugh so hard and some people cry a little. Well it depends on a person who is tending to think that way. But who knows, a little maybe or less.


Sunday afternoon, dazing off in the sun makes me more bored during this time of a day. The sun blocks in my blinds of my windows, and of course while I am typing of this article, I think what will happen to me in the coming days. I still have no work and staying at home handles my pressure about my cellphone loading business. There is no way I am giving up about my career and my dreams. Knowing my heart makes me more desire to get a foundation program for the children who have down syndrome just like me. Interviewers are somehow discriminating me to some of my past interviews during I was still working in the field of culinary. Hey no, I am not giving up yet.


And of course, I want to challenge for me to work in another industry, the call center industry. Business People Outsourcing or BPO can make me that to challenge. In my first try back four years ago, this contact center referred by my friend. But it failed me to impress in the interviewer in my first try. Well the luck wasn’t there for me. And then again, after that year, it is already 2012, the year of the dragon. I have had a chance to go in again this year. With seven different contact centers I was going in, the chance was not on me. After this holy week or during the holy week, I will try applying again in the contact center. And of course, a lot of courage and confidence will have to build my personality. Year of the dragon was I am hoping to get a job for me.


In every perspective point of view, people find failing in the field where they want to keep repeating to get a job there. You don’t have to stick one company you want to apply. Allow yourself to try other jobs as well. Never get afraid from them. When you are applying, you need to ask prayers from your family, friends and relatives to pray for you. Then when you are doing that, make sure you are not in a hurry to get in a job right away. Don’t be an overconfidence person, just relax your mind. I am not that kind of a person of that way. But I don’t know what people needs to be do working. There is a lot of options. You can go build a foundation program, build your business, go and look for the work or maybe have a partnership what your friend has a business.


I’m tired of running backwards and in circles. Doing that will make me more unstoppable during my life. I lost my usb twice already. The first one lost the way when we transferred from house to house. And then the other and second one, you hope you will not to lend your usb to anyone else. It may be your friend is doing some nasty towards to you. People like them do not know the word to think about giving back, instead they won’t slip right away under your nose. It is a nasty habit they are doing and it’s a bad attitude for me. My dreams in my second usb still have my responsible to get back on the track. Whether it’s a business or a work, I will do anything to get a new job.