Hoping this would be the perfect opportunity what I did the past few days. Yes, I’m starting from last week. Last week I went to Bay, Laguna to stay for about two days and one night. Only knowing what is going on, I’ve been unraveling some clues where to start.


Well from the start to bottom, I have always thought this would be the perfect discussion what I should do in my article. First things first, if anyone is reading my article, make sure you are ready to read my article. When there is nothing to do in your day today, start making a habit reading my article. Then I am starting to think what you should do in a day. From the morning I wake up, I am doing a different routine now since our maid takes a vacation for a month. I washed my face to look good in the morning then I brushed my teeth. I didn’t do this every morning. But I have to look good every morning. I don’t do especially when the two dogs were barking already, somehow I have intentionally wake up in an instant. That black dog we have is actually a street dog. But I train him a little since he is still eight months old now. Hoping that he would follow what I need to know about a little instructions about the new dog we have.


In my our place, people buy load from me, here in our house. Because I went back selling loads in cellphone loading business. I am now entering six years experience in cellphone loading business starting in June. I have trained myself already going from multi-level marketing plan last year, but it didn’t work for me well in selling beauty products. I will not mention the name since this is the public article I am writing about. But instead, I gain some knowledge from multi-level marketing. I left for a reason, to change myself in a better situation.


In fact, this is my dreams to fulfill everything. It will start for a new change. Maybe I will name after my full name is then it will have a meaning about it. This foundation will start around this year if my relatives or my classmates or my batch mates will help me about this. This foundation is about for the people who don’t have work and the special children I am building for a foundation program for them. Special children is where I will start in intervention and speech therapy since I am now a different level from them. But I am not that kind of superior since I am not an intelligent person. To start from there, maybe I need help from new gained friends in DSAPI. The president who is the founder of DSAPI will help me there. Maybe so or maybe not it will work. My ways to help people who don’t have work and for the special children just like me has down syndrome would be my priorities to help them.


To be able to do that, I need more funds to create a better way of vision. Somehow I can help and start somewhere here in Manila or maybe in my hometown in Javier, Leyte. This kind of foundation will help everyone who needs the help from the local government or some sectors I heard from somebody. I don’t know with that, but I am planning for the start. This would be the anticipated move I have and it would be a huge move for the anticipated world. This would be also the advocacy when it start already. From the moment from my recent years, I didn’t realize from the start I am here alive in this silent world.


What a melodramatic start is to make a dream. And I hope this would be to read for everyone to make a start from here. Please help me so I need more funds. If I can make a foundation concert then, it would be a huge success.