I’m talking about my past times in computer and yes, its’ my favorite since the technology came in our world. And about the food, it’s not the price you are asking for me. But hey, whatever comes around always come around again. This time, I will talking about both theme of food and computers. And it is sincere I am asking here in my article. Kindly continue you are reading my article.


In the earlier part of my college years since June 2000, I was supposed to be enrolled in UP Baguio ever since I want to go in show business after this kind of series went ballistic. For sure, you never know what it feels like yesterday when you bump some other guy’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Back when I was saying, I have enrolled two schools. One was Maria Montessori College which was near in our home in Quezon City and the other one was very popular if you know what I mean, the Center for Culinary Arts, Katipunan. yes, it was very expensive school you ever thought in any culinary school here in the Philippines. If I may mention anything, that year of 2000 was half of million pesos you have to enroll yourself. Unlike any other popping out courses around here in Metro Manila was cheaper than I thought.


Yes, CCA was the first renowned culinary school since it opened in the year of 1998, two years before I went in the year of 2000. It was new back then. That was the two years later when I got in. And my mother was telling about this to me every time in dinner or lunch. I have no option but force myself to go in my 75% passing grade in my entrance exams in CCA. It was very lucky for me to go in an expensive culinary school. I have bumped many celebrities or cousins of celebrities. Like Danica Sotto and Diego Castro, they were my classmates I was moved to another batch after I failed in product identification 2 subject in the class twice already. Danica Sotto was Vic Sotto’s daughter and now married to the basketball player. And the other one was Diego Castro, the newscaster anchor Angelo Castro Jr.’s son and cousin to Rico Yan. I didn’t know what to do in the first place. Then I thought myself and said to myself, “Hey, I am not here in the place who have time to interview them. They were my batch mates after all.” You have to be friends with them. I joined them because it’s almost time to get in the right place not to fail 3rd time in breakfast class. Eggs were so burden to me that time.


Then again, I proved myself to gain confidence to graduate with them. And I have even a batch mate who has cousin to Rico Yan and Agot Isidro. Who knows that show business is really waiting for me until now. Maybe so or maybe not it will come to me. The answers will show later on. During that year of 2002 and 2003 of both summers, I joined and took dancing classes with my younger brother in the year of 2002. Then I forced myself to go back in the year alone of 2003 by myself. Dance really served me that time. I swayed a lot and moved like Michael Jackson. I love dancing until now. If Michael Jackson was still alive, he would read this article I am writing about and he made me today as a dancer.


Three years after I was so devastated about my culinary career, I took no one to blame but myself. Maybe I am so immature that time, it is because, I, myself, don’t want to move like that for an easy scenario. I showed myself I also love to draw. Since the sixth grade, I have already loved drawing advanced botany plants, human organs inside of our body and also the zoology. Science for me is my bridge to draw in Arts, to be in my inspiration. Later in high school, I also loved Biology, Chemistry then the last, Physics. The father of all Science was Physics. Hahaha, I still remember although my mind is still sharp in Economics, Science, Art and Literature. Then later, I also admired the History in any kind of form of any countries. Of course, I didn’t know what to do.


In the same year alone, I acquired to learn how to draw basic drawings like this manga stuff called the drawing Japanese. Later, I also want to learn the Western drawings if I have time to improve more. Because there are more rooms for improvement all in our lives. Computer now becomes my favorite toy, to enhance typing skill and not because of that, I also loved to play games before. But now, I am a semi-retired confessed gamer. Half a little I still want to play and half of it I want to be serious in my life to get back on the track. Playing everyday won’t solve away from your stress. Think freely and you will discover something interesting. That is always I have in my mind.


In this kind of my favorite year is the Year of the Dragon, the year of 2012. Up to now, I really don’t believe the Mayan calendar stuff. Because God created us, living and non-living things no matter what your religion you are and has different names of the name of God, He still above created us. I begin to love this year, I don’t know why. Something wish or dream will happen waiting for me this year. And I don’t know what month will come in or any day has to wait for me. Because food is not always my favorite, I always look up in nutrition first before your stomach will getting have much for pain. The computers in this technology helps you a lot. If there is really nothing, this kind of writing an article is not existed anymore. Computer and food is really something for me now because of the technology pass. I even love it, then you have to cherish it.