Four years has passed since I have applied in Telus in Market Market, Taguig. That was then how I was transformed today. I realized people is not rich in knowledge. People I met through back then but now, times are changed. Well of course, I have now high expectations. What I have seen myself in the past is already past. Don’t tell anyone who can make rule of that.


The year of 2008 that I have applied in my first contact center. It’s because my friend referred me to work there. I was so eager that time, but times changed so fast. When it comes to an interview, I always fail in the instant in the eye of the interviewer. I don’t know what to expect and what I have to answer. So here I am, eager again to apply after four years.


Last year was very painful to me. I don’t like the company, and yet it was very scam to me. And I don’t want to mention the name because it was the multi-level marketing company to me.


Back where I am going to say, I have returned from my bad deeds doing good deeds this year. I have applied several contact centers now. The first one I have try was Transcom. I didn’t work me well from there. After a day, I also failed in Startek. Then it came the Stream Global, Sitel, TRG, NCO, Aegis and Convergys. Eight contact centers. What shall I say? They are the contact centers I already tried to apply. Maybe the luck wasn’t for me. I always want to try but I am willing to train dutifully. And then again, maybe somehow, I need more practice in my grammar when I am talking. It is different when it comes to writing and typing to speaking the words clearly. And it is a matter of fact what I am saying.


High expectations from this year I don’t want to forecast but I am willing to say it. Benefits are important for me. The rice allowance, the transportation, the medical and the physical fitness are important benefits for me. If there is none that contact center needs for me, it’s really fine for me. What I need is to gain from an experience from a contact center. So what I am trying to say, I have to fulfill my dreams here first before encountering many problems in the future. Meaning I have to try anything that comes from my heart desires.


Dreams I want to visit the places are Boracay, Camarines Sur, Bicol region, Leyte (of course that is where my hometown used from my grandparents, my father’s parents), Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod. Well if that deserves me, it will wait for me. Then I have to dream more about building foundation. Three things I should do for my foundation: building livelihood projects where people fail to get a job, sustain their financial needs and building a foundation program for down syndrome project fro intervention and speech therapy. I always want that way to help them. In that way, Rico Yan will always look at me here. And I will be always have a big hand for everybody’s needs.


Today it is a different path for me than leading somewhere I don’t really belong. What I need to know, dreams are here for me. Many changes will await for me.