Today is the different topic I will discuss. Maybe it will not be too long or too short. Well, in the first place I want to discuss about my dreams. People will admire if they want. If they don’t, it is also fine for me. It’s all about me.


DREAMS are meant to be hardworking and planning to do in the first place. Of course if you don’t have preparations, you don’t have plans to do in the future. Let’s talk about the article I’ve made in the past. (Read about my past articles in High expectations and Anticipated world.) It is in the last paragraphs that I have mention the foundation in the past articles I have made. Then I though, I said myself if I can do it with my bag of hope and faith. No one else could do it, but I have to do myself.


PLANNING is what you need to prepare, make a calendar or maybe a dream board you have to do. If it is a short notice, make yourself a dream catch. If you want to buy a new cellphone or an iPod, make a short dream. Or you have to make a calendar which you have to make a shortlist among your dream catch. When you plan a long-fulfilled dreams, make also in your calendar to have shortlist in your dreams.


PREPARATION is the most thing to do importantly. If you cram too much, you would not make it. Then I thought about myself, sometimes I find too much disruption. Again, you have to make preparations. A lot to say is less careless to do.


Four things I want to do:

1) I have to get a job to make plan ahead. If I am too much careless, I would not make it. After that, I will build a store in front of our house to make a cellphone loading station.

2) I have to plan which destination I want to go. First place will go to Leyte, my hometown. Second will be Cebu and lastly will go to Boracay.

3) I have to make short notice building career in foundation as I have said earlier in my two articles.

4) I will build businesses which I am more likely to help people to get out of unemployment and fight poverty.