First English Quote:


My world turns to a reversal

weird dream,

but it completely takes me back,

what you desire,

it’ is not necessarily what

you know.


To an ordinary world,

you have to count backwards,

when you step forward,

you have to take bonus stage.


It is least to get mistake,

but it is five to six out of ten,

you get to believe,

the highest gratitude

is your debts.


How many times you get out

alive perfectly,

in the weird dream,

do count your blessings,

and you wake up in

a busy reality world again

and again.


Second English Quote:


Sweet days and sweet nights,

the night falls to my eyes

to look in the stars,

and the day falls to my eyes

when I am sleep.


Anger gives me to cry

when I see the rainy days,

depressed gives me quivering

in the night when

I am all alone,

all the days and nights

I really can’t control all

my emotions.


The last day of summer felt on me,

the last day of rainy felt on

my weak side,

then I shout all my voice

from my lungs,

I scream all my emotions to list

in my notes whenever I am about

been leaving out in the

world we have.


Third English Quote:


In the middle of the day,

I find someone who is really

to take care of me,

but all of a sudden,

I soon realize you are

somebody wants to fall in

love with someone.


Soon I walk in the middle

heat of the day,

I suddenly feel the intense

inside of me,

and I won’t explain a single detail,

to be burden about you.


And I really jump high

to a building,

so I can fly and

I cannot expect,

then there it was you

standing behind me,

holding me before I jump,

you are still in love with me,

and my press of my chest

to breathe.


I love you unconditionally,

I hold you indefinitely,

and I kiss you undeniably.




First English quote poem tells me about the dreams in your life. When you are thinking something to get plan, you have always thinking about what you really desire. For example, when you need to get out in a job, you have to think twice saving your bank account to have to get a business all done. I don’t know what I am saying, but here in my back of my mind tells me that you need to prioritize first things first. And the preparations will get in to the flow of your desired business.


The second quote poem tells about a couple, not a married type but a boyfriend and girlfriend type relationship. When you are thinking undeniable, you will think about her or him. I felt the same way and almost in a level of friendship, but not in a relationship. Soon I really realize things are getting seriously when you are hurting someone. That is the moment I have to stop loving what I need to prioritize about her.


And the third quote poem is another commemorative poem for me. The thing you need to remember is your loved ones who passed away already that makes you so special about it. And the first thing I remembered is about Rico Yan and my aunt who passed away last year on the day of 23rd of June 2011. I have really missed about her and I felt the same way when Rico also died on the 29th of March 2002, Good Friday.