Fourth English Quote:


Long lost and beyond,

I have been traveling so far away,

now I have trying to cope my problems,

each and every take of my life,

feeling like I have never been lost,

in each side of our story’s lives.


Who do you think I am nobody,

who do you think I am lost,

so I run so fast as I can,

again and over I do for you,

what if I am lost,

I do this for you.


Every time I run,

every time I walk,

the steps I walk or run

is when I look for you,

maybe this time I walk

a thousand miles,

because I take care

of what you love.


I long forget,

I long forgive,

that I rescue in

the longest time,

I need you the most,

and I want you here.


Fifth English Quote:


In the end of the day I seek,

the quality of time we share,

the boredom it kills,

yet the start of the new day

comes a new age.


How large it was,

how tiny it was,

the world never changes backwards,

but to move forward

is always true.


Many come and seek,

many know and look,

the seeking of the new life

always count.


Been here and been there,

I have always know the truth,

but the truth never finds the answers,

that is always half of never been

see the answer.


Sixth English Quote:


Doors behind locking to imagination,

sometimes it feels the very moment

of good times,

but for everything else above,

it doesn’t excite me that much.


Directing to somewhere else,

how much it costs the time,

when the person feels your sadness,

it takes more to get

a wonderful dreams.


Two words,

one sentence,

but one syllable,

the dreams can’t wait me

to get the imagination,

and I have always hope

you see me in new direction.




The fourth and fifth quote poem are somewhat have common objective, to be loved someone else. I am not quote sure that well, but feeling somehow for me is getting on my nerves. When I am putting myself to somebody’s situation, I have always think where I should begin in the first place. Then somehow in the area, I felt awkward for nothing. I don’t know if you get right or wrong. And particularly in the sixth quote poem, it is somewhere goes rhyme with the fifth quote poem. I am not quote sure that well, then again I have always think the best will save for the last. I always look in the brighter side of my life thinking what will be my efforts have to move on.