Seventh English Quote:


I am not worthy,

neither I am not a fool,

it is that you cross the line

we met before.


The speed of walking distance

keeps me awake,

the later it becomes,

the worse of my mind grows.


Sense this and tell,

the more you think is

to realize how world is small.


Across the ocean,

across the islands,

far away from your home,

I seek my mind to tell

how lucky person I was.


Remember this,

nobody in this world would

tell you,

how big chances they have,

it is a smaller success they get,

it is a biggest dreams

they can reach.


It is you to make stand

on your own,

what more it can offer,

act now before

the chances meltdown

in a long run.


Eighth English Quote:


Old days are been leaving out,

new days are keep coming in,

the day you seek is

when you discover

the real world outside.


Mark yourself with a new name,

to a high ground.


The days you have down,

the days you are not

marking a reality,

this is the world where

everybody can lead and

pass you behind your name.


Make it a quick,

make it learn and practice everyday,

make it patiently,

as you grow old with experience,

you can be the best

around of the best world.


Ninth English Quote:


Dance with me,

hold in my shoulders,

and gracefully hold my hip swiftly,

then the memory comes now.


One thing I should know

is that you are my queen,

and I would be the king.


You are my breathe

and I would be your lungs,

you are my life in my heart.


I am your shoulder,

and you will cry on me,

then the world stares and stop by,

this is the beautiful life we have.


I can’t stop dance with you,

when the moon glares in the water,

then you realize I have

your life with me.




The seventh quote poem reminds me people of own kind, the Filipino. They have the best job where they are in abroad, making more money to send in their family here in the Philippines. We are one Filipino race who are dedicated, trustworthy and hardworking people. And I am sure of it that each one of us is really a Filipino’s pride in our homeland after all.


The eighth quote poem is my experience when I step in the world of economic crisis and democratic that I want a job badly. People sacrifice to get a job, have to go in and go out the day it is. Around 8 in the morning you should be in the morning shift and later you come home late around 6 or 7 in the evening to make sure your child or children have eaten already. It is an usual routine to every parents for all of us. And I am sure of it, parents who they are, that is taking us in their arms.


And the final and ninth quote poem in a day, this one is really special to me. I remembered the junior year I was in, I have danced not because I don’t have a partner, but I have to take my beautiful one year younger aunt to the dance floor. I had never forgot that moment. Beautifully dance song with a beautiful dance, we swayed it together. My classmates treated me the way they treated to their partner, but the boys in our class wanted to dance with my aunt in the dance floor. I don’t know what to say, but it was an experience for me. People have reminding me somehow I am lucky and how I am act, it is simply because I act natural, special person and an everybody’s friend.