Tenth English Quote:


Then I come near your home,

together we raise,

together we love,

then I am running around our home,

together we care,

together we share.


Then I am bound to travel,

together we fly,

together we arrive,

then I name our first baby child,

together we hug,

together we cuddle.


Soon I become a father,

together we teach,

together we walk,

soon I become a mentor,

together we laugh,

together we cry.


I soon have a nurse,

then I am sorrow,

then I am gone.


This is not the end,

together we pray,

together we travel,

and this is the farewell,

together we sing,

together we dance…



Eleventh English Quote:


Out to the world again

out to space to nothing,

out to life again,

and live all by myself.


Begin your mission,

begin the first assignment,

begin the endless journey,

and live all by my side.


To you my only one,

to you my queen,

to you my only love,

and I love you so much.


Can’t stop thinking about you,

can’t stop dreaming,

can’t go all alone,

and I’ll be on your life

forever more.


Today is your day,

today is your dreams,

today is the day

and I keep your promise.


You are the only one,

you are my queen,

you are my only love,

and you will marry me.


Carry my heart,

carry my emotions,

carry you in my arms,

and this is an everlasting

love for both of us.


Twelfth English Quote:


Unconsciously I have

in my mind,

whenever you go,

you act the way I do.


Every time I know that

this is the dreams I take,

every step that I take,

soon I will be glad.


That I will be happier than sad,

every time I cry under the rain,

you are only life I take,

and every time I see

your beautiful face,

I smile to you and

I open my eyes.


Remember the nights,

remember the days,

and I guess you are alone

that I take you to dance

under the moon.


The pillows keep you tight,

your arms is like an angel

spreading your fear away.


Your kiss is on me,

it is like the cherry apples I taste,

your eyes is on me,

as if there is no tomorrow.


The next day I woke up,

it is to late I know,

you sleep on me that

I have never forget

the way you do,

baby I miss you so much,

and I take care of our child,

sleep tight, my love.




Tenth quote poem is the narration when I fall in love to this girl. But to think of it, I never have had in my life a girlfriend though I have no girlfriend since birth. Not that I am not kidding. This is the truth of the face that I am still loveless all the time. But when I am writing about this, it brings me back sometimes.


In the eleventh quote poem, it is the emotional in the first place although I don’t bring up any issues about of this. Well, I have to tell you this that my writing is my passion to tell and to have written. It is very sadness that I take my emotional will not fade away.


In the last verse of twelfth quote poem, this is an actual based I have watched a series about this. People who have lost loved ones eventually teach some values where people dismay to their love and to their children as well. It is an actually a farewell note when the girl have passed away leaving her child to her husband.