Thirteenth English Quote:


Another day has come,

another hour has pass,

another minutes stays,

can we promise the day

it shall not mend,

can we go the other way

we all go,

as it speaks into my mind,

as it listens to my heart,

it breaks me when I lose you.


You run away with your pride,

you walk a thousand miles,

you stay here by my side,

are we good to stay here,

are we kind to the hearts,

or are we mend to build a home,

it speaks to my mouth,

it touches your heart so calmly,

and I will be walking forever

until I find you.


Break me gently,

I hold my breath but not too hard,

wish I could stay,

wish I could tell,

the life is mystery here

without you,

and I am going to your home

for I am sleeping in

you heart that barely speaking.


Fourteenth English Quote:


Here I am lonely and sad,

please come with me and

I take you to my heaven,

heaven tells me if I am in love,

but right now I must take your love

in my heart and everlasting one.


One time shall empty my loneliness

and I take the time

for I am lonely and sad,

I take that word,

take my heart into love

and use nobody to hurt,

take me instead coming to your home.


Every road has a problem,

every one of them has smaller or bigger,

take me into your road and

I will walk to your path.


Every brick of a house built

a bigger problem

and I don’t want to build

my own life to a bigger problem.






The thirteenth English quote poem I wrote it is really another special to Rico Yan. Therefore, I use that many times to send someone who has a problem. I don’t know why people are afraid to ask me, but instead I ask them if I can send this to their cellphone.


The fourteenth English quote poem I wrote it is based in my experience every time I fall for my problems. It is either big or small. Whether you don’t have one problem, there is always a problem in every corner of your life.