Fifteenth English Quote:


Grant me your wishes to come true,

grant me your kindness of your love,

or grant me with your smile,

the smile of your face melts my

sadness problems away,

lift me up with a kindness heart

you have,

bring me hope and peaceful offering,

my problems will fade away one by one,

if your wishes fill with joy,

you laugh and eager to jump,

if you’re happy in your life,

don’t be sad all the time,

and I’ll be there in your heart

and your mind.


Thank be all the gladness and take

me in your place,

so I surrender and

the love will set you free,

the love will take forever and ever.


Sixteenth English Quote:


The cost of every day’s life

makes sweeter,

even love can make you sweeter,

the kiss melts in the chocolate

that made you sweeter,

the big hello warms you a sweet day,

but a single hug makes you

the sweetest of them all.




The fifteenth English quote poem tells about the true meaning of happiness whether you have problems all the time. There is no person who doesn’t have problems in the world. Even the President of our Philippines also have problems, even the mighty Queen Elizabeth II also have the problems and there are more people who have more problems. This poem tells you that you have to build your strength and have to carry your shoulders on your own. Even I do have like that, but  things is always have on their way. If things could go worse, pray for your own and let things be possible solving on its own. Just believe it to Him and believe in yourself. There is no other around you can help but yourself.


The sixteenth English quote short poem is my favorite them all. The sweetest in your life exists only in your heart that everybody is enjoying about it. When I meet a girl in my life, I will always tell her about this one I have made. Then everybody in my facebook account that where did I get that, it is my self-short quote poem. This one will famous someday. Every time I read it, sometimes I think myself as it could be someone’s short poem. Then again, it is mine.