Seventeenth English Quote:


Lie awake in the darkness,

spread your fear away

when you are alone,

stand no one else

but your shadow still,

press the mid-air into its will,

hope and anger collided with

many fears subside,

subtract the countless

sleepless nights,

when you open your eyes.


Look the brighter night,

and wait for the chance,

call for the angel to

appear to your dreams,

and tell you that you are not alone

in weary and crazy dreams.


I am purely soft and

understanding the will on its own,

I am afraid to fly,

and afraid to get strange dreams I have,

because I am fool,

hopeless and undeniable.


Eighteenth English Quote:


Change me and I thank you,

give me and I love you,

don’t be and I will be yours forever,

a hundred ways give me strength and

weak my mind,

but I don’t get an embrace

and give it the chance,

be a part of the world

filled with happiness,

be a part of the world

filled with hope.


Change and you return,

give you and you love me.


Will it last a second chance,

will it start again,

but it never fills me the

strength of your love,

and the last drop of water

will fill with my heart.




In the seventh English quote poem, there is always saying, “Don’t be a miserable in your life, but to cherish your life.” I don’t know if it ever have happens to you this event. In other ways, people will think that I am different from any normal people around the globe. I have always know in my heart if I have the chance to tell them. They will acknowledge me. They sacrifice what they have pass through all the times. In my part, I have down syndrome. Just in any case you don’t know about this. Just read here below the links I have below:


People have misunderstood me from the beginning of my life, I don’t know why they are keep looking at me and staring at me. This one old lady around in her 40 years of her age criticized how my behavior was very bad that time when I was in the chapel with my mom.Then I realized that time, the point in my life changed me the way I was thinking today. Whether it is how to be like, or not to be like.


The eighteenth English quote poem feels me the experience of my youth age when I was in teenage years. But then, I have simplify many ways to get in love, whether I am in trouble or not. In my past years, I didn’t ask my parents what the real love is. But through watching some Love Notes during that time in Channel 5 or ABC channel that I have learned a valuable lessons from how to teach love from broken to a lucky ones. It is because from my experiences.