Nineteenth English Quote:


Wish upon a star,

wish may come true,

wish will last a dream forever,

then I fill my hope,

and faith to come to your wish,

one or two stars are my angels singing.


Wish upon a star,

wish may say it is true,

and it will say goodnight.


Twentieth English Quote:


May you become my destined star,

the light shine in the corner,

star come so bright,

but the moon lit above the clouds,

when you know someone believing,

and that is the angel.


May you go far

through the obstacles

the dark subsides away,

sun become my shield

and the clouds swept away,

when you know someone believing

and that is the angel.


Fly around the clouds

circling the skies,

fly high with me

and I will be the one

who carry you on my wings.




The nineteenth English quote poem is somewhat a prayer for me, or maybe my short version of “wish upon a star.” It is believe that you may wish something you really want to achieve. Just believe always and you will know it.


In the 20th English quote poem is another good example of another prayer, but it is the continuation where the 19th quote poem ends with a short version. So I have to extend with my capacity how it will looks like.