Twentieth-First English Quote:


Running through the fields

I am running,

walking past through the crowd,

jumping joy I have never felt,

things I would never seen

that I am happy.


When I make my mistakes,

telling someone is not my option,

after you run, I walk

after you walk, I run,

maybe this isn’t chance to give

the world so important,

and the best chance would

be leaving you behind.


Maybe so, maybe not

staring in the night sky

tells me to change,

but it is over now.


Get over, get nothing

staring in the day sky tells me

you have to carry on,

but it’s too late.


This is me

and this is you might going far,

and this is me,

and this is you will be forever in eternity.


Twentieth-Second English Quote:


The loneliness inside of you

kept me warm

in the middle of the night,

the words I said

didn’t affect you but I realized,

it’s not perfect

in this cruel world and I said.


It’s the beginning of new life

with peace and hope,

but the loneliness is still

inside of me,

and I am crying

underneath of my pillows,

but I won’t forget about it.


It’s sooner than I thought

be the selfish person I am be.


It’s you that I remember

and I am lonely

in this lonely planet,

and I am foolish lonely man

inside of your heart,

I decide to leave

and go for the journey,

and I will remember we used

to be friends after we met

that day during the summer days,

the day we met and I won’t forget,

and this time I won’t be lonely person,

in fact I have learned the value

of love and honesty

between two of us.




In this 21st quote poem I wrote about are two people I am mentioning here. Well there is no specifically person that is. But when I have always thought the two person would be is in my mind. Maybe it could be Rico Yan or someone I am have to mention. It could be yours in your mind. What else it could be? I promise or I never doubt it would happen like me instead. I have often dream about Rico Yan. Last night in fact, I have never get a chance to sleep well. It is because today is the fourth of May. The earlier article about the Numbers of Rico Yan is really something special in his birthday and his death anniversary in this special day of fourth day of May. I don’t know about this. But I am also a Chinese descendant from my mother’s side. In fact in my father’s side is very rich in family tree.


And in the 22nd quote poem is about me and against the person I am talking about. Not literally a person I am talking to, it is that in my dreams whenever I have often dream about this girl. It keeps repeating and repeating in my subconscious mind. This is about years already. It is because I am still single and clueless if I get a chance to get married someday. For instance I get to married one day, that this girl is literally a lucky person she will marry me. Why? Normally I don’t say about this, it is because that I have down syndrome. It doesn’t prove anything about that. It is because in my mind when will I get marry to a girl like her. She is so lucky to me. I can cook. I can wash the car. I love kids I can take of. I also love animals I really love to take care. And the nature of course is what I love most. Especially I am an everybody’s friend. She is must not to be jealous about me. It is because I find myself too much in preoccupied manners. I am not sure though.