The moment I write about this today, I have never know that this day has something to do with his birthday and his death anniversary. 4th of May, the days after Rico’s birthday has turned him 37 years old last 14th of March which it is already 314 days before his birthday begins again for next year. Then it comes for another number and that his death anniversary lies on 29th of March. Which it is very odd and already 329 days before his death anniversary will mark 11th death anniversary next year. That is really an odd for me.


329 days before his 11th death anniversary lies next year and also has 314 days before his 38 years old that will turn next year in his birthday on March 14 if he is still alive until now. I keep recording the facts that numbers are not that as a matter of fact. But instead, it keeps me reminding his birthday and death anniversary the same for this day. If I get wrong, then you calculate in your calculator. If I am right, then it has nothing to do more to say and to specify.


The reason why I am posting this article today, it is because I am more like a writer and number reader if I have to guess. Well, that is nothing keeps me going that far.