It is not literally I have to need writing all down about my love life. This is not a public wide to know about the truth. But somehow I want you to know that since the beginning of my birth. I still don’t have a girlfriend. Make a guess, but it’s yes. (Kaya nga ako gusto maging simple sa buhay! Single muna please bago ligaw-ligaw.)


But then I said in my life, this is not a simple task. It is a matter of fact that the girl should know me first before loving me in the second place. Because of what I have, maybe she won’t understand a thing about the case I have. (Pero siguro kailangan ko sabihin kapag handa na ako sa buhay ko maging matatag at manindigan.)


So this is not a love life what I have to tell. It is about my elementary to college days. I have two dozen crushes in the span of my life beginning in Grade 5 up to college days. (Sobra na ito!)


So I keep posting a nonsense topic what I have suppose to do. Well, but to tell the truth, only a few celebrities came to my crush list (2 dozens “24”). During my sixth grade to tell you the truth, only one and first crush made to my list. A true blue OB Montessori, Antoinette Taus came to my limelight. I won’t have to tell the details. Research about her. I have known her since the sixth grade. Then until I saw here in Katipunan area where I also studied in the same area she did was the Katipunan. She studied in Ateneo de Manila University and I have studied in Center for Culinary Arts (only a block away!) To what I know in my life, I am also a true blue Montessorian like her but a different school we went to. I came and studied in Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo (now Montessori Integrated School). (Malayo lang sa paningin pero parati ko nakikita siya lagi yun panahon ko sa college days pa.)


When I finished studying in my high school, a new breakthrough crush came in to my life. That is Danica Sotto. (Sorry, Danica, if you are reading this.) I am not a pretender to hide anything else. What I dislike about Danica was her smoking habits. Students, somehow, in my college days were usually smoking before or after the class hours. So that was how it was supposed to be in that way.


Iilang sa buhay ko nakilala ko na artista. Hindi na yan bago sa akin. Sa katunayan, dumadaloy sa dugo ko gusto ko mag artista mula dati pa. Pero sa lahat ng kabiguan ko, hindi natutuloy. Pero sa laban pa rin kung sakaling dumating sa panahon ko, mag aartista pa rin ako kahit matanda man ako. Hindi lang sapat gusto ng parents ko. Dapat siguro kung puwede lang. Pero nandiyan-nandiyan lang kasi minsa. Marami na rin blessings dumadating sa akin araw-araw. Pero minsan walang dumadating kapag may mali ako nagagawa. Kung maniniwala ako sa karma, walang matitira sa buhay ko kung luck ba yan o unluck. What I deserve to know is the only way to achieve. Just trust only yourself and to God. He will guide you.