Twentieth-Third English Quote:


Sun is the brightest,

stars are the shiniest,

but the clouds swept the skies

on halfway of universe,

think of nothing left,

on the other side of perfect life,

it’s not the perfect world.


Think again,

you can’t count the stars

in the night of promises,

you can’t even walk in

the moon without a suit,

but life is vulnerable,

take care of your life,

it amounts to the fullest

of expectations,

life is mystery,

sometimes up or down,

do not count with your life

when it amounts the life span,

time is luxury,

so don’t waste it.


Pray always to your safety

and to your journey.


Twentieth-Fourth English Quote:


Every time I think about you,

you shall mend my heart to tell,

but things were going wrong

every way and out,

you left me alone

and I do not know all things

in and out.


Keeping me warm

and breaking all rules

that are made of,

we are only left

alone in lonely world.




In the 23rd quote poem, it said there is a lot of problems out of the box questions. Well some of my point doesn’t make out really. To think of it, I am not that a guy who can’t make mistakes all the time. We are humans who have making mistakes in the world without knowing it. Some kind of discussion that I really have to come up, it is the kind of understanding if you can relate me though it is not other concerns.


And for the 24th quote poem, this is really quite disturbing poem to me I made it from my mind. Every time I make out of special, I really don’t have the time to type this all the time. I am the person who is always making literature of it because that is what makes me perfect. Maybe not that is really perfect to say. What I am saying here is my experience being as a lonely person that is. I hope you kind like about this kind of feeling. Or maybe it is not.