My schoolmates turned badly when they called me mongoloid when I was still in elementary. When I found I have that, I still asked my parents what really the word is. Those days were stored already in my mind. Then some others have really turned worse than I thought. What they didn’t know that I am really special person inside and out. There is no person in the world really want me to keep hurting special people like me. Of course, not everybody else is going to accept me either.


When I have stepped outside from the school right after my high school days, my life back then have no choices during that time. But I found the right people in the college community where my best friend finally accepted me who I was really is. Bad company really leads you to a mischief life that is. So here I am wanting know better looking a brighter future. I am not a perfect writer, but I really love to write all the time since the beginning of my high school days. I began to love history, music, arts, economic, science and of course, the only favorite subject in my high school days was really the literature. I firstly love literature, in fact I am enjoying writing in my mind department.


People used me to call a friend back days is. Well as a matter of fact, no one in the world really know who I am really is. Hugging in my pillow is always my best friend whenever I am lonely in my lonely room where there is a small hopes or bad hopes. Then the next day whenever I wake up, I usually find myself as a wild goose wandering some things to be done already. My dad and my mom, of course, I love my parents. I have three sisters, two of them are elder than me and the other one is younger than me. And I also have a younger brother who I don’t know when he can accept me.


I soon realize that the world is not a perfect world. I use to look brighter things. Things somewhat I want to achieve. Or things somewhere I need to achieve to beat the deadline in my life. I don’t have deadlines in my life back then. Because I am deserve to be better person, not as a worse person if you could tell.


I don’t have a computer or anything I need in my life. Then I think myself that I really need badly a computer in my life. Because I love writing in my entire life. I am always too old for that buying in my own money. Going in the stage wants me to go looking for a job. So much pain that is even I am already 31 years old right now. An old special person without a love life it is looking for a mate if there is really someone in my heart. I don’t deserve looking for someone who is not really interesting for me. It is because I have been through challenges I am looking for the love in the past. Whatever that is, sometimes I always look positive all the time.


After so many years waiting for the chances to call me as an everybody’s friend, I always find myself really as a lonely person. I am not a pretender person if you cannot tell. I fight what dreams is really for me. I am not afraid to die even I don’t have love life. So much to hurt and so much have a pain is an inconsiderate in my life somehow. People need to know that I am looking for the world to accept me. Because this year is really accepting me who I am really is. I accept the world what I am now today and the future will waiting and holding the opportunities to come for me.


Worrying won’t come in my way and I have hurt some feelings of other people. Now I am full-grown man with big opportunities to come, loves to write all the time and be the best man I have to be deserve.