It is kind of funny when you ask me, “how old are you?” The face in his reaction suddenly got blue and pale, then I told myself, “I won’t bother him anymore.”


Just because from generation to generation, the technology have changed from the gap to another generation and the capacity of any age group evolve so fast. It seems there is no point of telling what generations are you now. I was watching Men In Black 2 the movie around 9 in the evening in the Star Movies channel. It was funny somehow that speaks the truth inside my back of my mind. Will Smith is really funny guy and a comic actor. He amazes me somehow. But to tell the truth, in my age doesn’t exist in this article. Because I won’t able to get to amaze me. I am not a guy who finds all the way to get offshore and scream all the way to the house. No, I am not. Hahaha, but it’s not funny what I am saying.


People says a lot to me that I look like a poler face. You know what poker face means, then you know it. But I am not like that. The way I am looking at them, they realize that I am a poker face. To tell the truth, I have said two times already. It is because my face looks younger if you could tell. But when I say I am older than them, it is generally disgusting me when they say that I am a poker face person than admitting anything else. Generations, please do not talk like this one of your colleagues or your friends.


I am a special person who needs attention. Really, it’s not disturbing. But during my childhood in 1980’s, I use to watch a lot of cartoons back then. From GI Joe, Transformers, X-Men, Care Bears and some stuff cartoons that keeps airing in ABS-CBN. But when I am telling about this, I am really looking different from any other people out there. I am not a person who really loves in music when I was a child. But then, generations are really evolving through time and space.


In 1990’s, the time it begins my next chapter to get in adolescence. Well of course, everyone gets in the puberty stage when it comes to anyone else and evolves when it comes also the rest of guys. During that time, I used to watch more cartoons from Channel 7 and any other channels just to watch cartoons. It was during the time of 1996 or 1998, the cable channels are starting to add in the set of television and sets television audience to watch the television schedules on time. Well in fact, it was not the theory I am talking about. Of course, there was a lot to mention to say any cartoons in 1990’s.


In late 1990’s, my high school days was very exceptional to me and it was very memorable to reminisce back then. The freshman year was the year of my entire life to begin a lot of nature for me. I began to like literature, more in music, in arts and of course, the Science. What I liked more about freshman year was the generation of music. Backstreet Boys was one of my inspiration and favorite boy band back then. The only kind of music can dance me through a lot of effort to practice. Then in sophomore year was the year that changed my life. Science was the Biology during our sophomore year and it became the first favorite subject back in elementary up to high school days. It was because that I finally accepted who I was to be by now as a special person. It’s the only to express myself to explain to people what was really special people are. To specify the truth doesn’t come from my heart, but it’s also from my mind.


Junior year was the year more I love in high school days. The birth of literature was on 10th of December 1998, Thursday. And that is why I love writing and writing until I don’t keep stopping to like it. It is because I really enjoy and love it. But the first time I wrote it is about the sonnet or poem maybe. My collection of literature is with my best friend’s house. Then I have to get it somehow.


Then in senior year was the sadness year have to say goodbye. The sadness of the growth of many of us as a students have to say really goodbye to our school. I have been studying in the same school since elementary days. But to expect the the truth, the kindergarten and preparatory for grade school was also included there in my resume. I have studied about 13 years from kindergarten to high school under one name of my school, Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo. I am a true loyal Montessorian student there. But the generation continues after I graduated from the college on 4th of July 2003, Friday afternoon. The year of another sadness truth of my life came another journey of another mystery chapters of my life.


Tears from my eyes, well of course, was very emotional. But when I am telling about my story. It is not coming from the eternal ending. It is the basic formula how you grow strong and dependent. I wish I want to be independent but there is always I have an unconditional love that grows from my family. I don’t want Philippines just to go to Canada. Because my sister before me was part of Canadian and fully blooded Filipino. But I am more surprise if we are not going anywhere. I am praying for my family not to travel and just to live there. It is another culture, another country and another adventures.


Generations keep me younger here in the Philippines and I always want to be here all the time. I f I want to leave here in the Philippines, I only want to travel if I want to have a vacation in another countries. I have been traveling few countries before. Name all that I can mentioned like United States, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the last country I have visited was the Thailand. To name a few, of course, is really another epic of adventurous travel.