“No one else makes standing alone in your way.”


Considering my literature is on top of my interests and hobbies, the music is also part of my life. Well in that case, I have to tell about more the music department what I have in my back of my head. Where shall I begin? Oh and of course, it started way back from 1984’s famous Thriller by Michael Jackson, and still never that I forgot about that. The way he moves is that how I dance and move well in his signature dance moves. He evolved from generation to another generation. Not anybody knows how to dance it, but everybody will never forget the Michael Jackson’s moonwalk signature dance.


And from other part of my life, there is also my favorite music and that will be the New Kids on the Block that sparks in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. And one of my favorite all-time boy band is Backstreet Boys where they also have signature dance song, Get Down, from their firs album released. Everyone makes favorite in every song of each music artist. What I really like about it is how to compose them very well. I have really admire the music industry, for somehow I also want to be expose in the show business. But it didn’t come to me after all, because what I stand corrected and what I believe. Maybe someday, it will come to me. For sure, that it was hard to believe.


Back to the topic, music is everywhere. Boy band sparks way back in 1970’s where the Beach Boys is also want of the boy band favorites. Well, if you can how you track them somehow. But I don’t know if that’s what clicks to anybody else. The evolution of music industry from 1970’s to 1980’s are really somehow supreme in the top of their music charts. Name one of the bands of all time, the Beatles or the dance sensation group Abba, there are some many favorite artists of all time. But mine is different.


Who could forget the song of Like A Virgin by Madonna that also sparks from 1980’s? And the favorites artist of 1990’s rendition song of On Bended Knee by Boys2Men also sparks in the chart list. But the evolution of trend music is already changing. There is a a K-Pop rendition where some of the Korean groups are starting invading in our ears whether is in television or music station. But I don’t want to discriminate them. They are Asians just like us, the Filipinos. Koreans and Filipinos stands for their feet making way for the Hollywood somehow.


The music sensational American Idol series is very exceptional show to me. The likes of Jasmine Trias and Thia Megia were passed in top 12 in the competition but in the lastest American Idol season 11 of our own, Jessica Sanchez is already in top 3. We hope she can win for us. She will be the first Filipino-Mexican who could win in the American Idol competition. I really love the way she sings for her sultry and emotional voice.


From generation to generation, music becomes part of my growth aside making songs in my literature department. I have no secrets to tell, but you have to keep your hope and patience when it comes you really love what you are doing. Music to my life depends what kind of music to my emotional mood. It can be rock, R&B, sentimental or it can be anything. For somehow, the music stuck to my life no matter what it can bend the time for me.