Twentieth-Seventh English Quote:


Perfect stranger is not on my mind,

but you don’t know what

keeps me playing my heart,

and I don’t know why that

I am keep singing in my

bottom of my heart.


Tides from the kisses of

our lovely ones keeps me warm,

the call of my wind chill

to my bones and I don’t know why,,

you fill my emptiness

to a lonely world,

you drag me to your problem

and I tell you why.


Oh please take care of my life

and take me to the heaven’s gate,

oh please open it for me,

and I surrender to my soul,

my endless speaking soul less body.


Tonight is my last day to cry,

and I need your prayers,

oh please give me a chance

saying goodbye,

oh please wait for the moment,

that I am still waiting for you

to lean in my shoulders.


You protect me,

you carry my tears that become the rain,

and the rain is blessing forever

and ever until eternity.


Twentieth-Eighth English Quote:


A simple yes says nothing at all,

never calls a coward in everyday

I soon become like a robin

but I don’t like to be called a loser.


Maybe someday I can move on forward,

you have to be strong

and go on every day’s journey,

I am relieved and I cannot stay

to go on like this anymore.




The 27th English quote poem says there that it always start from your experience. Being doing anything you do good doesn’t make you sense at all, but to tell the truth, this quote poem reminds someone in the real world. I am not saying it’s not good or bad that is meant to say in the middle. Yes of course, I love writing poems, sonnets, songs or maybe writing a story is very strong article. Literature is my department. But I am still not a good writer. I am always remind myself if there is someone reading my article, there is more room for improvements. In this quote poem, it says there it is my experience whether it’s good or bad reason to tell. This is very quite exquisite, if I am right what I am saying.


In the 28th English quote poem says there it’s a short saying quote poem. Not literally I am mention that earlier for someone who is reading to my article. And yes, did I mention anyone in this article. Sometimes it’s for Rico Yan. or someone who is very dearly departed that I really loved her very much. She was not here anymore.


To tell the truth, literature nowadays seems not knowledgeable in some department in your mind. It’s not registering there in your mind that you have to like this. But I am willing to explain more, for somehow. But for the next article I will write about, it will be more interesting aside from what I am writing about my literature department. If there is someone to share any thoughts with me, just leave any comment or anything you want to say.