Twentieth-Ninth English Quote:


Day by day I’m coming home

to you whenever I do,

just when I need a taxicab,

maybe I need a little comfort

from you,

shoot in my heart

and you pain me so much.


Night by night I call you sweetheart

whenever we sleep,

who I met a long time ago

there’s a beauty near the bar,

and I said,

“you don’t need me

and I don’t need you.”


Thirtieth English Quote:


Weakness becomes my enemy,

I’ve never take my whole life

for a granted wish,

wish I could go back

and do it all over again,

but never did I go wrong

for my mistakes,

I realize I cannot go back

all over again.


Twice has been I’ve fall

in love again,

but never known what true love is,

it just begun,

where I can run

but I’ve always fell to my

own of my knees,

but there’s something

go wrong.


You were the destiny of my star,

but you always show

what you really are,

and now I’m afraid to walk back,

I guess that it was holding my hands

and I claim my life

to a never lasting love.


Watching you all the time

makes me stronger,

but now I must take my life

to still my only one,

you were by myself alone

and lonely one,

and now I join your heart

to marry you.


Thirtieth-First English Quote:


Leading a new life

makes a new friend

but I cannot make it own

of myself,

but you said it’s not on the rainbow

of new life,

maybe somehow I can hold on,

maybe somewhere I can

as I could,

tonight I must carry a ton of love

on my shoulder.


But you cannot deny

what I have to you,

and you don’t know

what I am to you

for the rest of time.


And the best comes in every angle,

it always come from my heart,

and I’m sure you are ready

to fight what really love is.




Today is very special article where I revised three English quote poems from my cellphone. It it where I must take all I need to write it all over again here in my article.


The 29th English quote poem tells an interesting people. It pictures me about two people have met in the night fall near the club bar. There is a tiny picture in my head, but I can’t remember what I have supposed to remember the details. But I will tell you eventually. Two people, a guy and a lady, have bumped in the park hurrying for their meetings. The guy failed to impress the interviewer about him. And the lady also failed to impress her friends in her performance theater act. But in the night fall, the two people met again. Then they realized they are both failures. Now together in their destiny have said in their minds, “you don’t need me and I don’t need you.” Then afterwards they have met, the lady followed the guy and they are happily married in the end. This is not a sweet ending. It’s a metaphor I made where I put in my poem. Hahaha! You realize this is not realistic. But for somehow, I though about that again.


In the 30th English quote poem, it is said, “weakness becomes my enemy,” maybe for somehow, it defines my experiences in the past. Yes of course, I have experienced how I love this girl but I never imagined in my life. It is already there to grab the opportunity, but it always fail me. I don’t know why. For you have to know, there is always conclusion in your story even it’s happen to you also, just like mine.


The 31st English quote poem is a stronger version in the 30th English quote poem. There’s an advantage about between of them. The weakness becomes my enemy, have said in the line. In a stronger version, feel me in the darkness of power of love, it is how I feel the way I have said it. There is no reasons why I put it there. But the message is clearly said. And I’m sure you area ready to fight what really love is, the last line of this poem strongly that you have to fight what you are really feeling to him or to her. Maybe somehow I didn’t get the message. It is because until now I don’t have a girlfriend since I was in high school trying harder. But as my age matures, I simply don’t know what to do. If there is someone reading this article I have made, then you understand why I feel this way about my literature is.