Some people intended to say mongee instead of mongoloid in some of establishment buildings. But many of them have said abnormal. Isn’t that obvious they are killing one of us? They are insulting us. Now I know that I don’t want to be part of them.


I remember one of the multi-level marketing company that many of the leaders used to call them as abnormal. Because some of point of view, I want to have them in their necks. But I leave to them. Already! Yep, some of them they want to get richer than have killing their prides in their neck. I will name two multi-level marketing companies: one of them is UNO (or Unlimited Networking of Opportunities) and the other one is VMobile Technology Inc. They are using the term of abnormal (in UNO) and mongee (in VMobile). I am so ashamed for some of my schoolmates are still intact with that word where I want to be part of them. But I already forgot them calling someone is insulting the entire race of Mongolia and to be part of that.


In the other side of the story, yes in fact, I am supposed to say that words. That is who I am. I will forgive them if they forgive me in the first place. It’s the lessons I have learned for the past months I joined but to declined in their offer. I won’t tolerate them. But I will leave them in the hands of pure fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters or relatives who have their kid has a down syndrome. They didn’t know what to do. I shall not do this in my article, but I am already doing writing down here in the article as well. This is a matter of fact of my side of my insensitivity. What done is already done.


For other reasons, people want to know that their kid has the same responsibility just like me. Many of down syndrome kids or adults who don’t have the ability to speak like I do. People forget the unconditional love. They only care for themselves, for loving money instead of their relative or family. I also don’t know why many people are still going hopes in the money of others. When someone is reading my article, I am sure some of you or someone will get to mention will like to join my forces. But I will pray for the people who want to change their minds. As long I am still alive and standing with the only one voice writing this article, it is because I am who I am. I have down syndrome. And I will not tolerate people who tolerates others. I will leave them in the name of justice and to God also.


I love in the name of the Father. I obey Him. In fact, I won’t use some names calling other names to the people. In fact, I am still not a perfect writer. I want to tell other people who have to educate to themselves. What will happen if you judge the wrong person? It happens to me every time. When they call me I am look like younger, I say I am really older to them. I accepted myself already last year. In the past, it was really hard to make decision whether I will accept or not for myself only. But I already did. Many times, people around looking for someone who wants to get grudge. I don’t want to get angry, because it will become immature side of me. It doesn’t matter if I like myself or not. Maybe it is the time to decide who do you want to look for.


I have joined in the association group last February 2012 which it’s Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. or DSAPI if that it’s called. I turned older when I joined them to become more mature. Many of the parents, sisters, brothers or relatives are surprised because of me. I don’t know why. It was because I already accepted myself in this year of the dragon. My favorite aunt used to call me, “anak (ormy child).” But she’s my aunt who passed away since 23rd of June 2011. She gave me some coloring set since I loved to draw and pencil my drawings. She also loved my literature works which it kept in my best friend’s house. Then just before the month she died, she told me once. She said, “look for your brighter future that can hold with your success. I only can guide you if you help for yourself. Remember if you don’t do good, I will not guide you. Write whatever you can. Cook whatever you can. Or maybe what’s in your heart will lead to your future. Always follow your heart to decide. And always fight for it.”


And she also said to me, “take care of yourself, my favorite nephew. Don’t forget about me, and always pray for your journey. I have plans for you in the future if you do good well. I will leave to you that you need to tell your mom to help in the future plans in Negros Occidental in Himamaylan. Don’t forget the one you have to tell.”


I once feel every time I go to sleep, she is always reminding all the time. It’s because I haven’t tell mom about the future plans in Negros Occidental in Himamaylan. But I always want to go there. I only have to be careful. My dream places to go: Leyte, Cebu, Bohol, Bicol and Bacolod, and of course is the Boracay. I haven’t go the places I want to go. I don’t want to leave the Philippines behind my back. I want to save the last place to live here in our home. I want to save my family. And I want my sisters to go back here. I need them to be with me, what else I can go for. This is only dreams I am waiting for. And I will fight even it’s my last breath to fight for. If I only have time to tell them, I only want to have courage to do that. And I only want to get the family back they way it used to be even they have their own families. It is because I love them very much.


My will to survive is to be with my family forever and ever.