Thirtieth-Second English Quote:


Dreams were never been true,

dreams never lasts a second chance,

but you dream your life would be

richer or to be famous,

this is not a life between

of all you want,

and you will notice the world

is reality.


You dream what you want,

yet you don’t think a fair chance,

and I said,

“please give the world waiting

for you and your dream will live on.”


Thirtieth-Third English Quote:


Take me in your ground

for shall I’m not read

leaping my feet to jump,

don’t be, don’t look,

don’t forget to look what

you see through my mind,

and I think what

is right or wrong.


Be still, be stand on my feet,

be born on my way,

do you think this is not

a paradise for you,

think one, think everything

what your mind tells.


So lot to say,

so lot to act,

every way what we move,

every night what we sleep,

but you walk where I go

stop right there and I fully said

don’t follow me anymore,

and you shall bound

to not see me cry,


Hear me, hear me nothing,

and all over again,

can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t cry,

can’t move a muscle,

I fully notice what I have,

an emptiness through my heart

and my mind,

and I’m lack of everything

and seize all my acts

for nothing else.


Thirtieth-Fourth English Quote:


You are what I am,

I am who you are,

if it’s chosen to be one,

one shall claim to me,

and I am who you think

me as your servant.


You think I am fool,

you think I can fall,

you think I can run,

what possible I can do,

a rain of hope never lasts,

a wave of faith never fades,

and a disaster of your

confidence never run to me.


Which it shall proclaim

by my faith,

without love cannot bring

your confidence,

I am like a sun

protecting my loved ones,

and I am like skies

brighten up your day.


And you know how much

I love you,

how much I can take

care of you,

how much it lasts for

every day’s courage of yours.


I surrender myself to you,

you shield my life

away from any danger,

and you are my life,

my endless love.




The 32nd English quote poem is all about the dreams you are fighting for. For my reasons I wrote about this, it is because I believe one of my dreams will achieve but not all of them. But if they achieve in the span of years I want, then it is proclaim my highest achievement besides a high school graduate and a college graduate for culinary arts.


In the 33rd English quote poem, I always tell myself if I act too soon, maybe my dreams are fading away that so fast. Meaning that you cannot push yourself to another level. Face the consequences. Live in the world. Maybe you can tell yourself if you can prove to something you are really living in your dreams. Maybe that is why one of my dreams are still intact in my mind, or for somehow I cannot resist to achieve.


While in the 34th English quote poem, this is a particularly from one of my favorite quote poem I have ever made. Maybe it’s nothing when you can say it is really nothing in particularly. But it is, really. This is 34th English quote poem that I dedicated to Rico Yan. One of my inspirational person in my life is one of my dedication because of him. I owe him with my life today. If I am not here today, probably I am not writing my literature works here and it is not interesting at all when you are reading of this article I have made.