Thirtieth-Fifth English Quote:


Watching all the time

I need to discover,

when I need to hold the time,

when I need you from my life.


Restless nights,

restless sleep,

cover me with your voice

singing gracefully

where I need to run,

where I need to walk,

and I am thankfully giving

your time in my life.


So here I am running

across the battlefield,

where I am fighting

over my restless soul,

when I am died

in your bloody arms,

that I lay my head on your lap,

and one by one the world

is falling to me,

I am a restless soul

who travels round the world,

and thinking you of what I am now,

sorry I am going to sleep,

and I will miss your smile,

and I will wait you

here in heaven.


Thirtieth-Sixth English Quote:


Wind is your friend,

the trees around us

makes breathing,

cars chasing on the road

makes me adrenaline,

roller coaster makes

me more adrenaline.


When the wind stops

for a while,

sometimes it is very hard

to breathe with somebody

whom they aren’t

comfortable with you.


It’s a shame

and envy to anything,

I guess a luck can

and cannot to be the best,

be yourself

and freedom is yours.




35th English quote poem has all to say, for somehow reasons that it is here to be explained. But what I got here is what I have to tell you about this quote poem. I have never get a chance to tell you this before. It’s been days without having getting in the computer, restless for somehow. I’m counting days restless for a while, but in a manner it’s no big deal for me. I’m not addicted to games anymore in the facebook, but rather I want to spend more time writing some stuff.


Before I forgot something, this is about quote poem.  Restless dreams is merely a nightmare for me. Well I can explain that from here. It is about when you are thinking about what you have done wrong. Or maybe you are thinking the reason it cannot let it go for you. For example in my experience, I can’t go to sleep right away before I want to go to sleep. It is because I am thinking about my auntie who died last year. Yes of course, I cannot let it go that. It wasn’t easy. Aside from that, I also want to know what it is going on me. It is because the pressure inside the house. I want to get a job so I can have time to work outside rather having an own business. Running an own business in the span of six years is really difficult in the end. It is because I am thinking about my future plans and about my dreams ahead of time.


In the 36th English quote poem, it was a quick one, short version of poem I have made. Well there is a common problem in everyone of us, and that is the freedom. But it is all about the faith and the trust you cannot earn that fast. You have to learn all about yourself. Well that what makes me to learn about the experience. It is because I still have more stages to learn in experiencing in the field of trust. Nobody loves me. It is very emotional when I am saying of this, but it is really difficult to say in the first place. That is why I have decided to put my experience together along with this literature I have made.