Thirtieth-Seventh English Quote:


Breathe in,

breathe out,

inhale and exhale,

it has the most of my life

when I need to clean air.


Come forth,

come by,

forward and reverse,

it has to be what I need

to run most of it.


Two hours,

two minutes,

half a hour and a second,

it has to be me

when I need the most

to be alone.


Crawl in,

dodge out,

the space is everywhere,

and I need to be the most

of your love.


I cannot repay the damages

when the heart is broken,

so I hide,

so I clip,

when you get to know me

more than you ask.


Thirtieth-Eighth English Quote:


Angels singing makes me sleepy,

the clouds makes me

drowsy under the sun,

but the world stare us

what they can singing,

the stars blinking

also make me to sleep.


How the world turn us

to an enchanted island,

birds chanting warms my mood,

then I am able to walk

on the sand,

and lying down where

the water catch me to sleep.


Seashells humming in my ears

take me away

to a beautiful island.


The world blink and stare us,

close your eyes,

and tell you go to sleep.


Have a beautiful dream

taking you to your world!




The 37th English quote poem makes me realize how much I am much of a person can ever lived. You see the lines: Come forth, come by, forward and reverse, it has to be what I need to run most of it. It has to be decide where you can run in your lives. But the sense of it cannot pay full of it.


By the way, it is not that I am here always in the literature articles. If it runs out, I would take my chances to create new ones and send it to somebody I want to pick in my cellphone. It was not a clever idea. It has to be something to do with my busybody days. I have been gone in a days last week, since my dad won’t let me use some of the days he wanted it to use. I often borrowed and typed all I want it.


Back to the literature, it is always said that you have to breathe in and breathe out. It means you have to let it go your loved ones or your love life that is. Sometimes you have to give them a space. That is for sure.


In the 18th English quote poem, I particularly wrote this months ago. I mean last year is very emotional year for me. But to move on quietly, I said to let it go for sometimes. Somehow I cry for him, the beloved Rico Yan we loved most. But to tell the truth, we have to indulge in our dreams just to dream about him. Sometimes I asked some of the questions, but he didn’t answer of course. He was gone long ago. I decided to make this one just for him. But I sent this every time I want in my cellphone that is.