This is not the last time I wrote about my life. Maybe this is my third or fourth. It is not what I think or should go to another topic.


Life makes me dull but there is no limit thinking in the end.


There are some insecurities in my life naming some of them. I probably know what the sibling rivalries really is. But yes, there is some point of view that I cannot agree in my life. In my tenth year of my age, I have never knew that I would have a brother, a baby brother. I have never mention him in the past articles I have said. Maybe I can distinguish whether I can tell or not. But when was 2 years old, life changed so fast. I was in 6th grader already. Maybe I can think so fast, I can talk so fast and type so fast. Many things have really happened in my life. That was the starting point when I grew up as a teenager. Everyone does go in the teenage life. But not with me, it is really different. I have gone some challenges in my life.


I was in sophomore year in high school when I found out I have down syndrome. People in the school is starting to get to know what it really happens to me. Even my former preschool teacher was there to teach again for the high school students. She is the one I am really admired. Well of course, insecurities change so fast. I knew about the love. Love can be either in relationship or friendship. But I cannot let it go for some reasons why I can’t help finding my own answers. I begin to know what is computer really about. All I know when I am still a child. My sister always tell me that I don’t have to use the computer even if I still didn’t know how to use it. But in the school when I was in high school, it taught me very well. Surprises came through there. I have realized some other students has normal lives.They are having an affair after classes. For me, I didn’t go that in the stage. But it’s really unfair why I cannot resist to fall in love. But rather, I fell in love in writing. Writing for me is that I cannot let it go. Maybe if I don’t write an article today, I would not be the best what the world is really offering me about this times.


Down syndrome is different to some others are normal. People teases me. People divulged in different lives. People want to have in their lives. Maybe the world doesn’t need me. That is the questions I have asked myself in the past. But now, what I need in my life is the computer. Writing or typing is much different platform in any field where I can continue and enhance more in literature and the grammar or just to learn more in the field of writing. I didn’t know how to compare myself to others.


What life must come around always go around in your life.


Count every ways in your life whether I am insecure all about. I do envy others. But being envying others is really a sin. So I won’t able that to bother in my life. When my two sisters are still here around after I have graduated in college, I always want to have normal life. But in my resume doesn’t count that I don’t have much in experience. I hated my life in the past during after I have graduated. So much pain and so much hatred is the challenges I have experience in my life. If you can think about me, I would rather to be like you as a photographer, as an artist or as a writer. Photography is what I am dreaming about before I graduate in elementary days. Then during in high school days, I always dream as an artist whether I want to be an actor and a dancer. I didn’t go to glee clubs because some in the school is really expert from that. But I always want to be part in the show business. And during that in college days, I never know what will happen to me if I graduate.


Torn in the world is almost killing me in the end. But whatever I want, it doesn’t come in my way. I am always fighting for my dreams to come in the end. I want to be part of my success story. But for somehow, I cannot feel in the end. Now in the present times, I have encountered or experienced going in the training to be a call center agent. Maybe this is not the dream, it is just the faith I am guessing about in my life. It is not merely that I am dreaming. For somehow, there is always changes. I do want a job or a career that I want. I love my life. I love being myself.


Loving yourself is a gift from God’s blessings that He disguises you.


For some reasons I am giving up, I always want to be a photographer, an artist and a writer. I fight what I want. I am still dreaming in my life. For now in the present times, I am an entrepreneur, a culinary graduate and a dreamer. So if you want to be someone’s else, fight and don’t give up. Also pray for your dreams that might come true. It is not the matter that I want.


I know in this life is always a circus to everyone’s lives. Challenges you always encounter. Then the life must always go in the flow in life span. What I need to accomplish in my life is a camera, a computer, and according what I am planning as an artist.


Dreams can tell your reasons whatever your mind is thinking.


No one on my life interferes in my dreams. But there are some big or little problems come along the way in your life. I lost twice about my usb. The dreams I always want to finish is the school of First Academy of Computer Arts in Buendia Avenue, Makati. I lost every files on it. Now, I have to restart all over again. Maybe my life can make different if I still can continue. My parents are very supportive to me, but for somehow I find it hard to me as a parent if I have a child like them. I always want to have my own family also who can support me. I fight for my dreams. Maybe not that it was meant to be according to my life. I have been stowed away many times before for some insecurities about my sisters and my only brother. It is because they have their own lives. They have work, a financial platform and a caring sibling that can contribute in their life. It is a foolish to me that I can be part of my insecurities. So much to tell and so much to be in pain is part of my life. I know what life can sometimes to be burden. If people know about me more, maybe I can meet them in a person.


Happiness is a positive sign that ages you younger.


Being as a down syndrome adult doesn’t mean that you cannot meet expectations or deadlines in your life. I mean there is no really limit in the world. There is always a limitless to think about it. That is why I create my own nickname or maybe it is already stuck in my mind of itsmikki (Fact: The name Mikki has a birthday and that it is celebrating on 9th of August 2003 in the Saturday afternoon. It started I picked that name when I started liking to play online game: Khan Online. It is what I chose the archer healer, Micko. Then later, the name became in my life span as I grew old that I found out it has the meaning of the happiness coming from the cartoons of Mickey Mouse.) It means that I am a jolly person or maybe that I always smile in my problems. Many people would think that I am still younger. The secret in life is always to be thinking positive all the time. That is always I am doing everyday in my life. I look myself in the mirror thinking if I have an expensive camera, an expensive computer or just a famous person that it was. I am not after the money. I am after my life what would be the outcome in the end of my life. I want to be an inspiration to all parents would thinking that I am still proud what I have achieve and what I accomplish. It is because my inspiration comes from Rico Yan. I have never thought that I could be like this in my life without an inspiration is.


Inspiration comes from the aspect of life when you are evolving from this person.