Thirtieth-Ninth English Quote:


100 ways when you share the days,

there is 90 days when you

date me,

but miss 80 miles away

when you miss me.


70 hundred of hope and faith

then I should pay

when you get away from me,

the day you left me

alone in 60 hours,

in 50 years I cannot wait you

to love more but in that case.


The 40 letters I sent to you

but all you want to

get in 30 minutes,

20 seconds later

I don’t know what to do

then you should know

that I love you,

in 10 countries I travel

to search you more

than I can do in 100 ways.


Fortieth English Quote:


With great responsibility

doesn’t meant you have

super powers,

with great responsibility comes

to great hands of yours.


You command each order,

but it cannot pay back

what you told,

the moment each day pass,

thank the greatness you have

and do not let it go,

visit your every day’s love

in your heart.


Thank them you have their life,

thank each day you wake up

each morning,

and thank with great smile

you have…

they smile you back.


The greatness you have,

the beauty innermost

feelings you have,

thank the whole life

you have given.




There is two things in your life you should know better, it is just two worlds will be dreaming if you have decide to get in touch with your loved ones. This is why I am posting another two exciting quote poems I have made from my stored messages from my cellphone.


In the 39th English quote poem, it tells you a lot of confidence if you can love the person twice in your life. After I have made Love and Forward, the first two successful quote poems in the first literature in the in my articles I have written before. This is why I am falling in love making of this literature in the first place. Making an article is not an easy job, it is in fact I have my own history in the first place. It paved me way back before since the 10th day of December 1998, Thursday night as I have made my first poem. Back then it was awful one experience, it was the days that counted in your life. Well of course, everyone has own their dreams to make their love to come true.


For some confidence I have, this 39th English quote poem will capture your hearts even I do read them in my cellphone. I have never delete it. In fact, literature is somewhat my passion to write. I love Shakespeare, that is why I still love literature in the first place.


In 40th English quote poem, it is said there in a line: “With great responsibility doesn’t meant you have super powers, with great responsibility comes to great hands of yours.” I have always saying this to myself that every time I wake up each and every morning, you should be thankful in your life. It is why we are created in the first place, to become a better man and a better woman. To become stronger is what we must achieve through challenges we are accepting. Well I have many experiences in my life. But that’s another story. I will make another article from where I have been starting. So here I am willing to take chance of more experiences we are expecting more in the future.