Fortieth-First English Quote:


24 hours a day to search

low and high,

in 7 days I must wait

to search you.


In 12 hours a day

I am beginning to stay,

5 moments a day

in mornings,

afternoons and evenings,

there is only 3 sweet words

when you love someone,

and if you say “I love you”

than rather leaving you

behind all alone.


Fortieth-Second English Quote:


Big dreams shows the

true meaning of hardworking,

small dreams never count

the less fortunate of working,

but with success, will

and action brings

the farthest dreams

to be chosen talent.


Why would you think

it could fair to nothing,

think first before you act

like an initiator,

be ahead and notice,

that will be a huge

deficit of success

of a true debt of

gratitude in life.




Two small worlds thinking richer or poorer is nothing to say that in this article I have to discuss from here. Well of course, I have no place in the world whether I want to be in poorer or richer. Think again. Maybe it is not a big deal in the society or the reality. So here I am saying that here in article I have made written as well.


in 41st English short quote poem, it is rather a success or maybe a little fortunate experience will come in your way. What I am saying here is that all of us have falling in love with the partner all the time. A lot of parents have kids. When they get old, their kids will also get married in their legal age or wanting in their lives to be involve in relationship. So much to say that I am still single, hoping someday if I find a right kind of a girl to me will eventually getting married with me of course. But somehow, it is intending to be not to be serious or to be jealous.


While in 42nd short quote poem, it is said there that your success might get ahead along your way. Maybe I haven’t get experience that much yet, but I am trying to express myself to be a successful person someday. Many people use to believe dreams are not real or real in their lives. Well not everyone has hope to be in success lives. For me, I have never notice in myself yet. It is because they haven’t see my success what I am doing in life. I am still fighting whatever I want in my life. Like many others has money, power or anything in their lives, but what is missing of them is their success story. If I have mistaken some of the point, just let me know.