Love doesn’t count in your health to be lonely.


When someone is dearly in love with you, there is always love in the air all the time. I have experienced loving a girl in the past. This was happened in my high school days and in my college days. It was not serious though I want to be experience to fall in love. Back in those days during high school, I was in senior year already graduating in the upcoming first high school graduation. We were the first graduated high school students there. I was so happy to graduate and in the same time, that was so sad to say goodbye to my high school and grade school friends. I have made many friends when I was in high school.


It was really hard for me in the start. But I don’t want to name her here in my article. I will give you a hint instead calling the name. Her middle or maiden name is Oliveros. My mom’s friend knows her family. I have decided her to let it go in the first place because it was more like I want to be in love or experience it.


Love hurts sometimes in a day, a month or in a year to remember you loved someone else who is in love with somebody.


I also have encountered that during college days, now she was pregnant with the guy she loved. I have never got a chance to interview her just a little questions. It was because I want to let her go again. During those times, it was really hard for me to tell everything you want to be in love. My batch mates there told if we were in mutual understanding, or maybe we are not really falling in love apart and not meant to be. It was really a hard break-up situation if I want to fall in love again. For me, it was really hard in the start. For those who want to get experience to fall in love, just tell me how and what I can do for her. Because at my age now, I want to get married. But in the end, I always think of the situation if we are getting married and have own kids as well. Relationship is hard for the start you want badly to fall in love. For single I am now, I am still happy for it. But if ever I want to be living with somebody else. Then I will.


In the end, there is always being with somebody I want to be with. I am so one-woman man. I don’t know why I am so choosy when it comes to a girls I want to be falling in love. Until now of course, I am still a single. If there is a chance, a blind date maybe will have a chance for me. Because blind date for me still never happen in my life yet.


Relationship is harder you can expect to be count in your marriage.




Most tragedy have had happened in my life in the past. There was an electrocution and a road accident in the past. It was somehow I recovered some of my memories that have been restored in my mind. Somehow and somewhere in my back of my mind, I cannot remember my childhood memories including my family and I traveled in United States and Canada.


There were some few I can still remember. One was an electrocution during the summer before I went to fourth grade. It was because I have reading glasses that time when I went in the fourth grade. My classmates back then somehow, I could start to remember their names. All of their names including some of their birthdays I know up to now.


And there was an experience I have ever experienced in my life when I was about to graduate in sixth grade, I have encountered some angels and saints talking to me in our filipino language we have. I do not know why or I do not know what they are talking about to me. This was somewhat it was not happened or scripted like in the Budoy series in ABS-CBN television series. It is different for me when I am the one who should telling you about this.


I was with my mom going to Antipolo to schedule to get in high school examination tests before graduating in grade school. But I have supposed to get picture along side of Sumulong Highway near in the part of Cogeo or somewhat others called it as Lower Antipolo or LA if they want to call it. It happened so fast that the jeepney driver shocked my world. I didn’t notice his face up to now. He was clinging to my head according to what my mom said. Then afterwards, I have still landed in the same school as a lone seventh grader (only one 7th grader). But all of my classmates were younger than me and also were sixth graders. But I have advantage from them. It was a good year for me. I was still beginning to like in music, arts and Science as well. All of my subjects have poorly graded, but there is more to improve.


Fact: To tell you the truth as a noble person as I am, my highest grade in high school as the Economics in fourth year high. I got high as 88% of grade, that was the fourth year subject. And only one remaining subject I only have back then is the only line of 7. If I got all of line of 8, I will probably the special honor back then during my high school times.