Fortieth-Third English Quote:


Loose my pain,

loose my mind,

loose my heartache,

when I need you most

for everything I do.


Come to me closely,

come what may it comes,

and it depends in my heart

to accept and to win.


For behind,

faraway from yesterday,

far from my heart,

far with the days counted by,

it’s for you and for me,

when we are not together,

I’m jealous and

it’s for the unconditional love.


Believe in me,

believe in my faith,

believe in my trust,

but sometimes it may

take a while

to cure you heart a whole.


Fortieth-Fourth English Quote:


I simply put out my pen

in the table and I start

it to write a simple letter

then I say that you would

get out of the house,

and starting all over again.


May I guess,

then you would that’s true,

how would you know

a great guy would date

you in sweet dinner.


Hold me,

shoulder me,

and I sway with you,

dance me,

kiss me,

and I dance with you.


All over and over again,

if it’s you,

if it’s me,

that I surrender my heart

to love you so,

maybe my heart will

sail away with you,

then I will travel with you

in a thousand miles,

and we will die together

even we have white hair.

Fortieth-Fifth English Quote:


Promise me when you are here,

promise me where you will go,

and promise me

how I will love you,

then I go to the promised land.


There is a time when

I think about you,

when I am walking to

the street-lamp park,

and you guess the truth of

how the two lovebirds

fell in love.


Through the white clouds

gazing up in the skies made

me worrying about you,

finding time in a cold

lonely night,

I found a special one

who can love me back,

then I found my heart

belongs to you.


Reaching out to my destiny,

but sometimes it fails me

when you are alone,

I cannot keep my secret alone

so I could tell you,

that my world revolves you

twice in my lifetime.




No matter what I have said, this is how I write about my literature. Today literature would be having three best English quote poems I will release it today. I am revising all my quote poems all from my cellphone that has been stored in a long time. I am really love to writing down this far.


43rd English quote poem is a sweet longest love quote poem I have ever been written in my life. Well of course, this one is newer than it’s look like. This has been dated last February. Maybe it wasn’t for anybody heart who I am in love for. I don’t know why who I will dedicate this for. But I know I will still find a perfect girl who will love me someday.


The 44th English quote poem was all about Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto. I will have no clue why I am adding Claudine here. It is because I am still picturing them together when they were still in the movie of Got 2 Believe. Why? There is no need to have an explanation. It is simply that I don’t want to forget about Rico in the first place. He always still inspires me all my life, if that is a point taken.


And in the 45th English quote poem is all about a promised poem. The scenario there would be the beach. And I have guess two people wants to meet their halfway in their lives. The guy lives in Paris while the girl lives in Hawaii. Yes, there are two different people in different direction, from 12 hours of time zone that is if I am correct. They have simple lives back then, but when they meet in the Philippines for a vacation, two people met in a hotspot destination was in Boracay. After they met, they went back to their countries. Then for about 12 years, two of them met again but not in the Philippines but in Vancouver. The guy was married already but have no kids yet. But the girl is a single mother. She is still looking who did this to her after 12 years. When they found that her child is the guy’s kid. Different lives and different world collided together again in a happy ending story. They have been got married, then later the guy announced that he wasn’t really serious with the marriage in his second girl of his life. He opted out of the marriage and it became divorced. Eventually the kid, the lady and him were giving a lot of time of their family. And that was the happy ending story.