Fortieth-Sixth English Quote:

To dream,

you see how to believe,

to dream,

you see how you do your present.

What more you do

is the least action you can’t do.

Maybe I find too hard

many mistakes  in the past,

no wonder I passed all the hurdles I have.

Parents are not there for you always,

they are the guidance you can ask.

Brothers, sisters or relatives,

you don’t ask them to help you.

If you can ask them,

they cannot answer,

it is you make the decisions,

this is your life.

Your wildest dreams is somewhere

in your heart,

not in the mind.

Ask again,

to dream or not to,

it’s your dreams.

Fortieth-Seventh English Quote:

There is nothing you can claim,

when you surrender,

your soul,

your heart,

not my everything,

but I ask you all for nothing,

and you…will last for more than I am.

Thanks for everything,

you share your inch of your life,

the measure of my heart never ends,

your mind,

your eyes,

and I don’t won anything,

when I sleep.

Five in the morning,

I wake up early,

and seeing through the pictures

of two of us,

I slam the door behind

after leaving the house.

Soon ten years later,

time has changed,

we met again,

you have a family on your own,

but I don’t have what you are today.

I’m still burdened after

what you done to me.

Soon than you expected,

I got rich and had a blessed wife and children,

you were now in troubles times,

and we are now in different lives,

back through all the years.

Fortieth-Eighth English Quote:

When the world is starting to turn,

the life begins anew,

this is your world,

full of hopes and surprises,

to follow your dreams.

When the world tumbles down,

you survive the test given

as it’s waiting for you,

then the two worlds collide,

when we fall in love.

You are the superstar,

and I am your hero,

rescuing the test of this world,

as we know

this is your world,

and that would be the destiny,

yet a kaleidoscope world,

it’s amazing.

Seek the pain,

seek the lonely world,

and see the beautiful light,

when I dance and sway with you,

your palm of your hands warms my heart,

as I soon become the flower,

it blossoms anew,

when it grows,

you love me and I love you back,

in this beautiful world,

you are my life,

my soul and my heart.


Dreams, love and pain are much different world to come, whether it’s very kind or unkind. I will discuss the different topics in this blog article I have made here again in English literature. Of course, there are so many to change in the world but somehow you have to believe.

The 46th English quote poem is more likely the song of Impossible Dreams. But it’s not what you think. This is more likely a dream of your own. When you are dreaming some short term or long term, you have to make plans ahead. Maybe it’s not a decision to make another goal, but you have to write it down in your dream board if that’s what you like. I am not assuming there are some of the things you can find in the future, but you can get it if you play it safe.

In the 47th English quote poem, it is clearly said there are so many changes in the world between the one couple where they have been challenged to themselves if they can love again. As you see there, it is said clearly the guy married to another girl then have three kids, two girls and one boy. Then the girl is unhappy marrying her childhood boyfriend. When the two world is really colliding, maybe you are not meant for the partner who are dying to love you. But in the end, the guy seems happy and the girl died in vain whether she can love her husband too much in pain to see her beloved partner.

The 48th English quote poem is a love poem. I can hardly imagine if I am like this. But since I still don’t have a girlfriend, maybe I can make changes a little for her. Maybe it’s not a chance to tell her how much I really love about her. It is not really hard. But you see when you find a perfect match, you can love her or him. You have to give and take relationship in terms of exchanging secrets to each other. If you don’t, the chemistry of your love really don’t mix.