Fortieth-Ninth English Quote:


When the world is starting to turn,

the life begins anew,

this is your world,

full of hopes and surprises

to follow your dreams.


When the world tumbles down,

you survive the test given,

as it’s waiting for you,

then the two worlds collide

when we fall in love.


You are the superstar

and I am your hero

rescuing the test of this world,

as we know,

this is your world

and that would be the destiny,

yet a kaleidoscope word,

it’s amazing.


Seek the pain,

seek the lonely world

and see the beautiful light,

when I dance and sway with you

your palms of your hands warms my heart,

as I soon become the flower,

it blossoms anew,

when it grows,

you love me and

I love you back

in this beautiful world,

you are my life,

my soul and my heart.


Fiftieth English Quote:


June smiles on me,

her sweetness kills my loneliness away,

when I dream of her,

I start to cry

when I need her beside me

then I surrender my heart to her

and I miss her all my life.


Maybe this way,

in some far away from home

I really miss her kiss,

her hug,

her dance with me,

her sweetness smile and

I want her all by my side.


Going back in the summer side

raining fall on my face,

and I need some time in my life,

then I start to think again,

who keeps my heart in thorns,

then you know the truth.


I watch all day and

sleep all night,

covering my tears away from my eyes,

then you know that

I miss you and

I really love you forever in time.



Life is vulnerable, but when I think life is very easy for us. Think again. Life sometimes is difficult. All of us have problems. There are no person in the world without having a problem. When you think of one, there is none. So that’s the reason why I must put this to the test.

Again, it is time to discuss what I write about more blog articles in English literature. This is far I am so concern so far. It is because it’s already surpassing the 50 quote poems under the English literature. I am really in love when doing this so far. But nonetheless, somehow I can manage to write when I am in the mood or not. Sometimes I write in the space of nothing, thinking I could write again.

The 49th English quote poem says it all there. It is more likely a positive sign of nature. Let me say this straight to you. This a lovely daughter of heiress to the throne couldn’t find her true love. But instead, she found the right man that she can loved. Instead in the palace she wants to get married, the lovely daughter of heiress finally get married in the church. So as the story is happily ever after.

In the 50th English quote poem, it was this girl I long loved for the first time I saw her. This poem is relatively for her. But judging from the facts, I won’t name this girl. She might unfriend me in the facebook, because she was in my friend’s list. I guess this is a matter of fact I can tell you later in the next blog called, First inspiration of love.