The first impression I made to her during my seventh grade is to make her a warm welcome. Because I was alone and only one seventh grader. All of my classmates were sixth graders. Well, of course I went back to to my school where I began to be one of the loyalist student from preschool to high school.

Then I begin to wonder why my eyes can’t go off into her. Or maybe I am beginning to fall in love on her in the beginning I am joined in the class. That was the time during my last and seventh grade I have ever join in the class. If I haven’t get an road accident since March 1995. I will probably join in La Salle Antipolo or Academe High School (now as called AISA) where my other classmates went to their different respective schools. Now only my former classmate was in Assumption and then the other one went inn Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. We were the only ones who made as seventh graders. But in that case in our school, I was the last seventh grader.

Everyone makes happy when the time is being in loved. Literally, all human beings went in that stage. Well it’s for me, that is not the case I am looking for. My first crush was when I was in fifth grader. Two years later, two added crushes has been decided in my life. One is pure show business then the other one is in my batch. We were the first one who entered high school after graduating in grade school.If I remembered correctly, we were 6th graduates of grade school. And then of course, no one else is remembered, except for me.

Back where I am saying, the true love consists is a very loyal of love. But no matter what I am saying, this is not the first time that I have said that. My first well-loved subjects back then was Science, Arts, Music and Basic Math of Elementary. Of course how I count the math then is how I am today. I am very addict when it comes to numbers.

Love is here or everywhere, no matter I’ve really fall in love.

All of my grades is expected to rise, but there is more to improve coming off from my grades. I still have incomplete grades which it’s the falling remarks, meaning I got some of the subjects below the passing grade, some of the few though I cannot remember which the subject is particularly the lowest among them. But somehow I realized how school is really important for each students. I like to encourage children to study in school rather staying in the home doing nothing or working at the earlier age. That is the common problems in our society already. But I am here to offer some good conducts of what I have.

For example, when I am still in sixth grader, two of us were passed in the hardest test of Mathematics which it’s the conversion table. The honored student and I did pass the test, which it’s that improves a lot to me. When I am still younger and tender like around in first grader up to third grader, my grades were among the teachers taught me well back then. Of course, I still owed from my passed away teacher who is the homeroom teacher during our fourth grader. She is the one who introduced me to be in loved in Science. Then later on, I did study well in Science in fourth grader until senior year of high school. I didn’t expect to be learn so fast.

For my situation of being down syndrome, my life is very happiness with blossoming in love in the air back then. I love Science, Arts, Music and of course, the Mathematics. Then of course, I have crush too. That’s why I am so inspired to study so well if she can look at me of how I study well. I remembered during that time, she said to me, “please study more so I will like you.” My mind blew away as if I were in love to her. She was the honored student during her times before I became their classmate, but I was the only one seventh grader.

If people knew the seventh grade is more important, this won’t happen in K-12 system already today. Because education is the key to a success of a person’s life. I’ve really like to study again if my parents will allow me to go back and redo all my studies back in elementary up to high school, as if I am Adam Sandlers, I will probably do that the same in real life. But not with his mischief in his character in the movie, I wouldn’t do that in real life. Time is very important in each subject though, but it seems this is the beginning of first impression of love whether it’s the subjects or the person you are talking about.

My life today is very treasure. I love and apply them in a good way, but not in a bad way. If you do that, you will allow yourself to have more mistakes in the future. I love to study again, if only I have money then I allow myself to study in the field of special education. It is because where I started in Cupertino, the school of special children. My parents said that I graduated so fast. Then they want me to study in a public school called the St. Vincent in Quezon City. I wasn’t sure if there’s school around there this generation. But my parents said that I have to transferred to Montessori Children Haus Inc. (or MCHI). Which my dad knew the owner of the school. They met a long time ago during his days in Germany. My dad speaks fluently in German up to now. Sometimes I didn’t know what to understand about him, but I will try to understand somehow.

 As my life mature, every walk of life today I also encounter in many ways. Somehow I manage to get pass of challenges the walk of life in this generation. Writing comes first, so I can share everyone here what I am saying in this blog. Then secondly, I always think life is very beautiful. Don’t waste too much in negatives. Always be positive in your children, including your special child just like me.

Be always positive in your special child, someday your special child will be like me.