Fiftieth-First English Quote:


Undo your mistake

and I won’t be here beside you

when you build your world,

then I fill my empty life in lonely world.


Asking me why you shouldn’t

know me better than nothing,

but you take me on your wings,

and I couldn’t fly with my careless fight,

then I stand for nothing to prepare

a long battle.


There is a sunshine

but it didn’t give me an early warning

than I am losing my own

battle in a battlefield.


I am annoying like you said,

I am a loser who always fail.


During the times, it take

me to a long break,

then I’m prepare my life

even you have someone you love,

I risk my whole life

than loving you whenever

I do mistake.


Goodbye my cruel world

than to hurt you,

in biggest mistake I love you,

than to die in your lap

so be it and I fail.


Fiftieth-Second English Quote:


All is on by nothing,

all is on you by what may,

all is on by with or without.


Can you pretend that

we are not together,

can’t you,

can you look at me

as if you’re nothing,

can’t you?


Whatever I choose,

whichever I care,

who do you think you are,

and I walk away

from the sand of time.


All is on the day you walk,

all is on the night you said it,

all is on by with or without.


Can you say it without pretending,

can’t you,

can you shout if all

from your lungs,

can’t you?


Whatever I choose,

whichever I care,

who do you think you are,

and I walk away

from the sand of time.


Each minute,

each second,

you don’t want spend

your life with me,

all is on by who you are,

all is on by each day passed.



Living in a world with cruelty and hatred is very common for among of us. We are living in a fear. Fear that you cannot control. But for me, it’s not common to me anymore. Because I always think that there is always a positive way in life. If you think that country Syria wouldn’t find a cure for peace, it is because they are always fighting for the peace. But from what I have heard, the unrest society of Syrians would have protest for the hatred and cruelty. I always know there’s hope for everyone like in the Middle Asia where many countries want to their countries to be independent just like us.

The two quote poems I have made today is about the hatred and pain. That’s for the first quote poem. Then for the other one would be likely a song poem for me. This is what I have written about since I wrote this last seven months ago.

The 51st English quote poem is all about the negative signs going to be positive ways. Many people argue about the country false hopes. In my part, I always do brining my part to be a better man. But instead accusing to some politicians and also goes to government sectors, I may say this but this is the truth. You are all in your pride doing nothing, while on my part, I always do whatever happens in our country of the Philippines. If you are talking about the way PNoy said, some of them don’t believe in hopes. You have to do your part, not just arguing and rallying in front of government offices. Being as an activist, you can’t step up without a fight. This is not about the democracy.You have to be free whatever you want to help. Be a part of society and be a part of being Filipino.

You may be a Filipino, in some parts you still forget what your parents taught you all about. Yes, I am proud to be Filipino. If you are talking as a Filipino, I, on my part, suggests that you have to start any scratch in the beginning. In that way, you can invest money and time to be full part of Philippines economy. We are rich in culture. We have more summer time than other countries have. Some of Europeans and Americans are looking for summer which that’s our tourism should have. Business is the second part of our trade and industry. Invest your time and your money if you have still your life back.

In the 52nd English quote poem, it is about this song. I may be not telling you about the name of the girl I am talking. It is because for the security reasons that is. This girl I am talking about is my crush. She is way beautiful, and unlikely the intelligent. I am so attractive when I still see her in some ways. Because she is somewhere in the United States and I am residing here in the Philippines. Maybe this quote poem says about something love.

I choose her to set by day I love. Then I think myself why, it is commonly you are not asking me why. Well of course, I don’t want to explain anything. She might  be reading my blog article anyway and thinking that I am still talking about her. Maybe or maybe not is all about. She always smiles in my cellphone. Because I store her picture in my cellphone. I may be not excused, but I still love her no matter what. This is about already 17 years I am thinking her up to now. We are getting older. I don’t know about her love life and she doesn’t know my love life either. No matter two worlds collides somehow a great obstacle about the love fair in my life.