Many of us have abilities to learn, many of us can’t do what other people can. But no matter what I do, I force myself to learn some what I want. So it is not easy to say, that I couldn’t help it or to resist it. When I was teenager back then, I used to watch Love Notes in Channel 5. Then some of the programs I used to watch some X-Men, Thundercats, GI Joe and some of boys toys I have. What I really like to play the most is the toy of Lego. Building some race cars, battleships, buildings and some others I can build. Well, most of the children’s toys I used to learn.

My parents didn’t tell me that I have down syndrome when I was a kid. Well, I learned most of it from my high school who the Biology teacher told me about it. The Biology teacher told me about. When I came home, I became clueless and furious about it. I even asked my parents if I have had that down syndrome. Through the years, I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t deny it either. It is disturbing fact that I have down syndrome. Kids just like me can’t write even what I am doing now. In fact, I am blessed. Blessed that I got my nickname from Pope John Paul II and my real name came from my grandfather who my father’s father was. I didn’t know what to do.

Am I talented? Yes, definitely. I can even dance or even singing what I was. I discovered that I can’t find my voice perfectly from my ears. Every time I play the music tape in the radio, I couldn’t sing that time. Not until, I found my voice when I joined in the catholic community where the PDCC Singles was. I found this sultry voice she is singing. Then I am about exploring my singing ability can’t find the situation that I have down syndrome as well. How insensitive I was back then?

People hated me so much when I was a kid. My schoolmates teased me a lot, that also came from my classmates. But they were told to shut up by our homeroom teacher. Because the homeroom teacher knew about me. I used to fight with bullies back when I was 1st grader to 3rd grader. I even want to do then often bullying me instead. My life back then is very abnormal. If I ask the past could redo it for me, I can’t go in the future what I am now today.

The future lies on me, what I have abilities can do and can help other kids who do have down syndrome just like me. But I cannot offer to change the world to see just like me. I love what I have now. But still, I want to work on my own and be proud what it can offer to me the next time.

As the world changes so fast, so the generation was. My generation before don’t have computers back then. Only the typewriter can do to type some of the novels before. Then the computer generates last 20th century. As the time grows old, so the things also changes. We have now a cellphone, an iPod and some gadgets we have now. So the lifestyle today also changes. But when I see some lifestyle today, I am particularly want to ride today. When I was still in elementary, I used to want to be photographer after that. I can picture that from my cellphone, but what I want is really the expensive Nikon or Canon camera. So when I am new in the places I want to go, I want to picture it then I blog it. Maybe I am not so perfect writer. I have some things to write so far.

When I was still in high school, I also want to be a dancer, singer or even I want to act. I asked my mom if I can enroll in UP so I can study in UP Baguio in theatre arts. But eventually I landed in culinary arts in Center for Culinary Arts. I met so many wonderful friends there. Everybody is very pleased to me every time I meet some new batch mates or even schoolmates that was. I do have a celebrity classmate but I don’t want to mention her. Because she is already married and have two kids already. In my age, I am so eager every time I meet new girl. The girl I want her to be my girlfriend. But then I ask myself if I can do for her to love me. In other words, I eat some of my words before I say it to her. Two girls were involved in my life. One was during my high school and one was in college. Or maybe I did it mention already in my past blog articles.

 I love what I can do to myself. I love to watch, to draw, to fool around or to beg some money before I can go somewhere else I can go. Maybe I ask my mom again if I can do have an extra income job. Last year was very dreadful to me. I spent so many money in the UNOnetworking company (or multi level marketing company that was supposed to call) where I did want to invite some people to get involve in the business. The job is very difficult to handle. Because not all the people want to go to involve in the business. People doesn’t know what to do, so I am desperate to go rich also. I asked myself to God then I let it go already. I stopped working since I never showed up to my uplines that was. Stupid move for me that was. Then I joined myself in another networking company which it’s VMobile. I didn’t join because of the leveraging. I join because my load business before is very unusual unstable. So I joined and everyday I asked myself if I can managed to earn some money.

Eventually my load business today is now stable and now I am happy. I can enjoy more in my free time. Well of course, I am usually more in less playing and more writing. Since writing becomes my hobby. Back the day when I was in the high school, I asked some of the girls which it’s my schoolmates if I can give them my sonnets or poems back then. Sonnets back then was very famous because I love it so much more. But the time fades when I enter the college days. But I still continue what my hobby of writing tells me to do. I even still send my sonnets and poems to some of my batch mates. My batch mates said to me why I am still doing here in culinary. Then I said that I want to continue and to graduate on it. Eventually I am culinary graduate with culinary certificate. It was supposed to be a diploma certificate but I continued to study without grading me in the school. That was what happened to me during culinary days.

My life today is not serious to talking about. It is because it is back to normal. My load business is back to normal. I have money. But I am dead serious to get another extra income base. Which it is I got passed the interview last February that eventually I moved to a English training test before becoming of a call center agent. This is what the call center companies need to learn that I am capable to work with them. What they didn’t know I can do more the best that I can do. Interviewers are so competitive when it comes to my answers. I have neutralized American accent but I don’t get why they are fuming with my th or p or f pronunciations about it. They should learn that I can do that more better. It is becoming not my habit. I have wide tongue that I have down syndrome characteristics have. What they should know me better is my capable to do the job. I love to competitive to be better person.

Why the world wants to be more better person when I want to be become better person. I know I am different. But because of that, I already accepted it. My aunt who passed away knew about me. And I love her. But because of that, I always think of her. No wonder if she could see me writing this blog article just to show some respect. I love to describe what is the best.