First Spanish Quote:


Mi corazon esta

faltando todo el

momento que

seria evitado.


Pero nunca

cerraria su ataud,

pero violencia,

no hago todo el esto.


Habria elegido entenderle,

pero le he dejado de

largo y lo prometo



Hagale al lado de mi

toda la hora

pero no tenga

corazon a mi.



y esperanzadamente

usted supera

todos los problemas.


Usted prometio

pero no realizado,

cualquier problema en todos,

usted hace siempre a mi.


Solo asi pues,

sino sin embargo todavia

no estoy confiado

a las palabras que usted

acaba de concentrarse.


Si usted

acaba de escuchar mi,

eso apenas

no ensuciara con nuestras vidas

y nada  perdio.


Estancia o no,

todavia me olvido

de eso mientras que en caulquier





I never wonder why I felt writing down this to Spanish literature. This Spanish literature is dedicated to my aunt who passed away last 23rd of June, 2011. She was so brave, kind and very kindly to anyone. For she was still alive, I never give to fight my own dreams. This is for you, Tita Gwen. And the beginning, I am so touch with awe of your life. I remembered you use to reply me in spanish replying also. Then you give me hope to continue my drawings. And you also give me in touch with my ability to write down my feelings towards to positive attitude.


In this 1st Spanish quote poem I have ever made, this was a successful one poem. It felt me one deep inside of me. I realize how I feel this way I have said of this. No wonder why. I always say to me that there’s always positive heart to a positive sign all the time. I never know what it feels like. When I first write of this, I remember how I feel deep inside. The deeper inside you really love in your first love. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. But I realized somehow, it can be change anything. Love is unfair sometimes. Yet the pain deeper inside is really hurting me somehow. But what I feel is sometimes I earn my lessons.


The first love of my life started a long time ago in this one girl. I fell in love with her killing looks. Then I felt about her intelligence. Her aura of essence becomes part of my inspiration. If you do not have boyfriend yet today, let me tell you that I still love you no matter what all is on. I ask myself why I am still falling in love with you. Even though you are far away from here, I still owe you with my life today. I am changed. And so the world also changed. I also need you to know that no matter what the two worlds will collide, you are still what I am now. And I will love you no matter what reasons you are telling me in my heart.


Being preoccupied for sometimes in the day, I always thought myself that I have to be strong. Stronger person I am today. And things I would never forget that I always pray for my heart.


Translated from Tagalog version:


Puso ko ay nawawala

sa lahat ng isang

saglit na sana

dapat iwasan.


Pero ako ay sana

malapitan mo

kahit kailan, pero

sa pilitan mo hindi

ko kaya lahat nito.


Piling ko sana dapat

maunawaan mo,

pero ako ay iniwanan

mo matagal na at

nangangako na dapat

binalikan mo.


Wala ka na sa tabi ko

pero sa lahat ng

pagkakataon ay walang

sapat na puso sa akin.


Manaig sana ako

at manaig sana ikaw

sa lahat ng problema.


Nangako ka pero

hindi mo tinupad,

sa lahat man mga problema,

laging kang wala

sa tabi ko.


Ako mag-isa

na wala ka magawa,

pero subalit ay

nangangako ka pa rin

sa puro salita mo lang.


Dapat pinakinggan mo

na lang ako,

na sana wala na lang

ang gulo sa buhay natin

at wala mawawala.


Manatili man o hindi,

malilimutan mo na rin

ako sa habang man

ng panahon.