Twentieth-Ninth Tagalog Quote:


Iisa lang ang layunin,

pag akoy’ magbabago,

humanap ka ng kaibigan

pag may nagustuhan,

iisa lang ang sagot diyan.


Sumunod ka sa pangarap mo

na maliit na mundo pag may nakilala,

tanging pag-asa ang tao

magbabago kung siya gagawa,

at makatulong sa kapwa’t

tao niya gusto matulungan.


Umaasa ka sa magulang,

umaasa ka sa lolo’t lola mo,

sa mga kapatid gusto

makamit ang pangarap,

dapat ikaw gagawa

dahil ikaw ang may hawak

ng katawan mo.


Lubusan mo ang

nasa Itaas at siya

ang gagabay sa lahat.


Thirtieth Tagalog Quote:


Mapilit ang mundong

hinding mabalikan,

mapilit ang tadhana

hindi mapili,

kung hindi sana’y

nag-iisa ang puso,

sana’y laging nakabukas

na punung-puno na

yaman na masaya,

at hindi laging malungkot.


Maliit ang mundo ubod

na maraming tao,

maliit ang mundo ubod

na maraming kilala,

laging masaya ang puso

at hindi malungkot,

lalo na kapag ang puso

ay parating kumakapit.


Bugso ng ulan


bugso ng ulan


laging kumikirot ang tadhana,

pero pilit ko binubuksan,

laging nagbabago

ang kapalaran,

at laging naghihintay

ang hindi masabing

nasa puso mo.




I always know there is always imagination in every dream I have to make. But sometimes, there is always a point of view where there is nothing to hide.  Maybe it is not a decision to make or whether I have to make. Loving in literature is always I have to make. Without expressing my expressions, sometimes I cannot long hold to on it. I, myself, somehow cannot make it sure that. I always fight what is right and what is wrong. But I never know what to make expectations of it.


On the long run, figuring out some stories out of poem makes me comfortable. But sometimes it makes me a liar when making to a reality. I never know what I do mostly in my mistakes. But somehow, I overcome of it.


These two Tagalog quote poems always have meaning of this. A challenge to me that I can make it hardly. A long time ago when I start to make literature, I used to have hundred poems and sonnets when I was still in love during my high school until my college days. Nevertheless, I always find myself a time to do it no matter what time is in my college days. I always do my best and my best will comes out in a good result. Maybe my life is until now, a celebration to me. And I don’t know what to do expect more in the future.


The 29th Tagalog quote poem says it all about the dreams you have to make. It is always have to make out for your decisions. Whatever your heart says it real, make it quick but not so hasty. Dreams are supposed to make out when your plans is written accordingly. No matter what big or small that is sometimes can make it out a good condition in a run. For my dreams, it is not written directly. But somehow, I manage them to make it good condition. When I use to make it far, I use it to make it slowly. Eventually some of my dreams run smoothly. For example, I want to be a photographer when I was still in elementary. Somehow, it is running in condition slowly. One by one percent somehow can raise up.


No matter what your dreams are, then write it down in your mind. Somehow, I also manage to memorize some of my dreams. I also make it hard to believe because I memorized what is not supposed to be scripted. I didn’t encourage myself to join in networking company last year. It was my intuition to get out of nasty bad habits I have from my home. From spending time for the computer to a better brighter future is sometimes helping me to get out of my habits. Well it makes me surely but not enough.


In the 30th Tagalog quote poem, this was written last January. It wasn’t old a year enough but to make it shortly, I managed to get out in the old script. It is very love short poem, indeed. But when it’s written in longer sentence, it cannot be longer a versed poem anymore. So I have to write down a longer way of quote poem.


This was written a painful story. It is said there, “Maliit ang mundo ubod na maraming tao, maliit ang mundo ubod na maraming kilala, laging masaya ang puso at hindi malungkot, lalo na kapag ang puso ay parating kumakapit.” It is very sad moment when I wrote it down. It is true when I said that. Sometimes, a smaller world that many people you met in your way, it can be shorten your relationship. But the love and hatred is always in the middle in the situation. It is not always the love can win all the time. Sometimes you need to encounter some pain in the middle of your battle. Maybe you cannot win all the time. When you are encountering some of your problems, it may occur in your life later.


For my experience, I always listen to my parents, my sisters and even my relatives. I even asked from my friends about it. Sometimes you cannot win the love all the time. You need to know the love cannot bind in the time in need. You need people to shoulder you on. You need us to understand you. No matter what they need you most, sometimes it is harder to fall in your own knees of your problems. My life back then is very miserable. But sometimes, I always stand up, smile for my problems and attack from my happiness.


And one more thing, happiness is always number one therapy in my life. No matter what biggest problem will come in my way, I always smile from it, pray for the safety and make yourself a habit to talk about yourself. In that way, you ease out to make your problems away. I, myself, always do make a habit of that. That is why I pick my nickname Mikki from the game online name I used to play every time I log in. It means that I have to ease out my problems by not quickly but slowly to understand your problems.


Arguments are always there every time you hear from your parents, sisters or brothers, relatives and even friends. But there is always a lesson behind that. It is to make you a better person out of your confidence. And always remember of this what I have to write: Always be prepared what your biggest problem will come in your way and answer it slowly to understand.