When I was a little child, my parents brought us to their home. And I don’t know where this place of their home is. That was the time we were so young. And I only remembered when I grew up. The time I was to remember after I turned 12 years old. Memories of my childhood didn’t concern me well.


But the time I was too careless and hopeless, that was the time Tita Gwen was there for me. She even went home for vacation here in the Philippines. She even bought me a Prang set, a coloring set. That was the priceless I have today. But it turned out to be washing away by typhoon Ondoy. She was happy and kind. Parati siyang makulit sa akin siya. Minsan nga humihingi pa ako ng dagdag. But she told me if she could do it.


I also remembered when I showed her my literature, written in my hands. She even liked it. Medyo lang hindi pa masyado maganda sulat ko sa wikang English. But eventually it turned to be good as well. I love her very much. She even remembered me if I can cook at her. Then I was about to think something I could do it. But she is gone as well today. Sobrang na miss ko na siya. I think to myself if I can cook a dish just to show how I am proud nephew she ever have. 


I also remembered we use to e-mail each other in Spanish translated words. Because I know how I really love the Spanish language. And I really do want to learn about much of it. This is a chance to prove how the world is worth waiting for. Minsan nga, sinasabihan niya ako na that I have to continue what I love the most. But my parents always denied what is my passion really is. They even didn’t know what to do with me. But instead, I gave back what the happiness for them. Because of what I have down syndrome, and I think Tita Gwen knows a lot better about me.


For those who will read this blog article, please remind that Tita Gwen’s last wishes is to reconcile other Sian-Torres relatives. And that’s what she wants us for the best for the future. Everyone has already forgiven in the past. Others are forgotten and forgiven. Sayang nga lang hindi na kumpleto magkakapatid. But I will try my best to reconcile all the Sian-Torres relatives that is. No matter what the problems are, we are still one big family, after all. But I know it’s hard to explain all the details. Pero tayo-tayo lang ang natitira nasa clan natin, bakit pa natin sisirain? I hope everyone will get reconcile soon before any disaster will come for us.


You are the only one who makes us smile. You already have had grandchildren from Victor and Gwynette. We miss you, Tita Gwen. And I know how the great smile you give us smile. I still continue to remember you. And I will follow my heart is. Now I finally accepted what I have now today, as a happy man who have down syndrome. You are the one who strengthen my heart. And I know no matter where you are going, I know you are still there guiding me. Sana magkita tayo pag magkakasama-sama na tayo diyan. But I know that is still far away for my journey is. And please keep my heart and my health to stay shape. I will make sure everyone will reconcile in the future.


Happy 1st death anniversary, Tita Gwen! You are still my favorite aunt. I love you, Tita Gwen!