Fiftieth-Third English Quote:


Once you draw your fear

the strength becomes weaker,

when it weak your heart

you melt inside and outside,

when it comes to love,

pain and hate.


The moment it breaks

the life turns like the table,

when the fears subsides

you open like a scar

turning like nothing happens,

and I assume that was you.


Waiting here and there,

I hate when it comes

a long silence,

I feel that I do not know,

and I feel you are someone

when I need to talk one.


Life changes so fast

and I am here for

the world to tumble down,

it’s so slow when

it revolves around the city.


You are you,

and I am me,

it speaks the truth so soon,

and I fall in love

when the world is sleeping.


Fiftieth-Fourth English Quote:


It’s a beautiful night

when it comes to stars

shining down,

when it glitters the river,

it’s brighten up on you.


Then I can’t stop

thinking about you

oh baby,

I think I’m ready

to fall in love with you.


Then my heart never

stops beating

running across the park

that my heart beats

like a drum,

falling in the skies

that my heart

pumps like a horn,

oh baby,

I think I’m ready

to date with you.


Tonight is my night

and your night becomes

one sweet kiss,

tasting you like an

apple plum,

I simply kiss you

and I think I will marry you.




It never lasts my breath to take away when it comes to a heartfelt welcome. But in my way, I never conclude my ending story. This is when I am talking about the culture of my literature. On this part of my journey, it always bring new stories, new hope and new future that will open new chapters. There is always one in a lifetime that there is always a new beginnings. Where I can open one, sometimes I need to tend opening two or three instead. Maybe it wasn’t my fault. It’s the only thing in the world I only want to do.


Anyway, in this part of two-part of love quote poems, it is really very intriguing what these two stories will unfold on to you. I guess it’s better to be told than to be hiding secrets. No matter what it is, it is going to be interesting for you, my fellow readers. So before I will tell this, don’t hold back.  Don’t jump on your chair or don’t let it go of your computer, laptop or whatever iPad you have there.


In 53rd English quote poem, it always end here as love and hate situation. And it’s not a love poem. This is between love and hate quote poem I have created. This is how it goes like this. There are many people in the world: caucasian, Asian, Chinese and some other races out there. When Chinese and Filipino aren’t alike in each other, there is always black American against White American. You have to know there is always a couple who wants to mix of their culture. Many Chinese went for our nation, the Philippines. In the past, we have historians who are partly Chinese as well. They were called as Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy). Others don’t want their family to mix other culture. We have different kinds of view in life.


But instead of that, there is one young Filipino male and there is one older black American female. Many others really don’t want to talk about this. This is purely discrimination and I don’t want to do that. This two people are very different. This black American female went for a business here in the Philippines. Then she discovered the young Filipino male who worked very hard for his family. She came to him and asked why he is doing all of this. Then this young male only want to bring food for his family who are very poor in their barangay or barrio. Then the American female brought so many food to this very hardworking young male. The family are very pleased to welcome the black American female.


Then the American heard the word “negro,” she quickly went out for her way. The young Filipino male asked for the apology what their parents said. After 8 years have passed, they met again in Manila. This young male became the entrepreneur and already a college graduate. He has huge business he built for the benefit for his program. Then the black American female came and asked for his name that she must rarely saw a young man turned entrepreneur. He said that was his name. Then he remembered the black American female that now a single mother for her two children. They became friends in a long run and eventually became part of our culture.


The lesson there is don’t judge what their looks are. They even knew the term what you are talking about. We are also part of their culture which we also have that in the past. Spanish came later when their culture mixed with these culture we have. Thus we became mestizo and mestiza.


The 54th quote poem is a love poem. It was a song by the way. But I don’t know where I have to put this in the category. You realize the oh, baby is very lyrical. I found this very interesting poem I have made. By the way, there is always come from my heart. And I realize how longer the version is, there is always a shorter version. And I am making sure of this that you will falling in love with my quote poem song-like.