What I know about Veloso? It is said the oldest family tree that ever set foot in the Philippines according from Gracielle Veloso’s writings. But from my part, I am also part of the history. Given to any facts, only 20- 40 years is given to create another generation. From 1596 to up to date today, there are 10-15 generations already. I am not sure the exact generations what I write earlier. Because I haven’t some of them in real time.

My father’s father is our grandfather Veloso. About the entire of our given name, I am also a given name from his name. But because of that as a 2nd generation, my parents also gave my nickname from Pope John Paul II. I am never realize where to begin. To begin from Veloso generation, my grandfather is already going to be 86 years. I know he is already old. And he has already great grandchildren from 3 generations already. It’s all started from nine children, I think. I never get a chance to interview him. From what I am standing today, I want also to be part of history. Given the facts that Sergio Osmena is 4th president of the Philippines, it’s also our relative. I never get chance to interview some of other Veloso I met. But because Osmena is relatively to our side of Veloso.

One thing I didn’t know in my life when I was in high school. When our aunt (wife of the owner of Andok’s) died around 1997 or 1998 that is, I found out that I never saw some politicians before. Stood beside me, Jinggoy Estrada about one foot away, I stared a while and caught in a little misact I do. I stepped out and saw other politicians and celebrities as well. And I didn’t know that the owner of Andok’s is actually first cousin to my father. Amazed that I am so nothing afraid of. But I am not sure what I am talking about. This has nothing to do that I am talking boastfully, but to realize that I am also part of their lives.

Aside from the owner of Andok’s is Danny Javier, his brother and another sibling, Dyords Javier, also their brother. I never thought also in my life. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. It is that I am talking myself or the blog itself I am writing about. This is insane and whatever that is, I never want to conclude other names as well. Then last year, I am amazed again. I have never meet Dingdong Avanzado in my entire life. He is also part of Veloso. It is because it is in his middle initial. Then last two months, another one appeared. It’s Pilar Pilapil this time. Popping one by one like a popcorn, I don’t know what to realize or to amaze. It’s not normal for me anymore. As if my lungs want to burst like a popping balloon, but I have to calm down.

From what I have known, people everywhere might also be Veloso, because of population of the family tree that was. And of course, our family tree is also bigger. I have no regrets in my life regretting my grandfather’s legacy. But I have to continue my grandfather’s name. I never get a thesis either when I was in college. Because that is another story of my own. Knowing, of course, would be exciting is what I am expecting the next years of my life.

And if I would have loving a wife, I would probably want to have two to three children. Of course, there would be another junior and a daughter. It’s nothing particular I am against the RH bill. But protecting the RH bill is hopeless. Only God knows what we are doing for our children. And children is a blessing from above. No matter what I am doing, please let me give the love I need. But I never want to be hurry, time will come for me. And that is the only hope and patience will do.

From History: Velosos in the Philippines by Gracielle Veloso

The Veloso in the Philippines had traced its roots from Diego Veloso in the 16th century. He was known brave Portuguese explorer and trader in Asia. Diego was the great great grandfather of Don Eduardo Veloso of Cebu, the father of five (5) children, namely: Don Mariano, Dona Petrona, Fr. Rafael, Fr. Marcos and Don Dionisio.

Don Mariano married Carmen Rojas del Rosario and had 5 children: Don Maximo, Fr. Ambrosio, Dona Agustina, Don Gabino (Consul to Portugal and Ambassador to Venezuela) and Don Catalino (first lawyer of Cebu). Dona Petrona Veloso, unmarried, was awarded title of Marquesa by the king of Spain for her valuable donations and services to the church. The third son, Fr. Rafael Veloso was a missionary priest while the fourth son, Fr. Marcos Veloso also a priest, sired a son who migrated to Quezon province. The youngest, Don Dionisio Veloso married Evangelista Bautista had six (6) children: Don Juan, Don Esocolastico Jose, Don Antonio, Don Vidal, Dona Celedonia and Don Guillermo.

Don Diego was an explorer from Portugal, who along with Blas Ruiz, were the first Europeans to ever set foot in Laos. Veloso’s journey to Laos started in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, Veloso met and befriended King Satha of Lovek and Blas Ruiz de Hernan Gonzalez of Spain. When Lovek was invaded by Ayutthaya, Satha overthrown by his son and nobles who allowed Ayutthaya to take control, forcing Veloso to flee to the Portuguese colony of Melaka, the place where he began his adventure in Southeast Asia.

Eventually Veloso returned with Ruiz, who had fled to the Spanish colony of the Philippines, to Lovek. When they arrived, they learned Satha had fled to Lan Xang, an empire centered in modern-day Laos and consisting of Isan, Stun Treng, and small areas of Southern China and Vietnam.

Veloso and Ruiz decided to journey to Laos and bring back Satha to restore his reign over Lovek. They arrived in Vientiane, Lan Xiang’s administrative capital, the the summer of 1596. They were met with a procession showing off the city’s immense wealth consisting of Asian elephants, gold, jewels, silk, exotic snakes, bouquets of tropical flowers, chanting monks, Buddhist treasures and relics, music and beautiful women. Veloso and Ruiz were also received with a great feast. But while they were in Vientiane, they learned Satha had died from an illness he caught on his way from Cambodia to Laos. Saddened and angered by the news, Veloso and Ruiz returned to Lovek and started a rebellion to put one of Satha’s political allies on the throne and free Cambodia from Ayutthaya.

They managed to drive out Ayutthaya forces from parts of Cambodia and create a new state but led the new Cambodian state into a brief period of chaos. Eventually Veloso returned to Melaka. It is not sure whether he died there, Portugal, or somewhere else.