Today is my 6th anniversary year that I have load business already. But last year is very dreadful. Because I held off my load business for about for four months already. But coming from the shell, I conquered and went back to go to load business again.

To tell the truth, being as an entrepreneur is all makes sense. It’s very hard on the start of the beginning of career. I went out to look a job which I am desperately need an extra income. But I came late start from it. After graduating culinary certificate in Center for Culinary Arts (or CCA, that is), my mother’s friend offered me for a job near St. Jude Nursing School in Sampaloc, Manila. It is very wide at the start, but in my knowledge has to apply somewhere in my culinary skills.

After two months of being hardworking days, my mother’s friend said it’s time go because the business has to go on his own. It’s never been mine. It is his. And he said that I would find one eventually. Then another in mom’s community continued to bless me as I got an opportunity to work in Sacocina Catering which Ignacio sisters are owned. But the family troubles on them where I found out in their office in Marikina. That field of work consisted 12 hours a day to work from Monday to Friday. From 6 AM to 6 PM is very dreadful at first. I woke up early morning at 3. Then I have to get bath and eat a little breakfast. Then I’m off around 4 in the morning which I made in the service around more than 5 earlier in the morning. Then we went straight in Robinson Fairview to go the work.

It’s very hard for me to get in the job. After battling the hours day and night, I often went restless sleeping at nights. During that time, I became more obsessed playing online games at very early morning around 1:30 or 2 in the morning. But days are different quite exactly. Obsessed playing games and working 12 hours became my routine that time. Eventually I gave up playing online games the three years ago. It’s very skeptical for me not playing anymore, but it’s hard for me to let it go.

Then I shifted to load business late in June 2006. My mom and I went to SM Megamall in convention center around that time. We saw the load business she is offering to me. Then I said yes and I would take it. It’s a granted wish for me at the start since I love online games. No matter where I go, I also bring my load business to use it for the games. But it stopped me playing three years ago.

At the height of 6 years in load business, I instantly never gave up. I want this badly for my future. I gave up my playing habits just to go on my business. Eventually I went to digital school two years ago because of what I want for my second career. Then I thought myself that I want to be as an entrepreneur after all. Being as an entrepreneur is a bad move for me that time. Because I never think entrepreneur that time. I only think of myself and my career.

As I understand my situation as an entrepreneur, I will come back blogging myself again in this kind of situation. With the help of load business, I am now stable low income entrepreneur. When it happens to become more in the future, I will open also my freelancing in writing and for my career in digital age as well. I am not as late as ever. So if you want to start working as an entrepreneur, do it seriously and you will become successful as me. I am never satisfied before. But I am more matured, responsible and somewhat, a little serious this time.

For now, I am officially have my own domain name. And from this day, I will clear my thoughts. I will be becoming more as a freelance blog writer plus my multi-tasking jobs: digital / traditional artist, fantasy writer and as a photographer. I never imagine this way I am continuing my dreams to take it over my life. This is not about my experiences. This is all about as an entrepreneur’s dreams I want to be.